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Wishing in Wisconsin: (audio)

Wishing in Wisconsin: At the Altar, Book 3

Written by: Kirsten Osbourne
Narrated by: Tiffany Williams
Length: 4 hrs and 15 mins
Series: At the Altar, Book 3
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:05-25-16
Publisher: Unlimited Dreams, Kirsten Osbourne

My Review
This was such a delightful refreshing listen from the author to the narrator it was a pleasure to listen to. It is kind of like a modern day mail order bride with a twist. The match maker has her hands in a little of this along with her own practice but likes to find the perfect match for her clients. She comes and interviews you, finds out your likes and dislikes than goes off to find your mate.  Once she finds the perfect person for you, you do not get to meet them, know there name or anything about them until you say I do at the altar. Trey gets into a little trouble when he tries to see his bride before the I dos with is really funny.

Ms. Williams does a wonderful job with the narration from her many different voices to her tones and emotions of each character. I did not hear any background noises or changes in the volume just a clear clean audio with I totally enjoyed.  Her male voices were as pleasant as her female ones. You have no trouble knowing who is talking or what they are feeling.  What really adds to this audio is when a character laughs, yawns etc so does the narrator. This makes the whole audio so much more believable and enjoyable. Ms. Williams gives so much to this audio as she brings the characters alive before your eyes. You have no trouble picturing the scenes in your mind as she takes you a way to a very enjoyable listen.  She has a very pleasant voice that you have to trouble getting into and enjoying. I found myself looking for things to do so I could listen longer. I really hated for this audio to come to the end.  I have not listened to anything by this narrator and I am really looking forward to listening to more of her work.

Cindy is lonely and on a dry spell, there just isn’t anyone to date in this little town. Her friend decides she needs to use a matchmaker. That is fine but her friend will be using one as well. Cindy is excited but a little scared of not meeting her mate until the wedding.  With one look she is totally hook on this hot hunk of a man. With one kiss she is ready to jump his bones and take her marriage very seriously. The attraction is fast the pull is great. With the bread and breakfast she cannot take time off from work which leads to a few problems between them. With being raised by her very protective grandparents she has a lot to learn and wants to take a step back to learn them only she has put the cart before the horse and is back peddling fast.  As a character I really liked her, she is strong , knows what she wants, but very giving and loving. I love the friendships she has and how important her little town is to her. This has not always been the case. She is living her grandmothers dream which has becomes hers.

Trey isn’t the boy next door he is more of a nerd which no women really wants. He has to trouble finding women just none who wants to be with him for more than a few minutes. Once they see his nerdy side off they go. He decides to go with the match maker this way he knows he will get a fresh start with a women who has to stick around after the I dos.  He really has got a bum rap with his family being the way they are.  Just wait until you meet his sister that girl is something else. He has a few strange practices which will get him in a little hot water.  All it took was one look for him to be hook on his wife, once their lips met he wanted to throw her over his shoulder and run right to the bedroom.

The author gives you wonderful characters you can relate with along with an outstanding plot that will have you turning the pages. I love the humor it really adds to the characters making the feel more down to earth.  This is a story about starting over getting to really know the person you married, learning to get along and finding your way to happiness. Like with all marriages you have to work out the problems and learn to meet half way. There are many misunderstandings that must be worked out as well as finding away to work in friendships with others into your marriage. Both must give and take as these two will learn. Some people are not happy with this marriage and will try to throw road blocks up. This was a very well written story that is well balanced between friendship, love, humor and getting along. There is a little drama to keep it interesting as well as some very hot steamy scenes. It was a pleasure watching these two falls in love. I just can’t wait to read the next one oh Bob sure has something up his sleeves and I believe Trey gave him a helping hand. I loved the interaction between characters, finding their way was highly entertaining. This is as story full of humor, as the characters make choices not always the right ones. This is one author who knows how to entertain her readers giving you a story you are hanging on too and do not want to end. The ending is outstanding which also leads into the next book which looks to be as much of a wonderful read as this one was. If you really are looking for something that holds you attention and entertains you, you will not go wrong with this audio. From the author to the narrator there is no doubt you will be laughing your way through this delightful story.

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Cindy Lambert thought she was done with the small town of Blevins, Wisconsin, but here she is, back in her hometown, managing a bed and breakfast and following her grandmother's dream. The problem is, she's tired of being alone, and there are no single men for miles that she's interested in. Plus, with her busy schedule, she has no time to date anyway. When her best friend coerces her into contacting a matchmaker, she decides to make it work for her.
Trey Zayne, a web designer from Texas, is sick of his sister constantly trying to set him up with women he has no interest in. When he's contracted to do a website for a company called Matchrimony, he finds himself fascinated by the concept. A relational psychologist will interview him and find him a match. The only catch? They will meet at the altar. Can a techie from Texas fit in with a small town girl from Wisconsin? Will they find more than companionship and move straight to love?

