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Healing Montana Sky (Montana Sky #5)
by Debra Holland

My Review
I usually listen to Ms. Holland's books on audio I do not think I have read any by her books. I really enjoyed reading this as with her audios she pulls you in and takes you to another place in time in the past where she holds your interest and entertains you like few authors can. This is a real heart breaker two people losing the people they love who is their world have to come together to make a new family to safe the family they have. This is a very touching read of time gone by where things move fast to overcome what happens. You do not have time to grave you must do what is best for the here and now. Just as with the mail-order brides as times past you grow closer and love will come. You have to overcome a few issues of getting to know each other but time heals all pain.

Ms. Holland always gives you a wonderful read with stories that are believable as she spins a story with wonderful caring characters that you will come to love. Starting over is never easy but doing that with total strangers along with small children can be hard. Ms. Holland shows you their pain as they overcome issues and become a family. There is nothing more heart breaking than watching how the Indians were treated. This author shows you a side where the white man few they might be do care about them and try to help them. She gives you a story of two families becoming one as they put each other and the children first.

Erik learns that a wife is more than a person to take care of but one who work together to a common goal. That marriage is more than love or friendship but a partnership where love will grow. He learns sometimes giving is more as is taking what that person gives you to make a united front. He finds women are not weak but strong and can help carry the load. He has much to learn as this new wife shows him a side of a woman that he has never seen. He might have lost so much with losing his wife in childbirth but he has gained so much more.

Antonia learns how to give what her new husband needs. She is strong and a hard worker. She still must learn that who you are inside makes you beautiful. She must learn to trust and share along with saying what she feels. She is living a life in a dead woman place who in her eyes must have been prefect. As she show her new husband what working together is like she must also learn to trust him with her secretes knowing he will not judge her.

This was a well thought out story that the author put lots of time into. It is believable with wonderful characters who show the true meaning of family as they overcome issues and become one. I do have to say Antonia speech got to me I found myself correcting her than laughing at myself for doing it. She is trying to better herself and learn the correct ways, Antonia really is a wonderful character who gives so much as she takes on a whole new world than what she is use to. I loved seeing the little horses again I have come to love them dearly in each story that Ms. Holland writes.

This is one author is that is my go to. I know she will give me a wonderful entertaining read that will leave me with a smile on my face as she takes me down the path and twist her way to my heart. She always does her research her facts are right on the money. She spins a tale of truth, love and family. Her characters are well balanced with a wonderful mixture. This is a book about survival when times are tough you do what you have to. The pain of losing a love one and how to overcome it. You never forget your first love but find there is more love to give. It is a book about family, team work, honor, love, and dreams. It is what America was built on. If you are looking for a wonderfully well written story you have found it. I hope you love this author as much as I do. She gives you a wonderful story that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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Book Description

After a grizzly bear kills Antonia Valleau’s trapper husband, she packs her few worldly possessions, leaves her home in the mountains of Montana, and treks to nearby Sweetwater Springs, seeking work to provide for her two young sons.

Reeling from the loss of his wife during childbirth, Erik Muth must find a nursing mother for his newborn daughter to survive. For their children’s sake, Erik and Antonia wed, starting a new life together on his farm on the prairie. But it’s no easy union. Antonia misunderstands Erik’s quiet personality. He finds her independence disconcerting. Both hide secrets that challenge their growing intimacy.

When Indians steal livestock from farms around Sweetwater Springs to feed their starving tribe, the outraged townsfolk demand retaliation. Erik and Antonia must work together to prevent a massacre. Will a marriage forged in loss blossom into love?

About the Author

Debra Holland is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the award-winning Montana Sky Series (sweet, historical Western romance) and The Gods' Dream Trilogy (fantasy romance.)

Debra is a three-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist and one-time winner. In 2013, Amazon selected Starry Montana Sky as one of the Top 50 Greatest Love Stories.

When she's not writing, Dr. Debra works as a psychotherapist and corporate crisis/grief counselor and is the author of The Essential Guide to Grief and Grieving, as well as Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude, a Ten Minute Ebook. She's also a contributing author to The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing.

Debra lives in Southern California with her dog and two cats, who keep her company while she writes. You'll often see pictures of her animals on Debra's social media pages. Join her newsletter list and receive a free download of the ebooklet, 58 Tips for Getting What You Want From a Difficult Conversation at


In Chronological Order:

Beneath Montana's Sky

Mail-Order Brides of the West: Trudy
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Lina
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Darcy
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Prudence
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Bertha (Feb 2016)

Wild Montana Sky
Starry Montana Sky
Stormy Montana Sky
Montana Sky Christmas
A Valentine's Choice
Painted Montana Sky
Glorious Montana Sky
Healing Montana Sky
Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Sweetwater Springs Scrooge
Mystic Montana Sky (Summer 2016)

Angel in Paradise


Sower of Dreams
Reaper of Dreams
Harvest of Dreams

The God's Dream Trilogy Box Set


Lywin's Quest



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Found At the Library (Found #1)
by Christi Snow

My Review
I have read a few book from this author and have loved them all. When I took this one on to read I was very unsure of the outcome. Would I like it, hate it or love it. Since this is not a genre I read much of I have found most book of this nature filled full of just the act with little or no story line. With that said I have to say I totally enjoyed this story it has a great plot that moves pretty fast. I loved the story inside the story with author writing more than one genre I didn't find this hard to believe and found it added to the story line. I loved that this was not a story of just doing the dirty deed but was well thought out as well as well written. It is a story I feel most can relate to with real issues. I have had male and female gay friends and the drama they bring this book doesn't even touch. For me this is pretty much a drama free story.

Tommie has so much against him and yet so much for him. Dyslexia is not easy to deal with but going untreated it would be hard. He has pretty much dealt with that and overcome it in so many ways. He has lost so much in a short time now with the issues of his brother he is just overcome running on a thin line. In steps Mac who takes charge but comes across as a stalker. Tommie has never had anyone help him it is hard for him to deal with all the changes and Mac. Tommie is a loner the question is with the pull that Mac has on him will he learn to trust and let Mac help him through the tough times. I liked Tommie true he is on somewhat of a emotional ride. Even with all that is on his plate I think he deals with his brother issues well. I think he was a little emotional over the story Mac wrote but then again who wouldn't be with all he has had to deal with.

Mac now he is a dream come true, I feel sure most of the women he would have met would have been broken hearted to find he was gay. Sometimes at first meet the pull is strong and the chemistry set, there is no walking away. I found it easy to believe Mac would use his writing to overcome the fact that he could not have the man he wanted. I loved that he was willing to help Tommie in turn showing him how he felt. Action speaks louder than words and I feel Mac's action spoke for him. At first Tommie did take him as a stalker or someone who wanted something from him. I was so drawn into his story he wrote of the military men. I would have loved to have read the whole book not just a few parts of each chapter. I felt it was a nice addition to the story. The scene where they first made love I found that believable. Going without for so long can makes most move fast when the time comes. I know of straight couples who have moved way faster than these two did.

