Thursday, June 30, 2016

Under An Adirondack Sky

Under An Adirondack Sky
by Karen Rock

My Review
This is one of the most touching, emotional, wonderful reads you will find. There were times my heart was in my mouth, other times I had a tear in my eye and times when I really laughed or smiled. Two families have lost so much both wanting to do the best and be the best they can be. Being a family can bring you so much happiness but so much sorrow when you feel so alone even in a crowd. Sometimes life gets in the way making us change are plan and our dream putting family first and ourselves last. There are times when what we think is the best might not be and other times when we think we are doing our best but we are not. You get blindsided or tunnel vision and cannot see what is right in front of your eyes. What Ms. Rock does is bring normal family issues to the front going head first at a run trying to bring these families back together giving them their hopes and dreams back in a very touching read.

She gives you a few stories in side a story with Aiden taking over running the family bar, help raising he many brothers and sisters with no time left over for him. Rebecca doing her best to help a group of teens fined their way. Along with a group of teens that are lost where family has put other things before they put them. Both Aiden and Rebecca have had a hard lonely life. It wasn’t always this way things changed when the ones they loved the most, those who loved them the most died leaving them all alone one living life by herself and the other taking over the family.

Connor Aiden’s brother who is acting out and about to get kicked out of school. He is driving his brother crazy leaving Aiden at his wits ends. Connor see things one way and of course his brother another which leaves a riff between the two wider than the Grand Cannon. Rebecca walks into to Connor’s life as she works with him he is learning to say how he feels working on his other issues. Will she pull him out of his shell in time to save him and give him back his life or will he turn to the life of crime, drugs and lord knows what else.

Aiden is doing everything for his family from taking care of his mother, feeding and raising all his younger brothers and sisters. It seems he is going around and around and not getting everywhere. He is trying so hard but there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done. Now with his brother acting out he is about to throw his hands up. When a beautiful lady walks into the bar she throws him for a spin. There is no way he could fit her into his schedule even if he wanted to.

Rebecca has given her time and life to wayward teens trying to bring them back from the edge before they fall off it. She has alot more at stake on this trip than just working out the teens issues. If things do not work out she has a lot more to lose. When it comes to Connor he reminds her of someone very close to her. One wrong move his life could be over and she would be to blame. She puts forth a plan to get all the teens and their guardians to go on a wilderness trip where they will get back to nature why learning how to deal with their issue in hopes of teaching them how to deal with their lives and bring their families closer together.

An added twist is the other teens and their issues as the trip takes of things get out of hand, tempters flare. Things to not go as planned. Can Rebecca bring these wild teens around, giving them back their respect, love and a new way of looking at things or will they will they turn their backs and walk out?

What I really loved about this book was the interaction between the teachers, the students, the humor and the pain that you see each character go through.  You see the problems as your heart goes out to each of them wanting so much to jump right in the pages and give a helping hand. It isn’t just the students that have issues or feel insecure each member has a fear of their own as you go through the story they really touch your heart as their pain becomes yours. This was just a very emotional read where Ms. Rock brings you different side to each character and their story. Not everything is as it seems nor everyone as they seem. What this wonderful author gives you is a very compelling read that has you so invested in the story you find you have raced through it and still want more. Just when you think nothing good will come of this you find yourself laughing out loud as you rub the sweat off you forehead thinking wow that was a close one.  That doesn’t mean its all humor or sorrow there is a wonderful mix that really reaches in and touches you heart. I loved the attraction between Aiden and Rebecca which at times is a love hate relationship. They see a different side of each other which you can almost feel. There are a few surprises you won’t see coming as you turn the pages of this delightful read to find out just where it is going and at times leaving you with your mouth wide open. This is a rollercoaster ride with a little bit of everything that you don’t want to miss.

Ms. Rock has a talent for pulling her readers in taking your heart and giving it a squeeze as she fills you mind with some very vivid scenes that have you holding your breath. You feel like you are right there taking the ride the characters are.  This is a story about respect not only for the adults but for the teens, talking, finding time, giving back, loving with words and action, understanding, reaching out, taking help and finding another way to get your point across beside fighting and yelling. Before you close the last page you will find there isn’t a character you have not had compassion for at some point, there isn’t a character you do not like, and you have fell in love not only with the characters but with this author. Ms. Rock has her own style which gives you a very heartwarming, tear jerking, along with humor that will keep you laughing. I hope each of you will pick this up and be taking back into your own teen years where you really understand these teens and your adult life where you really feel for the adults dealing with these teens. This is one story where you can relate to every aspect of it. This is a wonderful love story but it is so much more. I really recommend you pick this up for one of the most heartwarming reads you will read this year. 

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Can he juggle everything…including her?

