Friday, July 6, 2018

All Business

All Business
by Julia Bright

Two broken souls meet by chance one works his life away the other is trying to get back on track taking all the jobs she can to keep her dream alive. One player meets reality from one broken woman who got everything taken away from her. Apart these two are a mess but together they make life worth living. The author gives a well written story that is believable and could be true. Michael is very alpha he makes demands and expects them to be followed. Kim is very strong and won’t give in to his demands that is if she can help herself. Michael does the one nightstands oh he has needs, but he isn’t in it for the long haul that is if he can keep his heart out of it. He finds it isn’t that easy when it comes to Kim.

I loved the chemistry between these two, the plot is good, well written and touching. I felt so sorry for Michael he is hell-bent to make the same mistakes as his father, but he does see his mistakes and does say he is sorry in such a way that you believe him and your heart reaches out to him. Kim hummm her story is a sad story one man tries his hardest to take way everything she has worked for leaving her working any job she can to just stay ahead. It is a good plot with interesting characters that at time I had to chuckle at as they dance around romance they can’t help but feel. It was a good read that I enjoyed.

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Kim Harrington is desperate for money. Desperate enough to work parties where drunk men misbehave. When a dashing stranger saves her from some guy's groping hands, she wants to thank him, but he's nowhere to be found. Work hard, play hard Michael Daulton has no time for relationships. Time is money, and spending hours with Kim gains him nothing. But Michael can't stay away from the intriguing woman. The last thing Kim needs is to get involved again. Michael is sexy but demanding. She can't give what he wants, but he's too appealing to ignore. Kim has to put an end to their relationship or risk losing everything. Michael makes her an offer she can't refuse, but she has to. All Business if full of romance and passion. One-click and get into this hot book that will keep you turning the pages. A standalone romance.

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