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Saving Grace

Saving Grace

By: Aubrey Wynne

Narrated by: Sara K. Sheckells

Length: 3 hrs and 16 mins


Release date: 12-05-17

Language: English

Publisher: Aubrey Wynne

The story’s title and cover fits the story so well! There are so many interesting twists and turns as well as historical facts that really kept this story interesting and moving. I really loved how the past played with the future. How eerie it all seemed you didn’t know whether to run and hide or wrap your arms around it.  My heart broke for both Chloe and Grace they have a lot in common but are so different. They are kind souls who give so much to those around them.

Ms. Wynne is a wonderful author that really pulls the listener in giving the correct tones and pauses that really shows how talented she is. Her character voice are a delight from her sexy males to her sweet females. She even had Chloe’s ex down to the point that you knew something was very wrong with this man. Her emotions are wonderful she has such caring tones, don’t let that fool you she has no trouble reaching in and bring the angry ones to the surface. The author really knows how to play on your emotion giving you a believable author you have no trouble believing it is real. As I listened I could see Chloe with her beloved horses, the danger they faced and how much she loved the dog.  The audio I think is much better than reading it the narrator brings so much to this story really touching your heart giving you emotion you can hold on to. There are no background noises, no repeating of words, and no volumes changes just a truly enjoyable clean and clear listen. Her emotions are right on the money you always know what each character is thinking and feeling. Her performance was outstanding which made this a win, win listen for me.

Chloe’s ex is a real piece of work you have to wonder how Chloe got caught up into his world and how in the world she was able to walk away with, he just doesn’t seem like the man who would let you divorce him. No he has never hit her yet but there are many ways of abuse. Sometimes I think playing with the mind is the worse abuse anyone can go through. You can’t see it, you have no clue but it hurts and is very really. The author has no trouble showing what kind of man her ex is as she takes you through the pace of him wanting her back and what all he is willing to do to get what he wants.  I just loved her mother and her partner’s characters they are both witty and charming.  I love how her mother is always nice to her daughters ex but still come across with that sassy attitude that many can’t pull off.

Chloe is just a wonderful character that gives so much. Grace lord what that women went through and what she still must be going through to still be here after so many years. The author gives you a delightful twist of two women and how their lives help the other to get over pain and deal with the issues they must.  With Grace I just wanted to grab, hug her and keep her safe. The lies that were told about her and the punishment that her neighbors dealt out to her are just so bad. How she deals with the future will make you smile. Chloe’s new friend is so funny, I loved how he dealt with the ghost. I really laughed hard at that. This was a fun read that really keeps you smiling but it is also very sad with your emotions twisting first one way and then another.  

I enjoyed the way the author went from past to present really pulling the read in. The mystery was a delight. How the past and the present came together was fun. The power the ghost had really had me on the edge at the end. I was yelling YES YES you go Grace, don’t let him get away…you got this Grace. Grace you are my HERO. The author gives a wonderful story of two women fighting to keep what is theirs showing their strength, love and courage to put one foot in front of the other why the world around them goes crazy.  

The new romance and the way it plays in the story is just so natural I LOVE IT. It is a well blended story of a little of everything that makes it a wonderful audio. The ending is a shocker but what an ending, I just did not want this audio to end I wanted to see more of these characters and how their lives turned out. 

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A tortured soul meets a shattered heart....
Chloe Hicks' life consisted of an egocentric ex-husband, a pile of bills, and an equine business in foreclosure until a fire destroys the stable and her beloved ranch horse. What little hope she has left is smashed after the marshal suspects arson. She escapes the accusing eyes of her hometown, but not the memories and melancholy.
Jackson Hahn, Virginia Beach's local historian, has his eyes on the mysterious new woman in town. When she arrives in Pungo, he is struck by her haunting beauty and the raw pain in her eyes. Her descriptions of the odd events happening in her bungalow pique his curiosity.
The sexy historian distracts Chloe with the legend of a woman wrongly accused of witchcraft. She is drawn to the story and the similarities of events that plagued their lives. Perhaps the past can help heal the present. But danger lurks in the shadows....

A Mother's Choice

A Mother's Choice

By: Kristin Noel Fischer

Narrated by: Renata Friedman

Length: 7 hrs and 34 mins


Release date: 01-25-16

Language: English

Publisher: Kristin Noel Fischer

What an emotional, caring, loving, giving read I have read in a long time. I had listened to this a few weeks ago but somehow forgot to post my review. It is a review that will take a lot of thought to show just how powerful it is to the listener.  I really do not think words can tell how much this will touch you or the emotions you will go through. The author keeps you guessing as Nadine relives her life all the hardships that her and her best friend go through. It is a very realistic story that will touch you in so many ways. I have to say I was guessing almost until the end as to what she did and what the big secret was.