I really love each character Ryder broke my heart to see the pain he was going through. I can't wait for his and Stig story to come out. Stig well he is something else for sure, so full of life I sure hope he finds his dream of someone to come home to. He is a care take and Ryder might be just what he need. Fannie you have to love her, she is a little spitfire for sure. I hope to see her in more of this series. I loved the humor the author bought to this read. When Tommie accused Mac of all his deed and at the top of his list was seducing his cat I laughed out loud. There is a lot of pain and sorrow but a lot of humor as well. When Tommie was trying to deal with his brother's issues and Mac came up to him and gave him a hug and kiss I just melted. I know there is nothing that gives me more strength when someone dies or almost does than to have someone hold you close not saying a word.

This was a very well written story one that I will read again. The passion is there and really was not a turn off that it was two males. The author pulls you in and shows you a different world than most of us don't know. Yes I had gay friends but I never go into the sex side of their relationship. We are friends as long as they leave me out of that side of it we get along great. I really loved this story and plan on reading more from this author on this genre. She pulls you in with a story you can relate to. I stayed up late last night until I could not keep my eyes open to read as much as I could. I was so drawn in to the read I hated to put it down. In my book Ms. Snow has a winner here.
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Books Description
Found at the Library Story Description:

His entire life, Tommy Garrett has dealt with self-doubts. He thought he’d conquered the majority of them until a chance meeting with an author brought his illiteracy to the forefront...again. Growing up with un-diagnosed dyslexia has left Tommy barely able to read, but books are his Nirvana. Now he spends his life creating art dedicated to the love of those “untouchable” items.

Robert McIntyre, Mac, is a best-selling, highly celebrated author. But his point of view has become a little bit too narrow...until Tommy opens his eyes. That chance meeting has changed everything about his world. He has no idea how to find the beautiful man he met, and offended, at the library book sale. But when he does, Tommy’s life is in crisis-mode. It’s the holidays and Mac can’t just standby when Tommy needs help, whether Tommy wants it or not.

Two artistic men. One shared passion for books.

Life is hard, and sometimes when conflict arises you have to write your own plot twist to pull yourself out of the fray.

About the Author
As an avid reader my entire life, I’ve always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy I feel when I read.

But…I never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes.
When I turned 41, I decided it was time to go after my dream and started writing. Within four months, I’d written over 150,000 words and haven’t stopped since. I’ve found my passion by writing about sexy, alpha heroes and smart, tough heroines falling in love and finding their passion. I’m truly living the dream and loving every minute of it.
My tagline is…
Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. I have to admit, I am loving this adventure!

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Wolver's Rescue: The Wolvers, Book 6

    Written by: Jacqueline Rhoades
    Narrated by: Holly Adams
    Length: 10 hrs and 57 mins
        Series: The Wolvers, Book 6
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release Date:05-13-15
    Publisher: Jacqueline Rhoades
My Review
Ms. Rhoades and her audios is one of the authors that changed my mind on Paranormal along with wolves & Shifters. Through her talent of writing I have come to love this genre as she takes me to a fantasy land where humans become wolvers. The series is basic on family and family values as the pack becomes one. I just adore the man behind all the matting putting them together as they learn what they need to and bring a pack to a family. There is much pain and sorrow when one man wants to make a name for his self as he tries his best to put the wolvers on the map. This group tries their best to keep themselves unknown as they fight the doctor to bring home all the wolvers he has taken. This group must learn to be a pack to outsmart their alpha and the doctor both who are only out for themselves. Can a pack of misfits come together learn to be a pack and take back their lives?

From the start you know Bull is a strong male his job is to get rid of the wolvers that have gone wild. He is on the hunt for Thomas as he falls over the female wolver in a cage. The site he sees is hurtful, the abuse she has went through is bad. He helps her get out but wishes he would have left her behind. This is one crazy woman who leads him to just as crazy group of other wolvers. He must learn what is important as he takes on the challenge to help these people and find them a pack who will work together. He might find his leg was pulled and he has a few things to learn.

You have to feel for Tommie and all that she has gone through. She has lost everything when her old time friend turns on her and puts her in a cage. She hears voices in her head all she wants is help to understand what they are and make them go away. He wants something totally different she won't give in. When a man comes in and lets her out of the cage she turns on him. She is scared and she has had reason to be. Bull has his hands full bring this little lady to heel as she turns his world upside down with her many tricks to try to get away.

This was one very humorous read, it was painful as you watch what they do to these wolvers but at the same time you cannot help but laugh at how Tommie and Bull bait each other as tempters rise and they butt heads. This was one highly entertaining read that had me wanting to listen to it all at once. The passion is hot as well as the many scenes as they go through taking down bad men and bring a pack together. The author throws in many twists and turns to keep you entertained. She bring you danger, thrills and fights as this group of misfits learns to fight together and get the true meaning of what a pack is. There are times you will want to cry at other times you will cheer them on. There will even be times you will laugh so hard you almost cry. The author gives you times where your heart beats so fast as to what the outcome could be.

Holly Adams is a wonderful narrator that I could listen to all day. Her many different voices are outstanding. You never guess who is talking whether it be male or female. Her tones are even as she hits each emotion just right. There is no any background noise it sounds as if she did the audio all at once. You are so going to love any book she narrates.

I have not read or listen to anything by this author I haven't totally loved. She knows how to pull you in keep your attention leaving you wanting more. This is the last book in the series for now, I so wish there were more and cannot wait until the next one is written. I have come to love these people and all they stand for. Each book can be a standalone but much better if you start with the first one. Each book is full of humor, passion, things that are important, pack, leaders, alpha and strong women. This is one author that is truly amazing and very talented writer. She shows you the true meaning of love, working together as she keeps the true value of her series intact. Before you know if she will have you believing there truly are wolvers out there. You will come to love them and wish you could be part of their pack. Ms. Rhoades keeps the same rules throughout her series, nothing changes she brings back a few characters which is nice to always see how they are doing. She isn't an author that writes just one series at a time but somehow she always remembers the details so that it looks like she writes them one after the other. She is truly an amazing author that you do not want to miss. I love all the characters as I love how this authors mind works in giving me outstanding reads one after another. I highly recommend any book this author rights. She is one of my go to authors. I know I have to have any book she writes.

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Book Description
Sometimes it’s not the wolves that pose the danger...

There’s a downside to living in a secret society. Someone has to ensure it remains that way. ‘Bull’ Bulworth is that someone. His current assignment: track a young man who has an unrecognized wolf inside him and eliminate the problem before the truth about Wolvers is exposed to the human world. It’s a simple and straightforward assignment until he meets a woman who makes him think crazy might be contagious.

In her own words, Tommie Bane is nuttier than a pecan tree. There’s a voice in her head telling her she is something other than human, and a creature she swears is running around inside her body. Just when she’s at the lowest point in her weird and nutty life, she meets a man who tells her it’s all real. Should she listen to the voice of reason or to the voice in her head that keeps shouting “Mate”?

What do you have to lose when you've already lost your mind? For Tommie, it could be her life

Meet the Author
Jacqueline, known as Jackie to her friends, lives in rural southern Ohio with one lovable husband and one spoiled dog. She believes coffee is a food group and therefore necessary to her survival. She always has a pot brewing. When not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in someone else's book or working in her garden. She also spends a great deal of time chasing deer and rabbits who apparently also like gardening.

Jackie loves hearing from her readers and is always willing to chat. She can be reached through her website, or at

Rayne's Thunder (Part Six): Alpha's Call (Dating a Werewolf Series Book 6)
by Jami Brumfield 

My Review
A wonderful conclusion in this final installment of the series. This was a great series with a few surprises as the author throws in some twists. Rayne has been taken as we found in book 5 now she must find away not only to save herself but her family as well. Things get intents as powers change, not all are friends she must weed out the back ones as she pulls powers together to bring her family home.

