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Looking for Love

Looking for Love
Mail Order Misdelivery, Book 2
By: Barbara Goss
Narrated by: Tom Jordan
Series: Mail Order Misdeliveries, Book 2
Length: 3 hrs and 41 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 10-10-17

What a terrifying situation Fiona finds herself in one that is a true nightmare. She only has one choice she can make that is to run and make a new life for herself and hope no one finds out what she has done. Along the way she meets a woman who is off to meet the man she has agreed to marry only one thing she isn’t meeting him but another who she truly is in love with. Talk about taking the money and run wow some woman will do anything to get what they want. Really I liked her as Fiona does, but she can’t help but feel sorry for the man left waiting for her and decides she will make a stop along the way to let him know that his bride isn’t coming. This is where the story gets very interesting as the plot thickens and emotions get in the way leaving one woman in need of a name change and one man who wants to have a family and love but is looking for it in all the wrong places. Emotions run high when Sam’s family gets into the mix making plans of their own leaving Fiona wondering which man she should choice or should she do some more running.

Mr. Jordan is a very talented narrator that I have come to love his work from the true emotions he gives his characters to his deep sexy male voice and his sweet females that are sassy, sweet and just darling. His performance is outstanding as he brings out the emotion each character is feeling. He paints a wonderful image in your mind as each scene plays you have no trouble picturing them as they unfold. If any breaks were taken I could not tell, there are no background noises, no volume change. There is one place where he does repeat a few words, I am guessing this is where he took a break, beside that if any other breaks were taken I could not tell. It is a very clean and clear audio that the narrator brings to life pulling on your heartstrings with such emotions I felt the pain and sorrow of each character as well as anger, excitement. His performance as always is outstanding.

There are a few twists and turns that I found to be thrilling, my heart broke for Fiona as she went from what she should do to what she wanted to do. The author gives great family values to this outstanding story listen that pulls you in. Sam is a wonderful man he wants one thing but his family wants another. He is going to have quite an awaking when his eyes truly comes open. The story takes another twist that leave Fiona on one road and Sam on the hunt for some answers. You just got to love the minister who puts a big twist in the works. Two men which should she choose, will one heart or both be broken and which one will win the love of Fiona or will they both lose. What about the trouble back home will it find her. I will say this the ending it outstanding there were times my heart was in my throat wondering how it would play out, but it does leave you with a big happy tear in your eye. I just loved this story it is so touching and delightful. Another win for this author with this delightful clean sweet read. For a short few hours it is so worth your time.

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Running away from the past leads back to it, eventually.
Fiona jumps on a train heading west to escape her traumatic past. Through an exchange with a woman on the train she ends up in Hays explaining to Sam Jordan why his mail order bride isn't going to arrive. She is invited to stay with his family where a plot develops in her mind: if she marries her name will change and the law wouldn't find her. Which man should she try to marry, Sam or his minister brother Martin? Events occur that select the man for her. What if he discovers her past? Or, what if she discovers his?

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