I loved how Ms. Friedman puts the emotion into this audio really making you feel like you are there with the characters. The character voices are outstanding they seem so real almost like you can reach out and touch them. It is a very emotional and powerful story that the narrator adds so much to. She uses the correct tones, pitch and voice that really fits the characters. I was pulled in from the very first page as she takes you through the past life of Nadine, her husband, their friends and best friends. I had no trouble picturing the scenes as they were happening. I really felt like I was part of the story it was just so real. Her many different character voices were outstanding from her male to her female. You always know who is talking and what they are feeling. There is no background noise, no volume changes nor any repeating of words. It is a very clean, crisp and powerful audio that pulls the listener in taking you back in time to a woman’s life that had so much and lost even more. You can hear the smile or laugh and disappointment, heartache and love in each character. Word cannot say what an outstanding job this narrator has done. It is the first time I have listen to her work and she blew me away.

The author has done an outstanding job keeping the mystery going keeping you guessing to the outcome. I loved the twists and turns, the unanswered questions that drive the reader nuts trying to work it out. There is a lot you won’t understand for a little while because the author isn’t giving to many clues away.  She knows how to keep the reader hooked and keeping the story interesting as she spins her web around your heart leaving you in aww to the outcome.  She starts off with a little old sweet lady that knows what she wants and has a little sass to go with it. She is taken back in time to her first meeting with the love of her life and all the hardship the go through.   Nadine is a very sweet girl but the cards are stack against her and her true love. Much goes on as they are torn apart going in different directions. The one thing that always stands true is her friendship with her best friend. They have always been there for each other through thick and thin even when distance keeps them apart. It isn’t all honey and roses but it isn’t all bad, the author gives you a believable well told story of love, lost, happiness, and the unthinkable until relationships are held on by a thread. You will not be able to guess the outcome until you are almost to the end of the story. By then you are so very hooked with tears in your eyes. This is a very fast pace, thrilling, sad and very emotional read that will touch you to your very soul.

My reaction is wanting to reach in and pull the characters out of the pages more than once. My heart broke for so many at the same time it is such a very cheerful story. It has a powerful message and so unselfish it will break your heart. I know I could never be this unselfish and so giving. I have never read any of this authors work but she had me hook, line and sinker from the first page. I have picked this as one of my favorite reads of the year. Once you pick it up and start it you will understand why. The audio really brings this to life. I doubt I would have had the same reaction if I had read it.  There is no way you will want this book to end, the secret is big the power of love is even bigger. This is a story that will stay with you for a long time. Come listen to a touching story which will change the way you think about life, love and what true happiness really is.

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For thirty years, Nadine Kingsley has kept a heart-wrenching secret. When a letter arrives threatening to reveal the truth that could destroy her tight-knit family, Nadine embarks on a difficult journey to explain her painful decision, especially to her youngest daughter, Autumn.

Meanwhile, Autumn Anderson, Speech Pathologist and mother of two, is struggling in her marriage. The discovery of a troubling letter addressed to her mother disrupts her already complicated life, leading Autumn to question what she’s always believed.

When the unthinkable happens, Autumn digs deeper into her family’s past and unravels a tangled web of lies and deception surrounding her own birth. Meeting the one person her mother entrusted with her secret brings Autumn face to face with an unexpected and shocking revelation.

“A Mother’s Choice” is a fast-paced, uplifting, emotional read, full of family drama, love, hope, and forgiveness.


“New Author for Liane Moriarty Fans. This book grabbed me from the first page …. Fischer creates very real characters with struggles that are believable and heart-wrenching.” CC

“A Mother’s Choice is a gentle look at life, love and relationships involving three generations of family and friends.” JB Bolton

“It was such a page turner that I read it in one evening!” Sandy

“Page-turning family drama - loved it! Kept me turning the pages so I could find out ‘the secret’. I also enjoyed the emotional roller coaster of getting pulled into a story about love, family, and the issues married couples face.” T. Owens

“A wonderful read … a beautiful story about two young girls growing up as best friends.” Amazon Customer

“Family secrets across generations. Family secrets are at the center of this story, and they are brought to life with skill and tenderness by Fischer.” Sandra Spicher

“Loved it! This articulate and emotionally satisfying storyline reverts back and forth between the lives of a mother and daughter, hinting at and slowly revealing a past secret that will impact their present and future. The book depicts a relatable family with all its flaws…” Jacqueline Floyd.

"Fans of Debbie Macomber, Karen Kingsbury, and Dan Walsh will love this clean and wholesome read!"
Romantic Women's Fiction

"A love inspired romance I could not put down!" Helen

"Heartbreaking, but in a good way. I loved this book about friendship, marriage, life, death and hope. Can't wait to read the next one."