This was a highly entertaining series with wonderful characters. I do have one question but it can't be asked without giving the ending away. I have really enjoyed each book and can't wait for the books on the rest of the family to come out. As each members have to find their mate I feel sure it will be full of more twist along with more sorrow. Make sure you start with the first book you do not want to miss anything. I am sure you will love it and be pulled into it as I was. This series is great if you do not have a lot of time each book can be read in about an hour.

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Book Description
In the final installment of the Rayne's Thunder romantic serial, Rayne has been kidnapped and wolves are dying. The rogue pack looks to be winning but the fight in Rayne and the Manchester sibling is not extinguished. They knew it would be a challenge maintaining the Colorado Pack Alpha position and they will give it everything they've got to keep it.

Read all six part of this serial:

Rayne's Thunder
Part One: Master Chef
Part Two: The Veterinarian
Part Three: The Politician and the Witches
Part Four: The Mating Games
Part Five: The Battle begins and the Games Continue
Part Six: Alpha's Call
The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #1 (The 12 Brides of Summer #1)
by Susan Page Davis, Michelle Ule, Amy Lillard

This collection has 3 stories by wonderful authors each author gives you a wonderful story of time gone by. Pull up a chair bring a drink as the authors bring you a compelling stories from the past as they bring you a touch of humor in these wonderful stories

The Blue Moon Bride by Susan Page Davis
The Sunbonnet Bride by Michelle Ule
The Wildflower Bride by Amy Lillard

Each of these stories have pain and sorrow as they overcome issues learn how do deal with things out of their control. They are basic on faith and love which this world need more of. These are heartwarming reads that will stay with you as each learn to love and find the mean of their dreams. This is a collection I had trouble putting now. There is something for everyone here. I hope you take the time to read these wonderful stories.
The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #2 (The 12 Brides of Summer #2)
by Mary Connealy, Amanda Cabot, Maureen Lang 

This collection has 3 stories by wonderful authors each author gives you a wonderful story of time gone by. Pull up a chair bring a drink as the authors bring you a compelling stories from the past as they bring you a touch of humor in these wonderful stories

A Bride Rides Herd by Mary Connealy
The Fourth of July Bride by Amanda Cabot
The Summer Harvest Bride by Maureen Lang

Each of these stories have pain and sorrow as they overcome issues learn how do deal with things out of their control. They are basic on faith and love which this world need more of. These are heartwarming reads that will stay with you as each learn to love and find the mean of their dreams. This is a collection I had trouble putting now. There is something for everyone here. I hope you take the time to read these wonderful stories.
The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #3 (The 12 Brides of Summer #3)
by Margaret Brownley, Miralee Ferrell, Pam Hillman

This collection has 3 stories by wonderful authors each author gives you a wonderful story of time gone by. Pull up a chair bring a drink as the authors bring you a compelling stories from the past as they bring you a touch of humor in these wonderful stories

Dog Days of Summer Bride by Margaret Brownley

The Dogwood Blossom Bride by Miralee Ferrell

The Lumberjack’s Bride by Pam Hillman

Each of these stories have pain and sorrow as they overcome issues learn how do deal with things out of their control. They are basic on faith and love which this world need more of. These are heartwarming reads that will stay with you as each learn to love and find the mean of their dreams. This is a collection I had trouble putting now. There is something for everyone here. I hope you take the time to read these wonderful stories.
The 12 Brides of Summer - Novella Collection #4 (The 12 Brides of Summer #4)
by Vickie McDonough, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Davalynn Spencer

This collection has 3 stories by wonderful authors writing from1800's. Each author gives you a wonderful story of time gone by. Pull up a chair bring a drink as the authors bring you a compelling stories from the past.

The Country Fair Bride by Vickie McDonough

The Honey Bride by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer

Each of these stories have pain and sorrow as they overcome issues learn how do deal with things out of their control. They are basic on faith and love which this world need more of. These are heartwarming reads that will stay with you as each learn to love and find the mean of their dreams. This is a collection I had trouble putting now. There is something for everyone here. I hope you take the time to read these wonderful stories.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Venus in Red
by Therin Knite 

 My Review
This is a very short read but well worth the time. Ms. Knite fills this with a wonderful action pack read that moves very fast. She puts all her time into giving you a thrilling read minus a lot of details you do not need. This is an action-packed sci-fi that feels like a novel, the ending does leave me with a question as to who this women is. What a surprised ending as one woman fights the battle to bring one evil man down who wants to take over the world and puts him in his place. The technology will blow you mind leaving you to hope there never is a day that this might come true. This author gives you thrills on each page as she takes you into the future leaving no doubt this is a fight against good and evil.

I really enjoy this story the characters feel real as she gives you a very believable read. I have to say the woman who takes on this man is my hero. She has moves you would never dream of. This is very well written I didn't want the story to end. The character development is outstanding as she writes to keep it interesting but the ending is will blow your mind. The author never leaves you guessing as to what is going on. You are pulled in and turn the pages to find out who wins this battle against good and evil. I really think anyone who likes  sci-fi will really enjoy this read.

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Book Description

Grayson Dynamics, led by the illustrious Mick Grayson, is the most powerful technology firm in the world. But underneath the fame and fortune exists a dark and dirty history. Corruption. Lies. Betrayal.

Now, a woman with a grudge intends to wipe clean that filthy slate—by killing the CEO who wronged her years ago and ending the global coup he’s been planning for years.

And how will she accomplish this? With her newly acquired neural enhancements, of course. Complete with the power to manipulate the minds of others.

About the author
Therin Knite is a 23-year-old recent college graduate who occasionally writes speculative fiction and has the odd delusion of literary stardom. Knite lives in a humble little place known as the Middle of Nowhere, Virginia and spends every possible second of free time reading books and writing what may possibly qualify as books.

For more information about Therin Knite, please check out Knite's home base,, or head over to the blog,

To receive updates on Therin Knite's new releases, sign up for The Knite Life newsletter:

Best Worst Mistake (Brightwater #3)
by Lia Riley

 My Review
This is the first in the Brightwater series I have read, I totally loved it. The author put heart and soul in this very touching read of love, hurt and pain as she shares the secrets of this small town and its people. I adored Wilder with all he had to deal with as well as Quinn and the whole Kane family kept me laughing. I love small town romances you can't get away with much without the whole town knowing about it. Ms. Riley gives you a wonderful town with outstanding characters that make you want to share their tears and laugh right along with them. This is a fun loving romance with no drama. Each character has their share of pain as they learn to grow and overcome their past, their pain, learning to start a new life and build on it.

Wilder has much to be upset about and lots of things to forget. His Smoke jumping days are over after a tragic accident. Once you read his story knowing what he has hidden for many years you come to understand why he spent his life saving others as well as the land from fires. His story will break your heart as he pulls inside his self hiding from the rest of the world. I just love him, he really is strong, caring and a loving man. He just needs the right women to pull him out of his funk and bring him back to life hopefully returning him to his family finding the love he once had.

