Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bent Not Broken

Bent Not Broken (The Forgiving Series #1)
by L.A. Ozz 

This was a very intense read filled with pain, hurt, surprises, anger and I think a little hate. Peyton has not had an easy life her father is not a nice man. With her running for her life she runs to her friend’s house whose father helps her not only by taking her in but dealing with her father, getting over the abuse and finding herself. You get to read both side getting a more meaningful read. For a debut book it really was a good. The only issue I have is it has more filler than I like in my stories. I was a little confused if they both lived on the same street or near each other.   

The story does pull you in, I doubt you can read this and not have your heart go out to Peyton. Abuse of any kind is hard not only on the reader but the characters as it is in real life. I found it very easy to relate to this character. In some forms it bought back my childhood comparing mine to hers. The romance was nice it is a story as old as time, older man falls for younger girl. I think they both have had a crush on each other for a long time. Denton marriage wasn’t easy, his ex even harder to deal with. His love for his child was touching. The love that grew for Peyton is wonderful, the patients he has, the willing to step back let her work out her feeling was great. Peyton is a little wishy washy but who can blame her after all she has had to deal with.

For the most part it was a great read, with less filler it would be an outstanding read. The author does pull you in making your feel what each character is going through.  It is pretty easy to work out the plot but still comes at a surprise and shock. Peyton’s father got what he deserved to bad it wasn’t done earlier and in a better way that doesn’t leave its mark on her. This was a story I really did enjoy and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series.

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Bent Not Broken
A harrowing story of Pain...Abuse...Fear...and the Fight for Survival

Peyton Warner

The typical life of a 22-year-old should be one of promise and enjoyment. One that is built upon the making of memories, gaining experiences and realizing goals for the future.
Peyton Warner is not your typical 22-year-old; she has been the victim of on-going torment and suffering. She's faced the deepest, darkest demons no woman should ever have to encounter. Peyton assumed the worst of these horrendous horrors were behind her...she was terribly wrong.

Denton Whitetower

When describing the perfect world and those in it, Denton Whitetower is the epitome of such perfection. He is a handsome forty something single father, thriving business owner and eldest child in a family that truly knows the meaning of unconditional love. He assumed his chance for love had passed him by, so he stopped looking...he was wrong.

One fateful evening, both of their lives will change forever, when they are thrust together as Peyton's nightmare becomes her reality, once more. She is accustomed to fighting the demons and tremendous horrors that have plagued her alone however this time, the stakes have increased tremendously. This time, Peyton is fighting not only for her own survival but for a love that has been threatened...a love she just may lose.

Will Peyton be successful? Will she and Denton be given the chance to have their happy ending, or will the fear and threat of danger that lurks around every corner completely, utterly consume her? Can Peyton finally end this nightmare and be the hero of her own story, or will the evil that shadows her destroy all she has embraced...once and for all?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bride for Easton

Bride for Easton (Mail Order Mounties #11)
by Cassie Hayes

This was such a fun read that I totally enjoyed. Molly and Easton are totally the Opposite, Easton has to have order everything in a place and never moved out of that place. Molly is more of a homey person she loves color, trinkets, things that some would call trash but to her they mean the world as you will see between these pages. These two try to find common ground each willing to give a little but first they have to battle it out. There were times this was very cute and even funny and other times I would have liked to shake a few people. There isn’t a boring moment it moves at a steady pace giving the reader hours of entertainment. The story line is refreshing, unique, a page turner I couldn’t wait to see what these two would come up with next.

The characters are interesting both a little hot headed with tempters to match. Molly’s hair should tell you about her tempter, it raises fast she sees red and her mouth just takes off. Easton likes his life the way he has it, he didn’t want to marry but knew his men would not if he didn’t. He is very pleased with his wife to be that is until she turns his well ordered life upside down leaving them butting heads. They cause each other a lot of pain but also bring each other lots of happiness. I really enjoyed the supporting characters they really liven this book up with their advice, picking and teasing.

This maybe a clean read but there is no doubt these two are attracted to each other with a lot of passion. I feel this is a story mother and daughter could read together giving them some bonding time. I really enjoyed the twists and turns, the unknown, uneasiness and the unsure of how the other feel or deal with issues. I did think Molly went a little over board when he admitted that he changed things.  For me it was truly a heartwarming fun read that I totally enjoyed. It is one of those books I will be reading again.  What made this a big winner for me was how the two interacted, problems yes but once cooling down they saw the error of their ways and worked at their marriage. I loved how the author showed the passion, the romance but in a way that kept the reader’s attention. The buildup of the romance was delightful, steady and very real. I enjoyed watching them hit head on, dance around each other, bend but be strong. They are well matched and very easy to relate to. I loved the humor, the way the author twisted it around make it a very entertaining read. Very well written, and making this a wonderful read that I couldn’t put down.

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Even if love isn’t part of the plan, it might be exactly what's needed!

Molly Hennessy’s future was planned long before she was even born. Too bad no one ever bothered to ask her opinion on the matter. If they had, they would have learned her deepest desire was not to become a nun, but to have a large, loud, loving family of her very own. When she finally decides to live the life she wants, she seeks the help of matchmaker Miss Hazel Hughes.

Law and order are the two most important things to Easton Cooper — especially order. As Commander of the Cougar Springs Mountie station in Alberta, Easton has worked hard to earn the respect of his men. When they start making noises about finding wives, they naturally turn to their commander to lead the way, even though getting married was never part of Easton’s plan.

