Sunday, April 8, 2018

Having Hope

Having Hope (Holding Onto Us Christmas Trilogy #2)
by D.B. Jones

It starts off just where the last one left off giving a little background, you could read it as a standalone with the background the author gives but you really should read the first book you won’t be sorry. What a great addition to the first book. The story flow so smooth and easy it is like returning home after being gone for a while. I totally love this series and can't wait to start the next book. There has been an accident leaving Devyn and Tommy are at deaths door, her father finds them and now they are healing with some new excitement to fill their days. Tommy is a wonderful character and son, he worries about his mother and can’t understand why she doesn’t want to be part of his new life. The author gives a heartbreaking read of a woman trying to outrun her demons with alcohol. Anyone who has been around an alcoholic knows the trials Tommy faces with a mother who doesn’t want to give it up. It is just heartbreaking so much to live for but can't see it through the bottle that runs her life.

Tommy and Devyn have started their new life with a new job career in a new home. Her parents are moving down to be near them just in time for a delightful surprise that will change their lives forever. Tommy just wishes his mother would be happy with their surprise, but she seems to not to care. Life has really turned around for them in so many ways, her family now adores him. George and him are as close as son and father could be, but he does own Tommy for the very life he breathes. In the last book Tommy stopped him from shooting his self and gave him hope which in return has given him and his wife the dream they have waited for. That scene was just so touching but so heart breaking.

It was great to get to know these characters better, see how their lives have changed. The author gives you another emotional read filled with a little drama, sorrow and some pain. It isn’t as emotional as the first book but it does touch your heart pulling you in giving you another page turner. I have smiled and chuckled more than once as I watch this family give each other one surprise after another. Watching them build a relationship out of respect and love just warms my heart. A delightful clean read filled with emotions, love, pain, sorrow but with much more humor, laughs and love then the first book. It adds so much to this trilogy with wonderful characters that feel like family. I doubt you can read this series and not fall in love with this family. I know this story bought back a lot of great memories in my own life that I had forgotten. As I read their news I had to remember how my life was at the same time. I smiled, laughed and love with them. The ending is another heart stopping moment that I have to wonder how it will turn out. I can’t wait to start the last book in this series. Bottom line it is well worth your time, totally enjoyable book that keeps your attention, giving you a story you can't put down. I am totally hooked and can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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Tommy O’Conner loves only one girl, Devyn Murray. He has loved her since the first day he saw her coming down the halls of the Bath County High School. Her flowing red curls cascading down her back and the smile on her face immediately captured his heart.

Tommy lives on the other side of the track with his alcoholic single mother who works as a waitress in a little cafĂ©. Devyn’s parents, George and Susan Murray are not about to let their only child end up with this boy who they feel has nothing to offer their daughter. However, even her parents can not keep them apart. Tommy and Devyn struggle to hold onto what they believe is a love that can withstand all adversities.

Follow the challenges, tears, joys and love with Tommy and Devyn in the Holding Onto Us Christmas Trilogy and see if their love can overcome all the challenges that threaten to keep them apart.

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