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Second Chances Soulmate (

Second Chances Soulmate (Now, Forever & Always #1)
by Racheal Lachman

My Review
I enjoyed getting to know a new culture and see how they do things different than we do.  I thought this book started out slow but it does take off keeping the reader’s attention.  It really is an emotional read with the author covering many issues. It must really be hard for a culture where the man’s word is law thinking that your children will marry within the race only to find they do not. Samara father is a very bullhead man with his beliefs. The author covers interracial marriage and the family dealing with it. Falling in love only to have it taken away in the most hurtful way, rebuilding you life only to have it be torn down again.  One night of tying one on finds two people in bed not knowing how they got there or what happen. The author takes you through them getting to know each other and building a relationship to it being torn down leaving the reader guessing what happen in a short time period.  Life goes on as each build a new life. One day Samara father said this is who you will marry never even getting to know the man or even see his face until after the wedding.  Here the author gives Samara as well as the readers a shock. For me this is really where the story took off.

I found the first part of the book confusing with Samara calling her parents by their real name and not mother or father (or what the India would call them) for me this was a turn off. It took me a little while to understand these where her parents and not another character. The author uses filler that really doesn’t have much to do with the story just adds a little more to it. I thought Samara forgave Yash a little too fast one minute she wants nothing to do with him, has a bad dream when coming out of it she is all over him. I thought he over reacted about his son being sick but that is just me, it does add to the story.

The author does give you lots of drama, love, passion, lots of misunderstandings (but who wouldn’t misunderstand most of what these characters go throughJ). I enjoyed watching Hunter and Samara fall in love. They have a lot of fun which really gets the reader into the read.  Their break up was heart breaking to watch and a little confusing. After that night we fast forward three years to her father telling her who she will marry. She is a good daughter even though she doesn’t want to marry, she begs, pleaded but gives in. She never meets the man she will marry, doesn’t even see him until after the wedding and then all hell breaks loose. Yash is something else for sure even downright hateful but he does have a softer side. You are left wondering why he even married her if he hates her.  There is a little confusion here for Samara and the reader but all comes out and it does end in a HAE but these characters will have to work on it, it does not come easy. Both are bullheaded wanting understanding without giving reason. We do not get to know what happen on the night Hunter and Samara meet there is a film of that footage but neither Samara or the reader will find the answer to that. I think it would have added a lot to the story had we gotten to read about it. But it is still a mystery.  

I did enjoy the characters and had a lot of fun watching them fall in love. Their break up really hits you in the heart leaving you with question that will be answer at the end.  Watching Samara go through marrying Yash gets you right in your heart, as the story goes on you are left knowing the answer but when you truly find it your mouth is hanging open.  The pain of the marriage, honeymoon and going home you really feel. My heart went out to both of them. I really love Samara she is truly a sweet and caring character. Hunter I fell in love with him from the start, he wasn’t liked to much as he broke Samara heart with his playing ways.  Yash I didn’t know what to think when I first really saw him I loved him but as I got to know him I didn’t care to much for him. He is just downright hateful but it is understandable when one is protecting ones heart. You will fall in love with him as the story unfolds. As the end comes your heart is broken all over again with all these characters had to go through to find true love. There is someone out there for everyone . If you do not find it the first time sometimes you get a second chance at finding your true soul mate.

Even with the above issues I had I found this to be a good read, at times a little confusing but I really enjoyed it. After the wedding is really what gave this a 4 stars it really pulls on your heart. I enjoyed the writing style of the author, she gives you wonderful characters that really stick in your mind. By the time I was over half way through I couldn’t put it down I had to know who, how and why. I enjoyed learning a little more about this authors culture I found it very interesting. If nothing else these character have learn that communication is the key to a happy HEA and I feel sure they will not let their past mistake every happen again.  I was glad to see Samara father grow and embrace his whole family. It is a shame when family turns their back on each other just because of the person they fall in love with. Yash’s mother is something else she needs to take some calming pills but she does come around.

For the most part this was a good read with a very good plot that does hold you interest after awhile. Once the author gives you something to grab on to you do find yourself invested. I do look forward to reading more from this author and watching her grow in her writing. I hope you give her books a read I think a lot of readers will enjoy it.

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This book has been immensely amended, due to all the advice, received from the readers.

Imagine waking up in bed next to a stranger...NAKED and the night was a mystery to the both of you!!!