Quinn is a lovely lady who I guess is hiding a little as well. She works in a book store as she helps her father deal with his illness. Wilder gets her attention from the very first even before she meets him. Once they meet she refuses to be put off or let his bullheaded ways get in her way of finding the true man. Quinn is a fun loving lady who will keep you smiling as she takes on the big bad man who thinks he just wants to be left alone. She makes him face facts and shows him there might be more to life than he thought. In return she just might find out that the issues she is dealing with can be overcome if you have the right man.

When these two get together they butt heads and tempters raise as they find they have more in common than they thought. The author gives you wonderful supporting characters you are so going to love all the way from the brothers to the sassy grandmother as she takes her family back and gives some attitude of her own. This is one author who knows how to keep you laughing but reaches into your heart as she gives a story of so much sorrow and pain. I loved that the story was built on family with no drama just a wonderfully well told story of people you can relate to living normal lives.  These characters are flawed and broken as they make mistakes coming around to face them and learning to build from them. I loved this author's humor as she tells a wonderful story which pulls you in and keeps you turning the pages. She throws in a little mystery as well as some very heated scenes, when the passion takes off it does so in color.

Ms. Riley does an amazing job of bring the reader and the characters together as she builds her story full of surprises that you won't see coming. You will set there with your mouth open thinking OMG. If you are looking for a story of what true love is about this author does an amazing job of showing you how easy it is to tear a family apart and just how to bring them back together. She gives you a story of family and true love that overcome the worse odds to become a true family again. I really recommend you give this story and author a chance. From looking over her other books this is an author you will want to get to know as she fills her pages with what love truly means.

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Books Description
Sometimes the worst mistakes turn out to be the best…

Smoke jumper Wilder Kane once reveled in the rush from putting out dangerous wildfires. But after a tragic accident, he’s cut himself off from the world, refusing to leave his isolated cabin. When a headstrong beauty bursts in, Wilder finds himself craving the fire she ignites in him, but letting anyone near his darkness would be a mistake.

After her Hollywood life went up in smoke, Quinn Higsby decided to leave Tinseltown behind and return to Brightwater to care for her ailing father. She spends her days in a small bookstore, until her peaceful existence is up-ended by a fascinating but damaged man. Quinn is determined not to be scared off by Wilder, not once she’s experienced the heat of his passions.

But when an arsonist targets the community and Wilder is accused, he must confront the ghosts of his past. Will his desire for Quinn burn him up or will he be able to tame the wildness inside and rekindle a hope for their future?

Meet the Author
Lia Riley writes offbeat New Adult and Contemporary Adult romance. After studying at the University of Montana-Missoula, she scoured the world armed only with a backpack, overconfidence and a terrible sense of direction. She counts shooting vodka with a Ukranian mechanic in Antarctica, sipping yerba mate with gauchos in Chile and swilling XXXX with stationhands in Outback Australia among her accomplishments.

A British literature fanatic at heart, Lia considers Mr. Darcy and Edward Rochester as her fictional boyfriends. Her very patient husband doesn't mind. Much. When not torturing heroes (because c'mon, who doesn't love a good tortured hero?), Lia herds unruly chickens, camps, beach combs, daydreams about future books, wades through a mile-high TBR pile and schemes yet another trip. Right now, Icelandic hot springs and Scottish castles sound mighty fine.

She and her family live mostly in Northern California.

Twitter: @liarileywrites
Pinterest: http://www.pinter

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Agent E2: Aidan: The D.I.R.E. Agency, Book 2

    Written by: Joni Hahn
    Narrated by: Fred Filbrich
    Length: 5 hrs and 21 mins
        Series: DIRE Agency, Book 2
        Series: The D.I.R.E. Agency, Book 2
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release Date:04-28-15
    Publisher: Joni Hahn
My review
This has been a 5 star series all the way through the author gives you an action pack read full of danger and thrills that will keep you guessing as she throws in a little humor to keep you smiling. I have totally enjoyed the first two books in this series as the author pulls and gives you a page turner that keeps you wanting more. D.I.R.E is a company that has went one step ahead with enhancements of electrical conductor that former Navy SEAL Aidan must learn to control as he fight to bring justice not only for his father but the world.

Aidan meets Cassandra whose father has been the long time foe of the D.I.R.E. I have to say I got a kick out of how she got the better of him. Cassandra is full of surprises as she takes on the D.I.R.E and her father. She finds out more than she ever wishes she had. Everyone is holding secrets that they might not want others to find out. Aidan wants to find the person who killed his father all eyes are pointed to Cassandra father but not everything is as it seems. Someone else might have things they want settled as the author takes you on a whirl spin of suspense to uncover who did what to whom.

Cassandra loves her father but I think she is more afraid of him than she loves him. She has learned it is easier to toe the line than to see his vengeful wrath. Even shot and almost dying will not stop her father from doing what he wants. He has taken one man away from her will he take another? She is very attracted to Aidan but she can't afford to let those feeling grow he is the enemy or is he? Her father even on deaths door has a few things to say about it and none of them being good. I really liked this character as she grows and becomes strong enough to stand up to the man who raised her.

Aidan is full of surprises as he falls for the oldest trick in the book. She might get away but he always gets his man or women. He is very protective, caring and at times loving. I had to laugh at him a few times as he falls on his face only to be pulled back in one way or another. He is playing a game with death for the mission he must undertake might be his last just as he was bring Cassandra around to his way of thinking everything falls apart. With him leaving on this mission could this be the last time they see each other? Can he leave her behind and will she want him if he makes it back?

I thought Fred Filbrich did a wonderful job of narration. The only issue I found was I could hear him swallow. I did find one I heard it I found myself listening for it which might add to me noticing it in this one more so than in the first audio of this series. I thought he brought the characters to life giving them wonderful voices with lots of action. His tones where right on the money you were never left guessing as to how the character was feeling. You could hear the pain, smiles and excitement with each one. I heard no background noise and I could not tell if he ever took a break. It was even flow throughout the whole narration. It was easy to tell if the character was male or female as he changed back and forward. I really enjoyed his narration and do look forward to listening to him some more.

The author gives you an action pack read as she bring surprise after surprise to the readers. This is really a complicated read with everything each of the characters are hiding. Nothing is as it seems and then the past comes and hits you in the face leaving the characters guessing as to what just happen. The author gives you very strong characters which you will come to love. I am sure you will be like me and can't wait to listen to the other audios in this series. The ending of this story will leave you begging for more. I know I can't wait to start the next one. The authors writing style is out of this world she knows how to pull you in as she spins a tale leaving you hooked. She knows how to heat the pages up as she keeps you laughing at the messes they get into. She gives you a passion filled read that will leave you smiling. She bring enhancements to her characters giving them super powers that you can only imagine. Before you are done with this read your head will be spinning as to who is related to whom. She takes you to another place in time as she brings the past to the future and back again. She keeps you smiling and laughing out loud at the story she spins. This is one heck of a ride you do not want to miss.

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Book Description
Agent E2: Aidan Monroe

• Second generation Former Navy SEAL
• DIRE’s latest SEAL acquisition
• Electrical Conductor

Former Navy SEAL, Aidan Monroe, embraces risk. Show him a hint of danger – or a beautiful woman - and he’s all over it. The only commitments in his life: his new D.I.R.E. enhancements and finding his father’s killers.

Cassandra Naylor, daughter of D.I.R.E.’s greatest foe, has one goal in mind: save her father and twin brother. However, she didn’t bank on D.I.R.E.’s superpowers, or Aidan Monroe’s irresistible appeal.

