Monday, April 23, 2018

Silent Innocence

Silent Innocence
by Theresa Sederholt

I just finished the first book in this series and started Silent Innocence it is just a good as the first one filled with mystery, crime, drama and love. The story hooked me almost from the first page, I could not put it down. This is a very emotional story that pulls the reader in keeping you invested in the story of one little girl as you read about her your emotions will be all over the place. I thought the author did a wonderful job dealing with touchy issues of human trafficking giving you the true feelings but in a way it was a little easier to deal with. Not saying this is something that is easy to deal with it is a serious issue that we should all be concern with. The author writes in a way that really touches you deeply wanting you to reach in and pull the characters out but is done with class giving it a feeling of realistic but not over bearing.

I really like Fitz and getting to know him as we saw in the first book he is a man with character, honor who loves his job and his family. I really got to know him and MJ in the first book, it was wonderful to see her again. She is now married to Fitz, giving him the support he needs to do the job he does. It is wonderful how these two deal with life and the support they give each other.

The author gives a well written story with many twists and turns, leaving Fitz not knowing who he can trust. This is a story about love, hope and family, giving, with suspense, mystery, action, and a few thrills and chills. It is a very emotional roller-coaster ride that keeps you so invested you are done with the book before you know it. I really hated to leave this characters behind and can’t wait to read the next book in this series.
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My name is Effy McPhee. Life hasn’t always been kind to me, that is—until Stella. God gifted me with the most amazing daughter. I have one job: to teach her that true strength comes from kindness, love, and compassion. I vowed I would lead by example. I thought it would be easy. However, through no fault of my own, I fear I have failed her. This is the story of my life cut short.

I’m on vacation. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling me. I was just supposed to take a quick look at a case. What I ended up with was a very desperate six-year-old, clinging to me like her life depended on it. Little did I know, it did. Nothing is ever what it seems, it never is.

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