After raising his siblings and running the family pub for more than a decade, Aiden Walsh has set his own dreams aside. Until the most beautiful woman he's ever seen stumbles into his bar, and his arms. Too bad Rebecca Day is the school psychologist in charge of his brother's future. Who's he kidding? He doesn't have room in his full life for romance anyway. But forced to join Rebecca and her group of troubled teens on an Adirondack wilderness adventure, he realizes keeping his family afloat isn't enough for him…not by a long shot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss

Written by: Pamela Morsi
Narrated by: Pam Dougherty
Length: 11 hrs and 11 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:05-18-16
Publisher: Pamela Morsi Kiel

My Review
The author gives you a story inside a story of love lost with two men leaving town in different years for different reason losing the love they had. Two women who have always been there and they felt they always would. What these men found is they may have made the biggest mistake of their lives but young dumb we do not always see the road ahead and sometimes make the right choice for the wrong reason or the other way around. One thing for sure every road we take makes us the person we are today as you will see in this lovely story if one person changed one thing their lives would have changed then there wouldn’t be the people around they love today. Can one man and one woman learn from the other couples mistakes forgiving and forgetting the past? One thing is for sure there will be many misunderstandings that will keep you laughing out loud at these two as they butt heads over and over again seeing things as they see them not as they are. There will be times you will want to get out a tissue as the love of the older couple turn back the pages and relives years long ago and all they have loss.

Ms. Dougherty did a great job of narrating this audio it did take me a little time to get into her voice. I have also listened to other samples of her work and feel this voice was more for the time period and how things were done back then. This narrator has many different voices she uses in other audios you would never know it was the same lady which is truly amazing to me. In this audio her many different character voices were outstanding. Her male voices were as good as her female ones, you never have trouble knowing who is talking or what they are feeling. You will laugh with some characters and other you will feel their pain and sorrow. There will be times you heart will break along with the character leaving you wishing you could lend a shoulder. The narrator brings this out more so than if you were just reading she really brings the story to life as she leaves you chuckling at little Sharpie who is a delight. There are not any background noises just a clear fun audio. The narrators tones are even smoothly delivered there is no doubt you will get lost in her voice as she brings this audio to life. I look forward to listening to more from Ms. Dougherty.

What I really enjoyed in this story was Sharpie, Aunt Hen, the mystery of who was stealing, the head butting between Prudence and Gidry, the electric lighting and how they thought it might affect their land, the postcards added so much to this story I really laughed myself silly once I got over the shock. There are so many wonderful parts that the author and narrator give us. It really was a lovely audio with meaning and feeling. It has a lovely ending but I would have loved to have seen what happened with aunt Hen and who was Sharpies father.

The author writing is truly lovely as she twisting the story to give you humor and making you feel the characters pain. A lot is going on but you have no trouble keeping up. She spins a little mystery along with a little jealously which really pulls the reader in. Leaving you with the question of what is up with that wooden leg? lol  Aunt Hen tells a wonderful story of their past and how it could affect Pru . She is a wise women who has a way about her that she can get the point across making you think it was your idea. What you get with this audio is a delightful listen which will leave you smiling, almost in tears at time, only to make you laugh out loud. It has a wonderful plot with wonderful characters that you can relate to and I feel sure in some way part of this most likely has happen to most of us. This is the first I have story I have read/listened to of the author and narrator. I look forward to picking up more of each of their works.

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When Gidry Chavis returns to his Texas hometown to reconcile with his dying father, he must also face Prudence Belmont, the fiancé he jilted eight years ago with no more than a brief note, a woman who is no longer a gullible girl but a determined grownup with ideas of her own. Pamela Morsi's strong sense of time (the 1890s) and place and lightly realistic humor add to a gentle romance that is pure Americana and purely charming. Roses, streetlights, and a pair of well-matched protagonists combine in this well-written, captivating story of rekindled love that will definitely appeal to Morsi's many fans. Morsi is a Rita award-winning writer and lives in San Antonio.
From the first moment she met her new Texas neighbor, Prudence Belmont was in love. When she was old enough for marriage, Gidry Chavis promptly presented her with an engagement ring, and all her dreams seemed to have come true. But the hellraising Gidry disappeared before the wedding, leaving only a brief note in explanation. "My dear Miss Prudence, I have determined that it is best that we do not wed. Please forgive me and recall me with fondness." Now Chavistown's notorious favorite son is back, wiser, remorseful, sunbrowned and manly. Everyone in town has accepted his transformation to a hardworking town leader - all except Pru. After all, only a man with wicked thoughts could believe that she, the president of the Ladies' Rose and Garden Society, would mail out racy postcards, and only a cad would demand bribes of kisses to keep quiet. If he thinks he can win her love again, he's wrong. Or is he? "My only lover, I am ready to fulfill your every desire, if you will agree to grant my dearest wish...Yours soon to be..."

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Soldier's Secret (Auido review)

The Soldier's Secret

Written by: Heather Osborne
Narrated by: Kristyl Dawn Tift
Length: 5 hrs and 49 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:10-06-15
Publisher: Heather Osborne

My Review
This was a very touching read so much more than a romance but a wonderful read filled of so much pain and sorrow for all of those who fault in a war where really both sides lost so much. The author shows how brother fault against brother, father against son. This is one author that has done her research giving you a wonderful powerful read full of mystery, pain, love and romance.