Cassandra can’t ignore the scorching electricity between her and Aidan. When their passion is unleashed after a night of dangerous, life-changing events, Cassandra knows there’s no going back. Yet, giving in to her feelings guarantees her father’s vengeful wrath.

While they fight their attraction for one another, traitors from the past, and death-defying circumstances force shocking revelations to the surface.

Can their love overcome history and betrayal? Or, will the past rob them of any future they have together?

Meet the Author

By day, Joni Hahn keeps her secret decoder ring hidden while she works as a mild-mannered contemporary romance author. She believes the world can never have too many superheroes, and anxiously waits for the call when one will need help saving the world... or getting into his costume. Joni was born with a hopelessly tender heart and believes there is nothing on earth more exhilarating than falling in love. A native Texan, she thinks cowboys are the epitome of masculinity, and that country music is the other soul music.

Joni is a member of The Authors Guild, the Romance Writers of America and its Published Authors Network. She is a member of several RWA sub-chapters and has served in several board positions with the San Antonio Romance Authors. When she isn't writing, she enjoys reading, going to movies and concerts and spending time with family and friends.

Books 1 through 6 in Joni's sci fi romantic suspense series, The D.I.R.E. Agency, are available now.

Book 1 - Agent I1: Tristan
Book 2 - Agent E2: Aidan
Book 3 - Agent T3: d'Artagnan
Book 4 - Agent M4: Riordan
Book 5 - Agent S5: Jaydan
Book 6 - Agent N6: Dylan

Look for the epic Book 7, Agent U7: Keegan in 2016!

Rayne's Thunder (Part Five): The Battle Begins and the Games Continue (Dating a Werewolf Series Book 5)
by Jami Brumfield 

My Review
This is the 5 part to the series OH MY it sure has some thrills in this one. Just when you think all is well the author gives you a BIG Bam Bang at the end. We only have a few weeks to wait to see how this pans out but it sure doesn't look to good. I can hardly wait to see what this author has in store for us in part 6. As is the normal for this author she throws some surprises in you do not see coming.

Each family have to be married within a year of their fathers death. Time is running out and the dating game is on. Not everyone has a kind heart some want to take over as lead of the pack. Every person must be watch as each person could be the enemy. The dating game has been fun and Rayne has narrowed down her choices. Storm who she hates has a very strong pull on her but can he really be trusted when she needs him the most. They have been enemies for so long but there is a fine line between love and hate. Who will win her heart in the end?

I love these characters each one you hold dear as the enemy unfolds you have to feel sorry for most of them. Rayne has really started growing up at first I didn't care to much for her but she  is learning, growing, maturing, as she discovers what is important. She has become one of my favorite. I have enjoyed getting to know each man that are in the games and some I really like. My heart will always be with Storm who will always be my alpha. What is there not to like he is strong, powerful and willing to fight for his family. The last book left us up in the air about his feelings for Rayne but this book clearly lays it all out but it might be to late as danger is near. Who will win and will Rayne find her true mate will that be Storm?

I have really enjoyed this series and can hardly set to wait for the next and last installment in this series. The author gives you a thrilling read as she takes you on the road to find the mates. The enemy comes out to fight leaving ones hurt and others death as the fight goes on and the author leaves you with one heck of an ending. I have truly come to love this authors writing style as she bends the story to keep you hanging on. I wish it was Nov already and I had the last book in my hands.

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Book Description
Things are looking bleak for the Manchester family and their allies. Death surrounds them as the rogues move in for the kill. In the midst of all the chaos the games continue. Rayne is on a time table and so is the rest of the family. In The Battle Begins and the Games Continue Rayne finally chooses her mate. She also uncovers a conspiracy perpetrated by some of the contestants for her hand in marriage. Despite everything, happily ever after is within her grasp if she can just survive the rogue attack.
This is the fifth installment of a six part romantic serial. Each part offers up romance, action, comedy, adventure, intrigue and suspense as the Manchester siblings attempt to meet their deceased father’s stipulation in his will.

About the Author
New York Times Bestselling Author Jami Brumfield has had a passion for the paranormal, supernatural, and mythological worlds for most of her life. She believes there is a kernel of truth in every story and loves playing detective to discover what that hidden truth is. She has written most of her life. She started with poems and short stories, then graduated to journalism working for online websites in 2009, and moved to writing novels in 2013. It was only a natural progression that her love of writing and her passion for the unknown would combine. Her books are a product of that union.

Jami is a multi-genre author in the paranormal arena. She currently has eleven series in publication and two more in the writing process. The Winters Saga series is a Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Fantasy Adventure with a touch of romance, Mystery Springs Series is an Adult Paranormal Romance with awesome Action and a Mythological twist, PBI (Paranormal Bureau of Investigation) Case Files series is a Paranormal Mystery series with Romantic Suspense, Ghost Connection series is a New Adult, Paranormal Ghost Mystery series centered around a reluctant medium and her ghostly companions, Shifter Love Tales series is an adult paranormal romance with mythological twist, Paranormal Hypnotherapy Files series is an adult paranormal romance with a metaphysical twist, Vanished is a paranormal dystopian romance series, Magical Secrets Series centers around antique hunters Josie and Joshua Parker and the mysteries they solve from magical antiques they find, Demon Fairy Tales an adult paranormal romance series, Demon Ascension Series is a romantic paranormal comedy, and Rayne's Thunder is the first romantic serial from the Dating a Werewolf Series.

The Winters Saga:
Lone Wolf Rising
Vampire Princess Rising

Mystery Springs:
The Witch's Vampire

PBI Case Files:
The Beginning, Adventure #1
Outbreak, Adventure #2
Lost Plane, Adventure #3
Justice Driven, Adventure #4
Remote Paranoia, Adventure #5

Ghost Connection:
Lost, Adventure #1
Death Does Not Become Her, Adventure #2

Shifter Love Tales:
To Love a Dragon

Paranormal Hypnotherapy Files:
Cherished Gift

Death Interrupted
The Mating Challenge

Demon Fairy Tales:
The Dragon's Succubus
Dragon's Dream Dancer

Magical Secrets Series:
Genie's Treasure

Demon Ascension Series:
Father Made Me Do It

Dating a Werewolf Series:
Rayne's Thunder

By day Jami works with hypnotherapy and coaching clients and in her nights she focuses on creating new urban fantasy and paranormal romantic thrill rides for your enjoyment.

For monthly giveaways, contests, updates and sneak peeks subscribe to her newsletter here

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Stars
A Heartwarming Christmas: A Boxed Set of Twelve Sweet Holiday Romances

by Melinda Curtis, Anna Adams, Anna J. Stewart, Carol Ross, Cheryl Harper, Amy Vastine, Tara Randel, Leigh Riker , Cari Lynn Webb, Liz Flaherty, Rula Sinara, Patricia Bradley

A wonderful heartwarming box-set that hooks you from the first page to the last by very wonderful talented authors. There is a little of everything for everyone in this set. I totally love these stories.

The Comeback Christmas by Melinda Curtis
This was a very touching story of loss and finding who and what you are. A story of second chances of two people falling in love at a very young age only to find life gets in the way as they break each other heart only to come full circle years late. Do they have what it takes to forgive and love again. I love these characters both are about to loss it all as they find away to help each other and find maybe they need to give love another chance. As all books in this series this was well written. I had trouble putting it down. I have always been a fan of Ms. Curtis. She has done an outstanding job bring this lovely story together.

