Monday, April 30, 2018

Out of Goodbyes

Out of Goodbyes (Hopelessly Devoted #2)
by Gen Ryan

This picks up where the other one left off with another very emotional read that is a big roller-coaster ride as much as the first one was. This is a very talented author that really knows how to pull on your heart strings. We start off with Parker going to Rainey’s home and begging for another chance, he will do anything to get back the woman he loves. Will Rainey’s give that chance and will Parker be willing to give her what she needs or could there be someone else putting a tailspin on the outcome?

Rainey gave their marriage her all where Parker didn’t give her what she needed, he never put her first. She gave him respect he didn’t always give it to her. Everything she did, she did out of love having no trouble showing how much she loved him. He has a hard time with showing love after all he went through he just has a hard time with most things. It is easy for me to understand both sides of the story and my heart breaks for both. The last straw for her was how Parker acted and how the break up came about. Rainey has always made her marriage the center of her world and tries hard to keep it that way. But something has to give and it doesn’t look like it will be Parker. I really loved how the author shows how strong Rainey is even when she doesn’t see it herself. She works so hard to keep her marriage together looking for ways to make it work. What I really like about this story is how the author shows both sides making it easy to step back and understand both worlds and see all that is going on with them both.

In walks Levi who know just what she is going through he has been down that road his self. It is a struggle for him to give her room to work out her feelings for Parker as he tries to build a trust with her. You can’t blame her for having trust issues. Both have issues they have to work out as the work on building a relationship together. To be truly happy first you must find peace inside yourself, love yourself and make yourself happy. This is something Rainey has yet to find. Depression has so many side effects, it isn’t an easy thing to deal with and it makes it harder for one to find that enter peace and be happy as Rainey is finding out.

As I turned the last page I have very mixed emotion between who I want Rainey with. Levi is such a great character, he is so strong, caring and loving. BUT Parker is going through so much and I see where he is coming from. I don’t know if I could forget or forgive the cheating, but I am not important here it is what Rainey wants. I think her feelings are just as mixed up as mine are. There are so many emotions you will feel and when you close the book you still are an emotional mess. The author knows how to draw her readers in giving a compelling read that has you so invested you start talking to the characters. I have to say I am hanging on until I get my hands on the next book in this series to see just where the author is going to take it. I sure hope Parker finds his HEA after all he is dealing with and has been through. WELL worth your time but you must read the first book in the series.

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Just when Rainey finally gets her life together, her high school sweetheart, Parker, decides he’s ready to fight for her. His promises threaten to tear apart all that Rainey has fought for. Her happiness and heart included.

Levi Hayes has fought hard for Rainey’s trust. When he finally wins her heart, he fears it all might be taken away. But he’ll fight for Rainey, even if doing so threatens to bring up memories he’d rather forget.

For Rainey to make her choice, she must let go of a past that took everything from her and hope she can finally live for herself, and find her forever happiness.

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