Heather Osborne as a narrator gave so much too this audio from her wonderful talented voice to her many wonderful characters. She puts so much emotion into the audio giving this a wonderful tear jerker listen. She has a very clear, clean voice that is easy to listen to with wonderful character voices that you have no trouble knowing who is speaking. She puts emotion into the characters never leaving you wondering just what they are feeling. There is no background noise just a clear even tones which will leave you wanting more. Her male voices are just as pleasant as her female ones as she brings the story to live it is almost like watching a movie. You have no trouble picturing each scene in your mind reliving a time where soldiers were left with half a body feeling half a man. I hear no breaks in this audio if the narrator took a break you could not tell. Ms. Osborne did a wonderful job with this narration I am so looking forward to listening to more of her work.

Emma is a wonderful character which took a lot to stand up and dress as a man trying to make sure her love ones where safe. All that she had to go through really tore at my heart she is one brave women who doesn’t back down. She is strong willed and doesn’t back down giving so much to this story at a time when women were to stay home and keep their mouth shut.

The doctor who loves her really is a man after your heart. There is no doubt in my mind that every woman who reads this will fall in love with this wonderful man. The lengths he goes to, to keep her safe are unreal and I doubt most men would have done. He lets her be who she is without taking away her meaning as a woman. He believes in her giving back so much more than any person would.

Yes this is a romance which was lovely but it is so much more showing the true meaning of war and all that was given up in a battle which lost so much. I really enjoyed the characters they seem so real some I didn’t like so much but that is the way it is suppose to be. The author throws a few twist you won’t see coming giving you and exciting thrilling suspenseful read that you will love. There are parts you might need a tissue for as the author and narrator delivers a powerful wonderful read you won’t be able to put down.

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A picture of pure shock and curiosity, Emma placed her empty glass down, “Surely, you are not suggesting I dress as a man and enlist in the Union Army!”
“That is precisely what I am suggesting.”

In an era when women are adornments, Northerner Emma Mansfield finds it challenging to fit the mold. It becomes an impossible task when her country is torn apart by civil war. Knowing she must take action, Emma finds herself in the midst of danger and intrigue when she takes up the guise of a young artillery soldier for the Union Army. Desperately trying to find out if her two brothers are alive, Emma must maintain her anonymity as she fights for survival.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Help! My Boss Is Whacko

Help! My Boss Is Whacko! Tips to Help You Deal with Unprofessional Behavior from the Boss: Business Professional Series, Book 3
Written by: Richard Lowe Jr
Narrated by: Melissa J. Costa
Length: 48 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:01-18-16
Publisher: The Writing King

My Review
I found this audio to be very interesting and helpful in many ways. There is something here for everyone who has ever had an issue with their boss. I myself found a few things that I have or had issues with that I will be applying at work. It also was helpful with a few issues I have had with my own employees. Sometimes even bosses have issues with employees that they need help on.

Ms. Costa did a lovely job narrating this audio her voice is very pleasant to listen to. She gives you a very understanding and caring voice that really gives meaning to what you are listening to. There are no background noises or any interruptions that I could tell just a nice clear, clean audio that gives the facts as the author has given them.   I found her performance to be one of the best I have listened to in this type of book. If any breaks were taken I could not tell, her tones are even given. Her voice has a lovely tone that you have no trouble listening to. She has a voice you could listen to for hours and never tire of it. She gives the correct emotion that is needed to each character to make this a clear understanding audio that gives voice to each scene. I really enjoyed her narration and look forward to listening to more of her work.

I feel there is something here for everyone even if you have a wonderful boss sometimes you might have other coworkers that might make your life hard. I think you will find something here to help you with that issue. This was very informative and very helpful with wonderful advice. I hope each of you will either pick up the book or audio it is well worth your time.

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Is your boss driving you nuts? Do you have nightmares about the stupid or insane things your boss does or makes you do? Are you constantly upset with your boss? Is your boss attacking you? Do you feel helpless and wish there was something you could do to get your work done without the constant harassment?
Corporate leader and manager for over 30 years, Richard Lowe presents some scenarios of bosses who are in one way or another whacko and guides you to show how to handle those situations. Lowe answers the question: how can you stop whatever stupid things your boss is doing without putting your job in danger or losing your integrity?
  • What to do when your boss is racist or has racist tendencies?
  • How do you stop your boss from harassing you about your religion?
  • What to do when your boss lies to you ?
  • How to get your job done when the boss has decided to retire and doesn't want to do anything?
  • How to deal with the unethical boss?
  • What to do when your boss is driving you crazy by micromanaging your every move?
  • What options you have when the boss is downright hostile.
  • How to handle the situation when your boss is psychotic.
Buy this book now to save your sanity, improve your career, and handle the whacko boss!