Friday, July 6, 2018

Butterfly Serenade

Butterfly Serenade (O'Malley Brothers #1)
by Julianna Douglas

What an emotional journey that really broke my heart all that this woman has been through from the abuse to the healing is so much more than my mind can wrap around. The author gives you a compelling read of young hearts with a woman that has seen it all. It takes a lot to heal a broken soul that so many have put down. That is until the day Colin came barreling and just about knocked her down the stairs. I fell in love with this man from the start with his sweet and kind ways. As the author takes us on a journey of new love blossoming she throws in a few twists that keeps the story interesting and the reader invested. Will love win or will Roses past take away the one things that could change her life forever?

 Rose is a very complex person the author gives you a hint of what she has gone through as you get more into the story you learn more. I doubt you can read this and not be touched deeply in some way. Rose is her own worst enemy it’s like she can’t believe any good will comes her way and she is hell bent on destroying her life. As I came to know her I really just wanted to hold her, hug her and give her the love and support she needs. Rose is a good example of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. She has unbelievable strength if she only believed in herself. Colin is so patient with her see so much more in her than she does herself. There are a mixture of characters good and bad, some you will love other you wish you could do some damage to.

It has been a long time since I have read something this emotional, you feel each up and down the characters go through. My emotions were all over the place. I enjoyed the twists and turns as well as the romance. It is a very compelling read of pain, sorrow, and then turns into learning, healing and love. The author took a lot of time thinking this plot over giving in-depth details with a very believable story. I was hooked from the first page.

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Whore. Slut. Tramp.

I don’t want to believe the words, but they’re true. Having sex with strangers temporarily affords me the necessary control to quiet the demons from my nightmares. But each unfulfilling encounter leaves me more emotionally empty than before. I’m trapped in a dead, brown shell, unable to break free.

Until the day he walks into my life.

Colin is everything that's good and pure–a beacon of light to my dark, lost soul. His music is a soothing balm, warming long-frozen places inside me. His kindness disarms me, making me long for more. But to have more, I’d need to reveal the horrors of my past.

And I can’t tell anyone. It’ll tear me apart.

I’ve been waiting for her all my life.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew Rose was my soul mate. I’m drawn to her inner beauty and yearn to show her the love she’s never known. The pain reflected in her lovely amber eyes rouses emotions deep within me, stirring the music in my soul and making my fingers take flight over the keyboard.

But Rose is a woman holding closely guarded secrets.

More than my next breath, I want to quell the haunted look in her eyes ... heal her broken spirit and make her whole again. She doesn't believe that's possible. But I won't give up.

Not until she lets me love her–all of her.

Warning: Contains graphic descriptions of abuse that may distress some readers.

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