Special Agent Christie Lovelace (audio)

Special Agent Christie Lovelace: Village of Idiots

    Written by: Gene Penny
    Narrated by: Rebecca Roberts
    Length: 5 hrs and 58 mins
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release Date:05-03-16
    Publisher: Eugene Penny

My Review
This took me a little to get into but once I did I was hooked. I can honest say I never saw that coming it really blow my mind. I thought this was an interesting listen at times very humorous. There were a few times I really laughed out loud.  Kieran should be shot for all he did and his ending was outstanding I really didn’t think Christie had it in her. I was cheering the whole way when she put the hammer down on him. Otto is one strange dude with money on his mind, I would have loved to have shaken him for trying to shake down Christie. It took me awhile to understand the feces thing which was mind blowing in its self. I can promise you there will be a time or two you might now want to be eating anything it is pretty nasty lol. The author gives you mystery, killing, death, bodies coming up missing and well I can’t tell you anymore or it would give it away.

Ms. Roberts has out done herself on this one with her very talented voice giving the listener a highly entertaining listen. I love her character voices both male and female are outstanding. I really have to give her a pat on the back there were places I am not sure I could have read it and not have laughed my silly head off.  If you haven’t listen to anything by this narrator you really should she is wonderful. One of her audio are so much more than a book it’s more like a movie. You have no trouble seeing the things she reads come to life in your mind. There are no background noises, I did not hear any volume changes. She really put emotion into this audio you have no trouble knowing what each one is feeling. You know who is talking by the voices which are really outstanding. Each character brings so much to the story as Ms. Roberts bring them to life. I have never been disappointed by any of her performance, she is very talented and it shows in her work.

This was really a very different kind of read which you will either love or hate. You really have to have an off the wall sense of humor to really enjoy this. There were a few times when I thought oh no she/he didn’t to that find oh YES they did. Poor Christie’s day started out bad and went to worse, as her week goes by things just are not getting any better. He boyfriend is something else and I have to say she does more than I would have for the SOB. Paybacks are a B as you will find out. The author gives you a little mystery that will take you awhile to work out. I really doubt I would have enjoyed the book as much as I did the audio. I just do not think my mind would have given such a vivid picture without the narrator. I have to admit there are a few parts I would like to have not been so vivid. It did take a little while for me to get into this I was a little confused at times but it didn’t take long for me to work out the issues. At this point I was pretty well hooked. I needed to find out why, who and what was happening. If you are looking for a love story I wouldn’t call it that even though Christie does have a boyfriend things go south very fast. The author does have an off the wall sense of humor which I have as well. There were places I thought were too funny for words other places where it was just downright disgusting but funny. This isn’t going to be a book for everyone but for me I enjoyed it.  This is more a story of why someone was killed, than it changes very fast to weird things going on around you that you just can’t put your finger on. Before you know it the author changes the whole things around with a few twist you won’t see coming. All in all it was a pretty good plot and story line.

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Christie Lovelace is sent to investigate an anonymous tip linking the death of a nameless woman to allegations of corruption in the small town of Danbury, Texas.
In the course of Christie's roller-coaster investigation, she is blindsided by unexpected news from her boyfriend Kieran, financially accosted by a strange motel owner named Otto, and forced to endure the curiously strong smell of feces wafting throughout the sheriff's station.
Special Agent Christie Lovelace: Village of Idiots is oddly befitting of a Monday - a day that starts off on the wrong foot and spirals into the most bizarre mystery of Christie's career.

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The Opposite of Wild: Clover (audio)

The Opposite of Wild: Clover Park, Book 1

Written by: Kylie Gilmore
Narrated by: Charles Lawrence
Length: 8 hrs and 49 mins
Series: Clover Park, Book 1
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:07-13-16
Publisher: Extra Fancy Books

 My Review
This was a total delight from start to finish. Nothing can be better than the love of a family unless you want your love one to stay alive and you control her life as Ryan did with his every fun loving granny. She is something else with a bad accident behind her she has learn life is short as she takes the bull by the horn and becomes one wild granny out for thrills that will chill her grandsons. This book will make you laugh and laugh some more at all the grandmother gets into. This is one woman after my heart with her wild ways along with a few shocking ones. There are many lessons to be learn the question is who is doing the teach could it be the handsome grandson Ryan or the wild Harley steal Granny, or just might be the sexy Liz who will teach not only Granny but her sexy grandson a thing or two.