A Home by Christmas by Anna Adams
Another sweet heartwarming read about second chances and finding out who you are and what you really want. This was a story I could relate to with life being so busy for each of us trying to find time for everyone is hard. So many life lesson these two will have to agree to as they find out the true meaning of love. I just adore the twins each have to over come losing their mother and fear losing their father. This was just a wonderful well written story.

Each of these that I have read are outstanding I cannot wait to finish reading this box-set. I highly recommend you pick it up as the authors gives you a taste of the true meaning of love.

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Book Description
This holiday season, warm your heart with 12 connected sweet holiday romances set in Christmas Town from 12 Harlequin Heartwarming authors who are USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors.

There are four connected books in A Heartwarming Christmas. That means each set of three novellas shares characters and storylines! This collection of PG-rated holiday romances are all set in Christmas Town, a location introduced in the 2014 Harlequin Heartwarming release Christmas, Actually. A Heartwarming Christmas will bring you laughter, tears, and happily-ever-afters (no cliffhangers), for more than 1200 pages. Foreword by small town lover and New York Times bestseller Kristan Higgins.

Book 1: Coming Home to Christmas Town by Melinda Curtis, Anna Adams, & Anna J Stewart: Three adopted siblings gather for the holiday season and closure after their father dies.

Novella 1: The Comeback Christmas by Melinda Curtis, award-winning, USA Today bestselling, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Novella 2: Bells Are Ringing by Anna J Stewart, award-winning, USA Today bestselling, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Novella 3: A Home by Christmas by Anna Adams, award-winning, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Book 2: The Fisher Brothers Christmas by Carol Ross, Cheryl Harper, & Amy Vastine: Three brothers with a Christmas Eve family tradition in jeopardy until love leads them home.

Novella 1: The Christmas Bell by Carol Ross, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Novella 2: Making Up Under the Mistletoe by Cheryl Harper, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Novella 3: My Christmas Hero by Amy Vastine, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Book 3: Gifts of the Heart by Tara Randel, Leigh Riker & Cari Lynn Webb: In the spirit of Christmas, three siblings reconnect to find romance, special gifts - and each other.

Novella 1: An Unexpected Gift by Tara Randel, Barnes and Noble bestselling, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Novella 2: A Gift of Home by Cari Lynn Webb, Harlequin Heartwarming debut author.

Novella 3: His Christmas Gift by Leigh Riker, award-winning, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Book 4: The Gingerbread Men by Liz Flaherty, Patricia Bradley & Rula Sinara. When two sisters and their widowed mother are reunited for the holidays, falling in love isn't on any of their Christmas wish lists, but sometimes the best gifts are unexpected...

Novella 1: The Gingerbread Heart by Liz Flaherty, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Novella 2: The Gingerbread Pony by Patricia Bradley, award-winning, Amazon bestselling, Harlequin Heartwarming author.

Novella 3: The Gingerbird House by Rula Sinara, award-winning, Harlequin Heartwarming author.
Keely: A Steampunk Story

    Written by: D. Alan Lewis
    Narrated by: Phil Mayes
    Length: 2 hrs and 13 mins
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release Date:09-15-15
    Publisher: D. Alan Lewis

My Review
4.5 stars
This was another short listen by this author who has the knack to put a lot into a short time frame. This was a very exciting action adventure full of thrills as the author takes you on a journey of supernatural meeting humans. Aliens have taken over London and are working on taking over the world. They have blocked out the sunlight for the most part leaving nothing but black clouds. As the humans try to find a way to get back their country a lady comes into their lives. Where she came from and how she acts if very much a mystery, they are shocked to see all that she is able to do.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite character there are so many that grab you and pull you in. Keely is a wonder and a thrill to picture from the way she dresses to the way she carries herself. Thomas is a sweet nerd who is a delight as he designs weapons to help take down the aliens. Doctor Hunter is a very nice sweet man who does his best to help Keely find her way and learn of the country she is in.  Mattie I just loved her attitude but I think she is more a sweet old lady who is lonely.

 I loved  Phil Mayes accent he was a delight to listen to. I thought his tones were great, his emotion outstanding. He really made you feel each emotion of all the characters. You had no trouble knowing who was speaking whether it was male or female. You could hear him swallow from time to time but it didn't take away from the listen. There was no background noise and his tones were even throughout. If he took a break you could not tell. I look forward to listening to more audios from this narrator.

The author gives you a wonderful exciting, thrilling read/listen that was a delight. There wasn't a character that I didn't like. His story telling is outstanding as he pulls you in and takes you to another place and time. The only thing I would have liked to have known was more about Keely. Where she came from and why London, what does she really expect the human to do. Is she friend or not? I thought the author filled in the rest of the story very well never leaving you guessing. It is so hard to put everything that needs to be told in a short story but I feel this author does a wonderful job of it. I am looking forward to listening to more audio from him.

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Book Description
Crashing into the streets of London, she fell to an Earth under siege by a mysterious race known as the Otherworlders. But as foreign as the aliens are, so is she to those who find her.

Thomas Laybourne, a tinker and weapons designer, finds the unconscious star girl and takes her back to his flat. Aided by his friend, Doctor Hunter, and a grumpy clothier named Mattie, he begins trying to determine who she is and why she has chosen the darkest days in human history to arrive.

With most of the world under alien control, only Britain remains as the vestige of human resistance; but the end is approaching, unless Laybourne's latest weapon can stop them. As he finishes up the weapon, his attention is drawn more and more to the beauty and amazing powers of the star girl.

Can they stop their advance and save the empire in time? Or is humanity destined to end beneath the dark clouds of the aliens?

Meet the Author
In 1965, an object fell from space, somewhere near Kecksburg, PA. This was the same year that Alan was born. To date, no connection has been made between the two events but that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists from speculating.

D. Alan Lewis is an 'alleged' native of Chattanooga, Tennessee who now resides in Nashville with his children. In 2006, Alan took the reins of the NWMG's Novelist Group where he works with new and aspiring writers, leads writing and publishing workshops, and has worked to publish their 4 anthologies.

Alan's debut novel, a fantasy murder mystery, The Blood in Snowflake Garden was a finalist for the 2010 Claymore Award. Alan's other books include, The Lightning Bolts of Zeus from Dark Oak and The Bishop of Port Victoria. He is also editor of 3 anthologies for Dark Oak Press, Luna's Children: Full Moon Mayhem, Luna's Children: Stranger Worlds, and Capes & Clockwork.

He also has short stories in a number of anthologies, including Dreams of Steam 4-Gizmos, Black Pulp, Nashville Noir, Beyond the Skyline, Comfort Foods, and Midnight Movie Creature Feature Vol.2

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Adventures of Anastasia Hawke: The Celeste Affair

    Written by: D. Alan Lewis
    Narrated by: Kat Marlowe
    Length: 1 hr and 17 mins
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release Date:10-08-15
    Publisher: Rogue Airship Media

My Review
5 Stars
This author gives you a little bit of everything in this short read. It might be short but you are never left hanging as he goes into details about each scene. I found this to be a delightful adventurous listen as he takes you on a journey in taking down a spy who wants the war to continue. The author brings the past to meet the future in this fun loving read. This is a very fast moving listen with pirates, spies, love interest set in the Civil War time frame as he brings modern technology with explosion of two airships meeting in a fight that is life and death. Anastasia buts her and her child's life on the line as she fights the evil and bring justice to the states.

