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True Crime Stories Volume 9

 True Crime Stories Volume 9
12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases
By: Jack Rosewood
Narrated by: Kevin Kollins
Series: True Crime Anthology Book Series, Book 9
Length: 3 hrs
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 02-09-18

All the stories that follow in this book are shocking and horrible making the reader wonder what the world is coming to when teens kill for fun just wanting to know what it feels like. When all is said and done they have no remorse and no feelings. I for one do not understand how anyone can kill unless it is life or death. Children should make their own money not expect for their parents to pay their way but when a child doesn’t want to wait for them to die but kill them. I never will understand how people think they can get away with these things. It is so shocking and sad. There are mean crimes here each with a different reason. They are interesting, shocking, some you even wonder how they can be real.

Mr. White did a wonderful job on the narration. He did a few character voices which were really good but most of the book is about facts and there is no need for the different voices. He has a very pleasant voice that really adds to the detail of this audio. He gave the facts as they are but with interest like he really enjoyed learning the facts as much as I did. There are no repeats of words, nor any background noise, there are no volume changes. The music fits the story when it is used it isn’t over powering and blends very well. I thought his performance was great and he added a lot to the story with his tones and emotions. I look forward to listening to more of his work.

The author always gives me a very good listen with facts as they are. He makes his audios interesting as he shows you the twists and turns of a real criminal. If you are a true crime junky like me this is one of the books you do not want to miss. It is interesting, holds your attention, the author lays it out from month to month as he gives you the true facts, the outcome and lets you decided if you feel the verdict was right.

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In this addition to the True Crime Stories series, you will follow police investigators as they enlist the aid of profilers to solve the infamous Phoenix Canal murders more than 20 years after they happened. You’ll hear about two shocking cases where teenagers thought it would be a good idea to kill someone for fun. After having their fun, the murderous teenagers were promptly arrested and served a good helping of justice.
Some of the cases in this audiobook can only be described as bizarre, like the case of Katherine Knight, who was an extremely violent woman and cannibal. She is profiled along with the story of the sideshow “freak”, Grady Stiles Junior. As you can imagine, you will surely keep listening intently once you begin to discover what drove these killers to go to the extreme that they did.
Grab a cup of tea and start hearing about true murder cases, disappearances, and other strange crimes that have shocked yet captured the imagination of people for decades. This collection of strange and cruel crime will surely keep you on the edge of your seat....

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