Samara thought that she had found her soulmate, Hunter until that one shattering night when fate had played a cruel game on her and he broke her heart.

Because of her pompous father, she was arranged to marry the son of his potential new business partner in London that she had no clue about. She was not even shown a photograph of him. Was he ugly, was he bald, was he fat?

To make things worse, she was not only marrying a complete stranger but she was becoming a mother to his young son. She was not ready to take on either role. She wondered if the child would resent her as she resented her stepmother!

She could not go against her father's wishes because he was a prominent business Tycoon and her refusal would ultimately cause degradation to her family. She was afraid of disappointing her father and being a disgrace to him.

However, Samara would learn soon that no matter how hard you try, the past always catches up with you...

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Enemy Mine: The Base Branch Series

Enemy Mine: The Base Branch Series, Book 1

Written by: Megan Mitcham

Narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer

Length: 6 hrs and 30 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:08-23-16

Publisher: MM Publishing LLC

My Review
This is a story that will keep you on the edge guessing to the outcome until the end. The author gives you a intriguing plot that is fast paced full of power play, sex, drugs, very strong will characters, hot sex, guns, kill or be killed, undercover work, love, romance, needs, wants, revenge. What else could you ask for?

Mr. Kafer has a very strong sex voice that you get lost in as he brings to life the story. He pulls you in with his rough bedroom tones that you could listen to all day. He many different voices fit each character to a T from the soft feminine to the rich deep males and all the ones in between. I have not listened to anything from this narrator and was very impressed with his performance. He put a lot of thought into each character before he started the read. It was easy to feel the emotion of each character as he pulls you in. You feel each pain, thrill, excitement, and sorrow through his voice. Both his male and female voices were outstanding. I did not hear any background noises or any place where he might have stopped and restarted. The volume is even with no places where it is higher or lower than others just plain wonderful. What you get is a nice clear, clean sexy audio that keeps you heart pumping through the thrills and chills as the good guys try to take out the bad. I am so looking forward to listening to more of this narrators work.

The author gives you one exciting scene after another which leaves you holding your breath waiting for the end to come.  It is anyone’s guess to the outcome when you are dealing with kill or be killed. Sloan Stole my heart from the start with her story of parents, being a slave, and learning to carry on. She turns to the FBI to bring some meaning to her life. She is known for her ice cold heart that nothing can get through. She remembers a time and a place with one little boy who changed her world for a short time and than he was taken away from her. Now that little boy has grown up and gone as bad as his father. To take down his father she might have to take him down as well. Can she kill the only person who gave her life meaning or will body become as frozen as her heart has.

I wasn’t sure how to take Baine at first from the first scene he comes across as the bad one. It isn’t long before you understand he has demons chasing him just as Sloan does.  He does his best to protect her but there is only so much one man can do. He has spent years getting close to his father to get the revenge he wants. He will take everything away from him as his father did him.

This was a very good listen outstanding plot that moves very fast. Sloan and Baine have some powerful attraction with some heated scenes that will burn up your e reader.  Both remember another time and another place when young love bloomed but now there is just too much revenge going on. Things might be different if and when they come to know they are on the same side both pretty much wanting the same things for the same reason.  There is some confusion between the two but once they get their act together you have some powerful chemistry. It does seem some are not happy about this as one wants the man’s son taken out so he can have some power.  These are very strong characters with some powerful muscles that can take you out in a second. It is a very fast pace read you will be through it in no time as the author hooks you from start to finish. This is one audio I could not put down Wal-Mart just loves me I think I bought way more than I needs just because I wanted to listen longer.

I haven’t read anything by this author before and I do look forward to reading more of her work. She gives a thrilling suspenseful read. She knows how to keep her readers invested and hanging on waiting to see the outcome as bad goes against good which could be a fight to the death leaving one man and one woman heartbroken.

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From USA Today bestselling author Megan Mitcham…

When friends become enemies and enemies become lovers.

Born in the blood of Sierra Leone's Civil War, enslaved, then sold to the US as an orphan, Base Branch operative Sloan Harris is emotionally dead and driven by vengeance. With no soul to give, her body becomes the bargaining chip to infiltrate a warlord's inner circle. The man called The Devil killed her family and helped destroy a region.

As son of the warlord, Baine Kendrick will happily use Sloan's body if it expedites his father's demise. Yet, he is wholly unprepared for the possessive and protective emotions she provokes. Maybe it’s the flashes of memory … two forgotten children drawing in the dirt beneath the boabab tree… But he fears there is more at stake than his life.

