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A Game of Drones
Narrated by: J. Scott Bennett
Length: 12 hrs and 2 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 04-26-18
Language: English
Publisher: C. F. WALLER

Filled with a little bit of everything, every wondered where all the planes went that can’t be found? How about in the middle of the ocean all on top of each other with no signs of shock, not trying to get out, bodies a pond bodies inside of planes on top of planes that goes miles and miles deep. Years and years of missing planes and if that isn’t enough for you this group only wants one plane that has a box on it, they aren't interested in letting the world know about this hidden treasures and the untold answers of an airplane graveyard. What is in the box and how it got there is what the story is built around. It is shocking and terrifying at the same time thrilling and exciting, you never know what will happen next as the author takes you on first one wild ride and then another. It is just a believable audio that holds your interest from the first page. There is lots of danger, near death and a few deaths along with the mystery of a dome, a video game from years ago, the government, the mystery people who want it and why, ATM malfunctions that will blow your mind heck the whole plot blow me away from start to finish. What is most shocking is what is in the black box and why so many want it. Will our government win, is it even our government who wants it? Who are these people, are they really even the USA government?

Mr. Bennett’s narration is outstanding he always brings an exciting, thrilling audio that you get lost in, as he brings to life the story with strong emotions, confusion, power, control, anger, loss, heartache. You can hear all these in his voice as he builds each character giving us their strengths and weakness, their shocks and disappointments. His female and male voices are wonderful you always know who is talking and just what they are feeling. When you pick up one of his audios you know you will find no background noises, the volume never changes from one chapter to the next, it is like he read it all at one setting, he gives you a very clear and clean listen that you get lost in. Mr. Bennett has a way of bring the audio to life as he pulls you in with the excitement and danger giving you a thrilling listen you get lost in. You feel each emotion that the characters feel, you almost fill like you are right there with them. His character voices are great, his normal voice is very pleasant, it is a voice you never get tired of listening to. He really bought this audio to life for me making it very easy to picture each scene, the danger, the heartache as well as the excitement and thrills. I was so pulled in that I set in the car when I got home to listen a little longer because I had to know how that chapter ended.

Between the author and the narrator they pull you in with a very believable story that could be the headlines of tomorrow. Twelve hours of listening pleasure at your finger tips that seems to go by so fast. I was shocked when it was over and didn’t want the story to end. What a roller-coaster ride from start to finish that grabs you and keeps you so invested. The dome blew my mind at what he was able to do and why he didn’t it. The author shows you the dark sided of technology, how it gets control and then goes out of control and the people who want control and are willing to do anything to get it but first they must take out the dome that is playing a game to win, losing is not an option. One has to lose but which one will it be?

We are way too dependent on technology and yes at times the author gives you an over the top story but I fear we are headed for something of this nature in the future. The characters are well-developed, they have normal lives filled with drama, fears, needs and past that cut them like a knife. There were times my heart was in my throat waiting to see who would live and die. The scenes are real, terrifying but at the same time thrilling and exciting. These characters became real to me, everyone that was lost felt like a friend and I felt the lost. Every book I have listened to by this author has been one exciting, thrilling and even better than the last.  I would have to say has been my favorite by far, it shows what tomorrow could be like. It will be one I listen to again, it is fast pace, and I am sure I missed some good points. I totally loved it from the first page. If you are looking for an action packed, thrilling, mystery with a little touch of romance that sends you on one heck of a roller-coaster ride that keeps you so invest you forget you are listening this is the book for you.

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Winner of the 2017 Mcgrath House Indie Book Awards
Stacy’s life is in free fall, her daughter killed by a drunk driver and her husband taking his own life only months later. She finds herself clutching a handgun, searching for a sign that tomorrow will be any better than today. At this auspicious moment her cell phone rings, bringing an offer that may postpone her soul searching.
The discovery of an airplane graveyard containing a dozen commercial airliners is shocking. When the deep-sea salvage camera reveals them to be virtually undamaged under 6,000 feet of water in the Indian Ocean, theories abound. Who put them there? How are they still in one piece? What reason could there be?
Stacy is about to learn the answers to those questions, as well things she’d prefer to forget. Along the way, she’ll have to solve this puzzle and many more to prevent an even larger disaster from happening.
This audiobook contains the following: tiny robots, falsified government identification, autonomous drones, ATM malfunctions, mid-air collisions, fear of sharks, Australian bar pranks, pointing guns out the window of a moving plane, video games, Area-51, milk shake do’s and don'ts, and everyone’s possible need of at least one good friend.
Listen at your own risk.
C. F. Waller is best known for his award-winning science-fiction novel Tourists of the Apocalypse. His work has been recognized by Shelf Media Magazine, Indie Excellence, Readers Favorite, McGrath House and recently in the 2017 BGS Pitch Contest. His other Award Winning novels include South Face (Paranormal), Waypoint (Mystery/Thriller) and Free Dive (Tecno-thriller).

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