He’s determined not to let his mail-order bride mess up his meticulous life. Of course, he doesn’t count on a spunky ex-nun with a fiery temper and a generous spirit. When Molly manages to turn his life upside down, inside out, and every which way but normal, Easton wonders if he’s made a mistake. But how can someone with such a good heart and such a sweet smile be a mistake? He fears he's falling for his whirlwind of a wife, which definitely wasn't part of the plan. But Easton is learning that some of the best things in life can't be put in their place.

Mail Order Mounties is a multi-author series set in Canada during the early 1900s. Join authors Kirsten Osbourne, Kay P. Dawson, Cassie Hayes and Amelia Adams as they bring you stories of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the mail-order brides who love them.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


by Fifi Flowers

A very enjoyable read that was humors and fun.  Ireland parents are from the old country where marriage are arranged and not made from love. They setup a marriage contract and then tell her about it. She thinks it is because they want to see her married but there is more to it than meets the eye. Jensen parents want him to stop his playboy ways and marry a nice girl. They setup an arranged marriage for him.  These two meet miles away on a weekend getaway both are pushed to marrying someone they do not love and both are very attracted to each other. Why not make their parents happy and just marry each other. Sounds simple and easy but as we know things never go the way we think they should. When they get back home their parents are not happy with them for many different reasons as they find out. Feeling guilty because of the plans and the reasoning of their parents they work hard at their marriage neither willing to give it up like their parents wants. Both are in for some very shocking times as the story unfolds.

I enjoyed the plot and the characters it was fun, I laughed and even had a few shocks and some of it played out the way I thought it would.  I did think there was a little too much filler for my taste it was a little long in some places but still was well worth my time. It has a wonderful story line with wonderful characters you can relate to.  The chemistry was good, as well as the love scenes. The supporting characters were fun. It is a book that I feel most will enjoy and even find funny.

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Ireland Dumont loved her life—single with not a care in the world, running her own online concierge company. On the edge of ultimate success, her parents stepped in and arranged a proper groom for her to marry. Giving over to their request, she heads to Vegas to celebrate her last days of freedom.

Meeting a handsome stranger was not on her agenda.
Accepting his marriage proposal was the perfect addendum to her agenda.

Jensen Callum needed a wife for his new business venture with a company that prided themselves on being a family-owned operation. His old playboy status was about to be nipped in the bud by his parents when he returned home from his business trip to an arranged marriage of their doing.

What will happen when Ireland and Jensen’s families find out that they arranged their own marriage venture that wasn’t in the grand scheme of things?

Imperfect Love & Foolish Hearts crossover

Cupid Santa

Cupid Santa: Small Town Western Contemporary (Return to Cupid, Texas Book 7)
by Sylvia McDaniel

I have totally loved each book in this series watching each character dance around the statue getting caught and looking like fools. I have laughed and laughed along with a few open mouth shocks that made me laugh harder.  It is no different with this new addition to the series. This time that author really broke my heart with one man not believing in the magic of cupid after all it didn’t work for his parents. He has some very shocking times to come as he finds out the secret that has been hidden for a lifetime.  When the truth comes to light and all the cards are laid out will he find his true love or will he let her walk away. This was a very emotional read but a very fun read as well.

I loved the characters in this story the author really bought them to life making me feel very much a part of the story and their lives. For Brie life is pasting her by not being able to find a true man that is made just for her. One that will love her, marry her and build a family with her. Everyone around her is finding their match, she thought she had but he went off and married someone else which broke her heart and makes it very hard to face her life as it is now. She decides to go to Cupid Texas do the dance nude, find her one and only and start living her life. The only thing is the Deputy bust her, handcuffs her and locks her up. WOW this is her true love, it can’t be they can’t stand each other. What happens next leads to some very fun entertainment that will have you chuckling like a young teen.

Stephen doesn’t believe in all this nonsense it didn’t work for his parents and it won’t work for him. These silly women should know better. He makes it his life job to lock up anyone who is dumb enough to do the dance of love nude. That is until one woman walks right into his life and turns it upside down. He needs help and she will help him or else. What he isn’t ready for is the feelings she makes him feel or the way she sets on his ever loving nerves.

I loved the baiting, the fighting and the fun these two have driving the other totally crazy. The plot is outstanding with lots of twists that keeps you invested in the story. I could not put it down and read it at one setting. I shook my head a few times, wanted to shake a few characters and laughed myself silly. I can’t wait for the next one in this series. If you are looking for a delightful fun read you won’t go wrong with this series.

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An imperfect man and a desperate woman.
Driven to find her perfect match, Brie Simpson sets out for Cupid, Texas to test the superstition of dancing naked around the statue to discover true love. Only, to learn destiny betrayed her when she gets handcuffed.

After complaints about people dancing naked around the statue, Deputy Stephen Austin is determined to arrest anyone he catches. With good reason he doesn’t believe in the magic of Cupid. When he finds himself in a jam, with no one to help plan the annual Christmas party, he’s forced to turn to his prisoner.

Can Cupid bring two troubled souls together for the sake of the children and the magic of Christmas heal them?

Return to Cupid Series
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Cupid Scores
Cupid's Dance
Cupid Help Me
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Cupid's Heart
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