In the Devil's den with Baine by her side, Sloan braves certain death and discovers a spirit for living.

"Megan Mitcham's books are well-paced, well-plotted suspense novels edged with stunning sensual intensity. Her lovers are cold and deadly--except when they are skin-to-skin. I can't wait for the next book in the series!"

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Note: Each Base Branch novel stands alone, but is best enjoyed when read in order.
Base Branch Series Reading List

1. Enemy Mine
2. Justice Mine
3. Stranger Mine
4. Warrior Mine
5. Danger Mine
6. Prisoner Mine
7. Versions
8. Virtues
9. Variations
10. Survivor Mine

Mail Order Bride Brianna: Montana Destiny Brides

Mail Order Bride Brianna: Montana Destiny Brides, Book 3

Written by: Amelia Rose
Narrated by: Charles D. Baker
Length: 3 hrs and 33 mins
Series: Montana Destiny Brides, Book 3
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:05-25-16
Publisher: Gold Crown Publishing

My Reveiw
My what a pickle Brianna find herself in when she answers a mail order bride ad. She really isn’t ready for marriage but has little choice when she promised her uncle on his near death bed she would get away and start a new life. Things do not go as well as she thought they might. Within the first few hours of meeting her new husband she does something that doesn’t go over to well which will either leave you with your mouth hung or chuckling than again maybe you will be doing both as I was.

Mr. Baker has a wonderful voice with wonderful character voices. Each voice fit the character he is reading to a T. I just loved Cassidy voice it really fits him he had me chuckling throughout the audio. You can really heart the pain or uneasiness in his character voices as well as the happiness or excitement. I loved his character voices either male or female they were very well done. You are never left guessing what each one is feeling or what emotion they are going through. I did not hear any back ground noise or any place with he might have taken a break where the audio volume changes. It was just a really smooth listen that had me hanging on throughout. I decided to take a road trip to I could finish this audio. I could not put it down.  This narrator really thought out how each character would sound and how he would play out the emotion of each other them before he took the mic up. He did a wonderful outstanding job I can’t wait to listen to more of his work.

Brianna does have her share of secrets that she isn’t too happy or will to share. I really didn’t think it was a big deal until other things came out. Brianna is a very sweet shy girl who might not have been cared for as she should have by her uncle. There are many misunderstanding and a few surprises that not even Brianna knows about which will bring turmoil to their marriage.

Brianna is very easy to like she is so sweet and kind, so loving and giving. I was really surprised at how understanding she really is and still so very much an innocent. She really pulled on my heartstrings. Cassidy is just something else all together, from the start he is at his wits ends and about ready to pull his hair out. You can’t blame the man for how he feels as his bride throws him for a tail spin right after the I does. I really enjoyed the clean read the author does it in a way that as the characters get to know each other you can feel the pull between them and the chemistry that is as old as time. I really like how I could identify with them they are normal everyday people just in an earlier time period. They jump to conclusion just as we do not thinking things out before they jump into their own answer to the question which is usually the wrong answer.   Even through Brianna had schooling she was very compassioned when it came to Cassidy not having any going as far as to forget it at times and he would have to remind her.

I really liked the plot, the characters, this was a very well written book. This is the first I have listen/read of this author. I can’t wait to pick up another one. If you are looking for a clean read where misunderstanding will have you chuckling with a few twist on the romance you should pick this up.

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When Brianna Darcy left Ireland to marry a stranger, she expected her life to change for the better. But one surprise after another has left her questioning everything she thought she knew.
For Cassidy Campbell, finding a sweet wife to settle down with is the only thing missing from his life. He owns his claim, he's raised his livestock, and he's made a name for himself in Montana. All he needs now is Brianna.
But she brings a secret with her that can threaten their happiness, and their freedom. Can Cassidy overlook what he believes to accept what's right in front of him?

Trail of Longing: Hot on the Trail, Book 3

Trail of Longing: Hot on the Trail, Book 3
    Written by: Merry Farmer
    Narrated by: Dawnya Clarine
    Length: 7 hrs and 17 mins
        Series: Hot on the Trail, Book 3
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release Date:08-26-16
    Publisher: Merry Farmer

My Review
This was a wonderful frustrating read with characters you are going to love and some will not be crazy about. The author gives you a story you really get into as the characters take over you do a lot of cheering and a little cursing.  Emma mother drove me crazy with her wishy washy ways along with Russ. I really wanted to reach inside the book and pull them out before they really messed up Emma and Dean’s life. I do have to say they add a lot of interests to the read as these two do their best to keep them apart. But I am getting ahead of the story.

