Monday, April 30, 2018

When We Were Young

When We Were Young (Hopelessly Devoted #1)
by Gen Ryan

I totally loved this story it is such a touching read filled with such emotions that really touches your heart. The author gives an amazing emotional roller-coaster ride first up and then down and back around we go. The base of this story I hold dear to my heart as a big military supporter I have seen firsthand what military life and war does to our soldiers and their spouses. It is truly heart breaking. I thought the author did a great job with detail, explaining it to a T as well as showing how emotional this life is. This was a big win for me.

Rainey and Parker are high school sweetheart, they marry, and he goes into the military. Rainey is ok with this until he re-enlists saying this will be the last time but it never is. Rainey just wants to be put first before country and you can’t blame her. Military life is hard for a wife waiting at home month after month, year after year, all alone worrying and wondering until you go nuts. The author does a great job showing the wife’s side it is very emotional and at times very trying. Being a couple but being the one left behind, you can’t date, you can’t go out to bars, not much else is left, you are a couple but you are couple less you can't hang out with the other couples. Rainey hangs on until she isn’t sure what she is hanging on for. Something happens that makes her make her mind up and tears her world apart.

Here it becomes very emotional as the author shows just what PTSD is and how it affects so many. It isn’t easy telling your love ones what you have been through. It isn’t easy to talk about at all so Parker turns to those that have been his support through it all his brothers of arms. Been there with soldiers I have supported it is tough wanting to be strong and protect those you love from the scars you have. You don’t want them to see that side of you it isn’t a pretty side to see. Lord how my heart went out to both of them. It is so easy to understand both sides as you read you just want to hold them and take the pain away.

I really doubt you can read this and not feel emotional, it is a story that will stay with you for many days to come. The author really brings the story to life giving details you have no trouble picturing. This is a very believable read with real characters that become your friends. I have to say I am not a fan of cliffhangers and I can’t wait to see what happen next. It is very much worth your time giving you a story from a very talented author that pulls you in and keeps you invested with tears in your eyes.

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When she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Rainey Matthews thought it’d be forever. But life has a habit of sneaking up and throwing a sucker punch when you least expect it.

Parker’s military career has become his top priority, leaving Rainey behind while he pursues his dreams. A combination of Parker’s PTSD and his actions threaten to tear Rainey’s heart right open, and she can no longer keep it together.

Then an unexpected lifeline appears and shows Rainey what it’s like to be cared for and loved. She finds herself happy for the first time in a while, but those sneaky sucker punches aren’t done, and keeping happiness will be an uphill battle.

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