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Struggling To Hold On

Struggling To Hold On (Holding Onto Us Christmas Trilogy #1)
by D.B. Jones

I knew this author could write, but I am blown away by this sweet heartbreaking, emotional, loving read. I can tell this was written straight from her heart she grabbed mine from the first page until the end. Love can be the sweetest things but it can also tear your world apart. Nothing can be worse than falling in love and having your parents try to tear you apart. It seems that George and Susan (Devyn’s parents) live by the rule “at first if you don't succeed try, try again” as they do everything possible to break these two up. At first, I didn’t care for her father at all, but he does grow on you, her mother my feelings for her was up in the air for a while. Tommy is the winner here he stole my heart from the first page, what a loving caring supporting man who gives his all to make the woman he loves happy. Devyn is a bigger winner with me as well, caring, loving and giving she is torn between the man she loves and the love she has for her parents.

The author builds a base that could be easy to tumble down if Devyn and Tommy let it. It seems these two just can’t get a break just as they come together with a united front things fall apart leaving them torn and broken. Just into the first few pages my heart breaks for these two. Many tears will fall from their eyes and yours as life and her parents hit them over and over again. There are twists and turns that holds your attention. When the end comes as two hands reach out to touch each other your heart will be in your throat and you will have tears in your eyes.

The author gave this a lot of thought, and she spins a story that will touch you deep. I doubt you can read this without it touching you in some way. The characters are very likable, the plot outstanding, the emotion, passion, love is to die for. Have the tissues handy you will need them. It isn’t all sadness, there are many smiles, overcome, growing, learning, laughs, building, love and in the end family. I was just in aww from the first page, it is a story I could not put down and read at one setting. My husband looked at me and said when did you start that book? This morning. Wow and you almost done. Yep it was one that touched me deeply and I couldn’t put it down. No truer words have been said I was just in awww. This is a book of three and the first one leaves you hanging but wow for 99 cents you can’t past it up. It is so worth the money plus more, I was spellbound with my heart beating faster many times throughout. I laughed, had tears and just about cried. Once you read it you will know why I picked this as one of my favorite reads. I am off to start book two…..

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Tommy O’Conner loves only one girl, Devyn Murray. He has loved her since the first day he saw her coming down the halls of the Bath County High School. Her flowing red curls cascading down her back and the smile on her face immediately captured his heart.

Tommy lived on the other side of the track with his alcoholic single mother who works as a waitress in a little cafĂ© on the outskirts of town. Devyn’s parents, George and Susan Murray are not about to let their only child end up with this boy who they feel has nothing to offer their daughter. However, even her parents cannot keep them apart. Tommy and Devyn struggle to hold onto what they believe is a love that can withstand all adversities.

Follow the challenges, tears, joys and love with Tommy and Devyn in the Holding Onto Us Christmas Trilogy and see if their love can overcome all the challenges that threaten to keep them apart

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