Ryan along with his brothers thinks Granny has a few screws loose every since her accident but she and I know she is very sane and only out to enjoy life at it’s fullest. Granny has a few tricks up her sleeve that will not only put the fear of God into Liz but take a few years off Ryan’s life. Her last little plan has Ryan in a total uproar. Just when he thinks things can’t get worse than her taking his Harley for a joy ride she lets loose with a few hair raising plans but nothing and I mean nothing beats the last one she has come up with. Ryan will not have this no way no how. He hires Liz who is one hot little thing and dang if she hasn’t changed from the girl of long ago he hopes she can tame granny down to be the loveable kind granny any grandchild will be proud of. Liz has her hands full trying to keep granny under control which let me tell you isn’t very easy. Every time he thinks he has control Granny lets go with a wilder plan than the last and dear sweet sexy Liz seems to be right in the middle of it. Ryan would love to pick Liz up and tan her backside for letting Granny get away with so much. Just as he starts yelling Liz makes Granny see things in a different light. Everyone takes a breath and then she is off again with even wilder ideas than before. Granny will be the death of them all that is if Liz doesn’t kill him first with all the trouble she gets into with Granny,

Liz is just your normal every day flower on the wall child. She wants so much but just doesn’t feel the condense to go after what she wants. She more or less lives through her sister who is the wild child. She has given up so much to look after and take care of her. Liz is the baby of the family but at times she feels so old looking out for and keeping her sister out of trouble. This time her sister has out done herself with Liz having to pay. She agrees to take on Granny and help her keep busy doing granny things only granny has her own plans and lord the places she takes Liz and the things she talks Liz into seem to keep getting her in trouble with the sexy Ryan who Liz has always had a crush on. She just can’t forget those years long ago when something happens to make her crawl deep inside herself and never come out.

The narration of Mr. Lawrence was wonderful when he plays Ryan you can feel the angry, hurt, frustration that he goes through. He really had me feeling sorry for Ryan even when I thought he didn’t deserve it. Lord Granny he was outstanding having me in stitches as he played that roll. His Liz was just so sweet, lovely and delightful. You could really feel the emotion in his voice his tones for each character was outstanding. There were not any background noise, or any place where the volume changes going higher or lower than it was before. He female voices were as lovely as his male voices. You have no trouble knowing who is talking or what they are feeling. Mr. Lawrence really brought this story to life for me. I had no trouble picturing Ryan pulling out his hair as granny took a trip on the wild side or his emotions when it came to Liz. He gives you a very pleasant audio that will have you laughing you way to the last page. I really enjoyed his character voice so much that I didn’t want to put it down and found things to do so I could listen longer. The narrator has a wonderful pleasant voice you have to trouble getting lost in as he brings to life the wonderful humorous story the author has given us. Before I knew it the audio was over leaving me wanting more of these wonderful characters. I had no trouble at all picturing each scene as the movie ran in my head. I can’t wait to listen to more from this narrator.

I loved the humor in this story and all the things granny came up with. I love the back and forward baiting between Ryan and Liz. Things heat up really hot in more ways than one. The attraction is off the charts with some very steamy scenes. Ryan kept over thinking or over saying when he should have been listening. I had no trouble at all understanding how much he loved his grandmother. The author does give you heart break with Ryan’s father who had his own issues. When his grandmother stepped in taking on all three boys raising them you have no trouble feeling the love between them. I understood why he felt the way he did for his father but it was nice to see them start to work out the issues. I really enjoyed watching Liz take Ryan in hand making him feel like a fool. She is really a class act that is hard to follow. The things she can do with just a few soft spoken words and the way she handles herself is a delight. Not to say she is always calm, cool and collected. Tempter to rise when emotion get in the way. I do have to admit granny steals the show I just LOVE this character with her exciting handle on life, her go get it ways. I loved the library scene which had me laughing so hard. This is very well written with wonderful characters you can relate to. There is no doubt you will be very invested in them and the story. I loved the plot and all the twists and turns. This is the first I have listen to from this author it won’t be the last. I can’t wait to dig into more of her stories. If you are looking for a highly entertaining read with an author who knows how to pull her readers in you really need to pick up this audio you are so going to love it.

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Unleash the wild woman…?

Ex-cop Ryan O'Hare takes one look at buttoned-up control freak Liz Garner and just itches to loosen the woman up. Not that he’s into her. Because a woman like that comes with way too many expectations. Not to mention, she practically works for him, and he didn’t hire Liz to watch after his beloved Harley-stealing Gran so he could turn Liz loose in his bed. Still, there’s something about her, a hidden wild side, that makes him wonder what it would take.

