Thursday, July 5, 2018


Awakening (The Keeper #1)
by O.L. Ramos

The story has a great plot, some twists and turns, it starts slow but does pick up and get interesting. Just as you get the hang of it and get into it the story ends and you are left hanging. It is a series and somewhat of a cliffhanger. A lot of time is given to laying the plot for the rest of the series but for me I need closure and I just didn’t get it. By no means do I mean it is bad it just isn’t one of my favorites. Those that love a series that takes up where the last one left off you will most likely love it,
What I did like where the characters, they are interest and at times very cute. The plot is good, the twists and turns are great. It is full of surprises and the paranormal is good. The author takes some old and mixes it with some new making a totally different paranormal like you have never seen. I enjoyed the danger that the characters have to face. As you can see there is lots to like but the author just didn’t hold my attention for long and then lost it with the ending.

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Elizabeth is a brilliant loner with a troubling secret she doesn't even know. As if the trauma of her mother being abducted before her eyes as a young girl wasn't enough, the small town she lives in thinks she’s crazy. That all changed when she met Michael, a mysterious and handsome man who identified with her like no one else before.

Michael’s long time friend Vincent visits and drops the bombshell of a lifetime on Elizabeth and her world becomes completely unraveled. Vincent’s information has revealed the world for what it is; a place where the impossible is real, and myths and legends walk slyly in shadow. A world that Elizabeth will learn she too is a member.

Now, the three are caught up in a thousand year long conspiracy they never could have imagined. The three must rely on one another and the secret connection they all share if they have a chance to survive.

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