 Kat Marlowe did a good job in the narration. I did enjoy the listen as she brought to life the wonderful characters. Her tones were good but at times she really needed to take a breath. It sound at times like she was robotic not all the time just a few places. She did pull me in and take me to another place in time which I truly enjoyed. The characters you had no trouble knowing who was speaking. The male and female were done in great character voices I did not hear any background noise and the audio was very clear. As she takes on more books I am sure she will get it down. I do feel she will become a wonderful narrator and I very much look forward to listening to more from her. It was a really good audio that I would like to listen to again.

The author gives you a believable story with wonderful characters as he pulls you in. At times your heart races wondering if they will make it out alive. The author gives you tons of action as he takes you through a very thrilling read. He even throws in a little love interest which will break your heart. There was nothing I didn't like in this read. The authors writing still is outstanding. For a short read there is a lot going on and you are never left behind guessing. I look forward to listening to more audios from this author. I recommend you pick this up of a pleasant nice listen.

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Book Description
Celeste is an airship like no other, completely automated, incredibly powerful, and hell-bent on the destruction of Washington D.C. and the end of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency.
Anastasia Hawke, an agent for the newly formed Secret Service, and her young daughter are caught up in the chase to stop it. Enlisting the aid of the captain of the British Air Navy’s Flagship, they race across the Atlantic in a desperate attempt to prevent it from completing its function and prolonging the American Civil War.
But tensions rise between Anastasia and the Ship’s captain, Lucius Bishop as their personal lives collide. She is left to decide on the course of her and her daughter’s future while the future of America teeters in the balance.

Meet the Author
In 1965, an object fell from space, somewhere near Kecksburg, PA. This was the same year that Alan was born. To date, no connection has been made between the two events but that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists from speculating.

D. Alan Lewis is an 'alleged' native of Chattanooga, Tennessee who now resides in Nashville with his children. In 2006, Alan took the reins of the NWMG's Novelist Group where he works with new and aspiring writers, leads writing and publishing workshops, and has worked to publish their 4 anthologies.

Alan's debut novel, a fantasy murder mystery, The Blood in Snowflake Garden was a finalist for the 2010 Claymore Award. Alan's other books include, The Lightning Bolts of Zeus from Dark Oak and The Bishop of Port Victoria. He is also editor of 3 anthologies for Dark Oak Press, Luna's Children: Full Moon Mayhem, Luna's Children: Stranger Worlds, and Capes & Clockwork.

He also has short stories in a number of anthologies, including Dreams of Steam 4-Gizmos, Black Pulp, Nashville Noir, Beyond the Skyline, Comfort Foods, and Midnight Movie Creature Feature Vol.2


Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Duke and Miss Christmas (The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels Trilogy #2.5)
by Amelia Grey

My Review
This is a charming holiday romance with lots of smiles and laughs and a great addition to this series. The author gives you a wonderful story of misunderstanding where things start flying and tempters rise. This all in the first few pages. I just LOVED it. This is a short quick read that will keep you turning the pages to find out what else these two have up their sleeves as they bait each other.

Crispin comes a pond a little girl setting under a tree he is so sweet, caring and loving it really touches your heart. When he places the little girl on his horse a mad lady come and attacks him yelling let my sister go. This is when it hits the fan so to speak and things get very interesting.

Crispin has been a little of a rake. He has changed his way but it does seem his rep is still damage. He is a lovely character which any women would be proud to call her own if she could catch him. I love his humor and his baiting to bring a smile to Gwen face. He is just a sweet heart who puts family first.

Gwen has been hurt in the past and is will to settle for some sweet, kind there doesn't have to be passion just any old guy would do. She has her sights set one on but with Crispin coming in the picture she finds the other lacking. When she finds out who she attacked she is mortified. There is from batting back and forward between the do as the dance the dance of love. I really like Gwen her heart is in the right place, she is kind and loving. She just protects those around her.

I loved the baiting these two did, the humor keeps you smiling. Each are a lot alike and family comes first. Her brother-in-law and sister are so protective of her. This book is all about family and the love they give each other. The wonderful sister who gets into trouble and the baiting they do with each other. This is a pretty clean read with family values. For me this was a win win read from the first page to the last. With it being a short read there isn't a lot you can say without giving the plot away. The ending is wonderful with more misunderstanding Gwen sure does have a tempter. I sure hope that Crispin is prepare to see it for the rest of his life but first he must win the girl.

I love this authors writing style the way she brings her stories together giving a well written story of sorrow, pain, love and humor. If you pick up one of her book than you know the reason she has won so many awards. I have come to know when I see this authors name it will be a book full of all the things that makes a wonderful romance. I can't wait to read more in this series. They are so full of life, love and happiness.

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Book Description
Crispin, the Duke of Hurst, has never met a woman he couldn't handle--until he's hit over the head with a basketful of mistletoe by a young lady who mistakes his intentions. When he gets into a tussle with her--and she can hold her own--Crispin knows he has finally met his match.

Miss Gwen Prim is mortified that she attacked a duke, but even more concerning is the way her resolve melts when she's near him. She's never felt this way about a London gentleman in her life. And with the magic of Christmas in the air, she may end up with a proposal she didn't this delightful Regency gem, The Duke and Miss Christmas by New York Times bestselling author Amelia Grey

Meet the Author
Amelia Grey (aka Gloria Dale Skinner) grew up in a small town in the Florida Panhandle. She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over twenty-five years. She has lived in Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire and now lives in Florida.

Amelia has won the coveted Romantic Times award for Love and Laughter, the prestigious Maggie award for best historical and Affaire de Coeur's best American historical award. She has been a finalist for the Golden Heart and the Holt Medallion awards which are given by Romance Writers of America and numerous other awards. Her books have been sold to many countries in Europe, Russia and China.

Amelia likes flowers, candlelight, sweet smiles, gentle laughter and sunshine.


The Snow White Bride: The Jewels of Kinfairlie Book 3

    Written by: Claire Delacroix
    Narrated by: Saskia Maarleveld
    Length: 12 hrs and 6 mins
        Series: The Jewels of Kinfairlie, Book 3
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release Date:06-08-15
    Publisher: Deborah A. Cooke 

My Review
 5 Stars
I really enjoyed listening to this story I thought it was a interesting read with humor, drama and passion. I doubt many people have worse luck than Lady Eleanor it does seem at every turn someone is one step ahead of her make it hard to believe anything she said. She is holding all her cards close to her chest not giving out much information. She has so much to give the right man and all she asks for return is to be respect, cared for and honored. She isn't interested in love just want a man that will not abuse her and trust her. Is that to much to much to ask for? It does seem so when you live in a world where man rule and show no respect to women they are for one thing only and can do with their women as they see fit. They are mean as they use, abuse and beat the women they marry all wanting one thing at this time she has been unable to give. You might say her heart you would be wrong for they have no desire for that they want something much bigger and are willing to fight to take her and keep her. That is until one night when she walks in the snow and finds 3 sisters who want her help to get back at their lord brother. Pranks lead to danger as one man is taken in and weds a lady he does not know why another come to take her away any way he can.