Liz must be crazy to work for the insensitive, arrogant, horribly…hot man she's avoided for years. Unfortunately, she needs the money and Ryan's grandmother needs a keeper. (Midnight tango lessons and ziplines with Gran, anyone?) Ryan's rare smile and swaggering confidence have Liz torn between throwing her favorite pinot grigio at his head or throwing herself at him. Can this control freak find a way to let loose with the tough, no-strings guy who once broke her heart

Amelia (The Brides of San Francisco Book 5)

Amelia (The Brides of San Francisco Book 5)
by Cynthia Woolf

My Review
There is nothing worse than wanting something so bad that you have to lie or tell half truths to get it. Amelia wants a family someone to love and take care of. She is willing to do just about anything to have it. Ms. Woolf brings you a wonderful plot of an entertainer who is willing to give it all up just to have her one dream come true. This has a wonderful plot with great characters you get lost in. There are a few twists and turns that keep you guessing as well as holding your breath for the outcome.

Amelia decides there is no one in NY she wants to marry, there is nothing worse than marrying another entertainer and have you both fight over the shinning lights. She has money of her own and wants a man who doesn’t need her money but wants her for herself. She decides to start over giving her mother the space she needs to grow and start another new marriage of her own. She has been a wonderful child taking care of her mother but now it is her time. Off she goes to a little town where a friend of her went as a mail order bride to meet the man she has agreed to marry. Things start off wonderful until she finds out about his mother. Knowing she cannot tell him she keeps her past a secrete knowing it will not go over well when and if he finds out.  

Phillip has had a very hard life when his mother left them leaving him to raise all his brothers and sisters.  Once the farm wasn’t doing so well they decided to move out west to try a new life. Buying part of a mine was his last chance to have the money he needed to give his family what they needed. With his sister needing a female to teach her all the things he cannot he decides a mail order bride is best for him. No heart strings, have a wife, his own children and someone to help his sister life is good until her past come out and he can’t forgive the one thing she held back.

As is the norm things do not go as planned right from the start there are misunderstandings they are easy to overcome. The attraction is very strong they get married almost right away when she finds out what his mother did she knows if she wants a happy marriage she cannot tell him about her singing or there will be no marriage. As you know things have a way of coming out at the worse times whic causes a big up roar between the two. Amelia has fallen in love with her husband but he hasn’t with her. She feels lost, alone and about to hit rock bottom.  His old partner isn’t helping things with his demands and his plans. Will these two work out their differences or will the old partner break them up. It could be a fight to the death leaving one or both of them lost and alone.

This was really a heartbreaking story with Amelia wanting to be loved, wanting to be believed. What she gets is one demanding husband who is very angry that she has not only made a fool of him but lied to him. She said she didn’t lie and she isn’t going to say I am sorry. WOW these two are very bullheaded and neither will giving an inch. Heads butt over and over again leaving behind some very hurt feelings and so much loneliness.

I really enjoyed the plot it hooks you from the start and you get caught up in the twists and turns. There are a few times you hold your breath, along with a few times you want to tell Amelia to get over it but at the same time I have to admit I most likely would have been like she was. It has a wonderful ending and some truly outstanding scenes. There is a little humor, as well as a growing love with Amelia and her sister in law. To kind spirits they are.  I really liked how the attraction played out between Amelia and Phillip it was exciting, at times slow and easy and then fast jumping in with both feet. It was really nice to catch up with past characters that I came to love. It was wonderful to meet new ones knowing in future books you will get to know more about them. This was a delightful read that I had trouble putting down. The author gives you a few surprises as well as a little humor. There is a price to pay for everything as the ex partner learns. He really isn’t the sharpest rock in the river. This is a story about forgiveness, starting over, half truths, give and take, learning what is truly important. It really was a remarkable read that stays with you after you close the last page. I really love this series it has touched me in many ways as well as reminding me of what is important in my life.

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Amelia James grew up performing on the stage. Her stunning voice made her the darling of New York's theater district since she was fifteen. She's never been more than an asset to her mother, never been just a woman to the young up-and-coming men who want to use her to advance their own careers. Amelia loves to sing, but is willing to give up fame, fortune and her future on the stage for just one thing...love. Convinced she'll never find what she needs in New York, she makes the daring decision to leave her life behind and travel to the other side of the country as a mail order bride in San Francisco where she won't be anything more than a wife, where her future husband will look into her eyes and see her heart.

Wealthy prospector Phillip Dumont learned how to take care of himself from a very young age. With his father’s death, his mother decided to follow her dream and she abandoned her family when he was eighteen years old. Phillip raised a house full of younger siblings on his own. Now, his youngest sibling, his sister, is in need of a woman's touch. Phillip knows he'll never trust a woman enough to give her his heart, and decides a mail order bride will provide a soft touch for his sister and keep the gold-digging women at bay.

But Phillip is in for a shock. He is instantly attracted to his new wife and tempted to trust her with more than his name. No matter how vehemently Phillip demands obedience from his wife, his sister and his heart, not one will listen. When an old partner seeking revenge comes for his bride, will Phillip be able to see beyond the secrets of her past to save his family?