Ms. Clarine does a wonderful job of narration she really pulls you g, and her female ones are very soft and rich. You have no trouble hearing what emotions each are feeling into the story with her wonderful character voices. Her male voices are smooth, rich and strong or who is talking. There are not any background noises or any places in the audio where the beginning of the chapter the voice is higher or lower than the last chapter. Just a smooth, clean rich listen that really pulls you in. The narrator really puts a lot into the listen you can hear the sadness or excitement in her voice. I enjoyed this story and narration so much I found things I could do so I could listen longer. She really painted the picture in my mind of how things go on a trail ride. She made me understand that Emma really loved her mother and over looked a lot of her nonsense due to the love she has for her. I am not sure I would have gotten this sense if I had read the book. I have not listened to anything by this narrator but am really looking forward to listen to more of her work.  

Emma is having a hard time keeping Dr. Dean out of her mind. Oh the things she would love to do to him a lady shouldn’t think about. There really isn’t any way he would be interested in a girl like her but oh a girl can dream.  Once her mother saw them together and found out he was a doctor she doesn’t give up and pushes the two each time she gets a chance. That is until someone new comes along that puts a spin on the love match. It is left up in the air who will win the lovely Emma’s hand in marriage. Emma is so shy she can hardly get words out of her mouth. She tries to talk with Dean but gets so tongue tied he must think she is simple.  Her mother is so embarrassing as she pushes these two together it is hard for Emma to hold her head up.

Dean has had his eye on the pretty Emma every since he spotted her talking and playing with the children on the trail. She was so smooth even when she must be scared out of her mind when the little girl held out her hand to show her what she had found. She really was something else in deed. He finds the other women on this wagon train just too much always trying to get his attention or trying to push him into marriage. They aren’t interested in him just that he is a doctor and has a little money. They only worry about themselves and talk about nonsense stuff. Emma is different she is down to earth a women you can really communicate with  that is when she lets her guard down. That mother of hers is something else she just might come in handy now that he has decided that Emma will be his bride.

Something happens that put a snag in the plans of the train leaving Emma and Dean with bright thoughts. Just as things seem to be going their way a few other things happens that really puts a twist into the works. Leaving us all guessing what will happen next at the turn of events. Things really take off here and the book really starts jumping with your heart jumping along with it. Danger is near as these find people will see no one and nothing is safe how can it be when you have outlaws and Indians at every turn.

I loved the baiting the humor that comes with it. I even enjoyed her mother from time to time even though she really is a pain. Emma’s father made me chuckle a few times at his yes dears or his witty answers. My heart really broke for Emma’s sister and I feel her story will be somewhere in this series. Katie I can’t wait to read more about her and her story. Once you find out why Emma’s mother does what she does my heart missed a beat. It really is heartwarming and touching.  The ending is SWEET…. This is a pretty clean read but it does have passion of the finest. There is some steam that will steam up your glasses. The author gives you a story inside a story where you heart will be doing double time as she throws a twist on it, you just melt. This was very well thought out with a wonderful plot and wonderful characters from a very talent author who knows how to pull her readers in getting them so invested in the read. If you like western romance you don’t want to miss this audio or book.

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Emma Sutton fell in love with Dr. Dean Meyers on the very first day of their journey west on the Oregon Trail. Dean is handsome, caring, and noble. If only she could tell him! But between her crippling shyness and the marital machinations of her mother, she despairs of ever being able to say what’s in her heart. When a sudden injury puts her in Dean’s hands, literally and figuratively, she hopes she might just have a chance with him…until a ghost from Dean’s past comes between them.

Dean Meyers is determined to make the long journey west to start a new life and leave the horrors of the Civil War behind him. He is charmed by Emma and amused by her mother, and can finally see peace in his future. But when an old colleague shows up to turn his world upside down, it’s all Dean can do to keep love, hope, and Emma from slipping away. All seems lost until Emma finds herself in danger and Dean is given a chance to be a hero…if he can reach her in time.

Love will give her courage to find her voice and follow her heart