Lady Eleanor I thought was sweet but it does seem the whole world as turned against her. She has been abused and will not take give of herself easy until Alexander shows her how a man should treat a women. She still does not take things as face value for she has seen how sweet and kind men can be when they want something. She knows they will turn on you on a dime when things do not go their way. She is scared that he will turn on her if she gives him the truth he seeks. This causing trouble for them and makes her look guilty at every turn. Can she learn to trust and give what he needs before time runs out and all is lost?

Alexander is a man of honor who lives for his family. Times are hard and he does the best he can without giving away just how poor they truly are. When he meets Eleanor he is taken in he see that she is not trusting and has been abused. He wants to make her smile give her a little happiness. His sisters have a plan for him which he knows nothing about until the deed is done and he has little choice but to go along with it. On the day of their wedding he learns so much about her and her lies. He cannot abide by lies and goes to annul their marriage. Eleanor sees things differently as she puts a plan into action to keep the marriage intact. Alexander works towards finding the truth but it might be to late for there is evil all around who is willing to die for the hand of Lady Eleanor.

 Saskia Maarleveld does a wonderful job of narration her many voices are clear and strong. You have no trouble knowing who is talking as she takes you on a wonderful tale the author has wrote. There are no background noises nor any breaks it is all even tone each character is easy to understand and each voice is different. Ms. Maarleveld brings so much to this audio her tones and voice you have no trouble knowing what each characters are feeling. You can hear the sadness and laughter as she uses her voice to bring this story alive. Her tones are even, smooth and her voice is a joy to listen to. This is the first time I have listen to this narrator and I look forward to listening to more from her. I love her accent it brings more to the audio as she takes you back in time to a world you know little about. Outstanding listen.

This is the first time I have read/listen to anything by Ms. Delacroix. I found this story to be a delight. She has wonderful characters that you will fall in love with as she gives you a wonderfully captivating listen. There is drama as one women tries to find a safe haven. She gives you sadness that will break your heart and laughter that you will find delightful. The author gives you a compelling store which has adventure, a few thrills and even a chill that you will say OH NO please let this turn out right. She does give you a wonderful HEA but first these characters must fight to stay alive. Here characters you will love as they work their way through trying times. The supporting characters will keep you laughing as each woman are strong and will have their due. The author writes in a style that pulls you in as you feel each emotion of these characters and all they go through. I really enjoyed this book and feel most that like this time in history will enjoy it.

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Book Description
The Laird of Kinfairlie has helped his sisters, each a gem in her own right, to find husbands. Now the laird himself seeks to wed, and pins his hopes on The Snow White Bride.

Lady Eleanor knows better than to dream of romance and love. Married twice to secure her father’s alliances, she has learned that she is desirable only for her fortune. When the Laird of Kinfairlie’s sisters ask her to wed their brother, Alexander, Eleanor agrees, expecting only to save herself from danger.

But Alexander is like no man she’s known before, a man more interested in courting her smile than her obedience, a man who values her counsel as much as her newly awakened passion…and a man unaware that Eleanor is the key to a fortune that could ensure the future of everything he holds dear.

Now, ruthless enemies will stop at nothing to secure Eleanor’s capture. Will she dare to trust her new husband before it’s too late for her, for Alexander, and for Kinfairlie?

Meet the Author
NYT bestselling author Claire Delacroix always loved stories, both telling them and hearing them. She sold her first romance novel - THE ROMANCE OF THE ROSE - in 1992 and has published over fifty romance novels since. She writes in a variety of subgenres, including time travel romance, historical romance, medieval romance, fantasy romance and fantasy with romantic elements. She has also written under the names Claire Cross and Deborah Cooke. She makes her home with her family, a number of incomplete knitting projects and a lot of overgrown houseplants. Claire loves to travel, to cook, to ride her bike and to read.

Claire is currently writing The Champions of Saint Euphemia series of medieval romances. She also writes paranormal and contemporary romance as Deborah Cooke.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Matched (Misfit Brides of Bliss #2)
by Jamie Farrell

My Review
5 Stars
I have totally loved this series as Ms. Farrell brings a wonderful refreshing breath of fresh air to her stories. Jamie puts the laugh back in laughter with her wonderful sense of humor that will keep you smiling and laughing throughout her stories. There is nothing better than second chances to be able to redo or undo the hurt and pain. Lindsey and Will get this chance as they take a walk down memory lane. Lindsey is a little on the bullhead side she is scare to see things as they truly are. Her fears just might keep her from the love of her life. Will never understood how she walked away from him. He was hurt so bad now he must decide if it is worth the risk to try again.

Both have fears, but love with all they have as each has something the other needs. Lindsey needs to try to find her true self and be what she is meant to be. Will is just what the doctor ordered even if Lindsey herself doesn't agree. Will needs to be able to write again and he can only do this with Lindsey near

The author brings back some wonderful characters as we see where they are and what is going on in their lives. She also bring some new ones that might be a little on the crazy side. So many people need help Lindsey might be the only one who can help them but first she must believe in herself.

I loved this couple as they butt heads to find their way to a HEA they will have to go through some painful memories and more heartbreak before they can even find happiness. I love bliss it is a town with so much going on the QG is a hoot as she pushes her way to get what she wants. This is one time she might not get it!

Jamie gives you a very well written story that you will not want to put down. Her writing style is like no other as she gives you a story you can sink your eyes into. This will be a book you have trouble putting down. I found Miss Jamie when she wrote her first book and have been hook on your stories every since. I know when I see her name it is a book I must have that it will be loaded with fun and humor as she tells a story of heartbreak and pain. Her stories are always highly entertaining as Match is. If you are looking for a story full of humor, drama, with just the right touch of spice than you need to pick this lovely read up. Find out whatever one is talking about with the supernatural who can tell if you are with the correct match.

Book Description
Lindsey Castellano couldn’t ask for more. She’s the most successful divorce lawyer ever raised in Bliss. (Never mind that she’s the only one.) She’s her nephew’s favorite aunt. (For the moment, anyway.) And thanks to a little gift (or curse) from the universe, she’s an expert at avoiding love, commitment, and inevitable heartbreak. Or so she thought until the night of her sister’s wedding.

Will Truitt might’ve grown up living a country song—his momma died, his daddy went to prison, and his dog ran away—but as an adult, he’s been blessed by the country rock gods. Being Billy Brenton on stage isn’t an honor he takes lightly. He likes to give back what fame has given him, which is how he finds himself happily crashing a wedding in this quirky little bridal-obsessed town. The one thing he isn’t counting on, though, is colliding with the only girl he ever let himself love.

It’s been fifteen years since Lindsey shattered his heart. Then, she’d been a sorority girl on her way to the top, and he’d been a lowly janitor with a little bit of a dream. Now he’s on top of the world, and she’s the last person he should need or want.

But she’s the only person who has ever inspired his music. And he’s the only man she’s never been able to forget. Have the years made them wiser, stronger, and better able to love, or this time, will they simply crash and burn harder?

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Meet the Author
Jamie Farrell writes fun contemporary romances with quirky characters and lots of heart. She believes love and laughter are two of the most powerful forces in the universe, and she infuses both into all of her stories. Her debut novel, Southern Fried Blues, was a finalist for the 2013 National Readers' Choice Awards and the 2014 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Awards.

A native Midwesterner, Jamie has lived in the South the majority of her adult life. When she's not writing, she and her military hero husband are busy raising three hilariously unpredictable children.

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