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This Wilderness Journey

This Wilderness Journey
Heart of the Mountains, Book 2
By: Misty M. Beller
Narrated by: Leonor A Woodworth
Series: Heart of the Mountains, Book 2
Length: 5 hrs and 42 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 04-20-18

This is a cute read I had to chuckle when Joseph went to pick up the minister cousin and found out he was a she. I had a blast picturing in my mind the look on his face. Joseph has spent his life helping others giving so much of his self. He had an accident that the author gives such vivid details I felt a chill go up my spine. My mind just doesn’t wrap around what that must have been like, not knowing if you would live, deciding if you should cut off a body part. He lost his faith in God that day and just hasn’t been able to find it. This is a very emotional and spiritual read that really touched my heart. Monti words keep going through my mind be the man God made you to be not what you think you should be. No truer words have been written. It’s a story about looking past your disabilities or the ones you think you have learning to accept who you are, knowing you are no less of a person no matter what you have been though. The story is built around lost in so many ways, to finding yourself, there is danger, excitement, romance, and so much more.

Ms. Woodworth’s narration with her soft sweet voice really brought this story to life. She made me feel each lose, sorrow and pain. Her character voices are outstanding her female so soft but strong, her male strong but weak, both caring and loving. You can hear the pain, sorrow, anger, hurt along with excitement, danger and thrills. I had no trouble picturing the events as they unfold. This was one audio she held me in the palm of her hand with true emotion that each character was going through. I was so invested I forgot I was listening and found things to do around the house to listen longer. Her tones are right on the mark keeping the listener on the edge as danger gets near. It was a thrilling, exciting listen. The danger is real, I felt like I was there with the characters. There are no volume changes, no background noise or any repeating of words. If any breaks were taken I could not tell. I had no trouble knowing who is talking and what they are feeling. Her character voices are just great as well as her normal voice is very pleasant and easy to listen to. You can feel the uneasiness of the characters as they work through the emotions of loss, facing the outcome and the heart break of the past. Ms. Woodworth’s has no trouble pulling of this very emotional listen that captivates you and holds your attention.

So far out of this series this one is my favorite. I think the author out did herself giving a very powerful message along with a very detailed story that kept me very entertained. There was a time or two when I think my heart stopped beating for a minute and others where I smiled and even wanted to cry at the true emotion that was written. This is so much more than a romance it is about faith, overcoming issues and finding what you want out of life and going for it. I loved the characters, how the story is laid out and the true meaning behind it. From start to finish I was hooked can't wait for the next one.

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Joseph Malcom has spent his life protecting those in need, but now that his sister is safely settled with her new family in the Canadian Rockies, his help is no longer required. That is, until he’s asked to safely retrieve the priest’s cousin to help minister to the local Indian tribe. But his passenger is not at all who he expects.
After the death of her mother, Monti Bergeron has nothing to keep her in Montreal. While the prospect of ministering to the Indians out West is daunting, she looks forward to assisting her beloved cousin in his mission work. The life of a nun may be just what she needs to heal her grief, serving her Heavenly Father and fellow mankind, especially if no more pesky suitors are around to ask for her hand in marriage. But the man who’s been sent to guide her through the mountains might make her second-guess her plans before she even begins.
As Monti settles into her ministry, Joseph finds his wandering feet drawn back to the Indian camp. Monti’s focus on God is more unsettling than he’d like to admit. Add to that her beauty which tests his willpower at every turn, and she’s made it crystal clear she doesn’t want a husband. But when his determination to keep distance between them puts Monti in danger, protecting her might require something Joseph might not be able to give.

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