Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Own Nightmare

My Own Nightmare (Shattered Lives #1)
by Barb Shuler

There is no doubt this grabs your attention from the start with this disturbing story about obsession, tragedy, drama, evil, lose, love and survival. The author knows how to spin a tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat with many twists and turns. I had a few drop down mouth moments as well as a few times I close my eyes to let it all sink in. It isn’t a story you want to read late at night home alone.

Dani has a good life just starting her career, with wonderful friends, the love of her life. Life looks good the future even better that is until evil walks in her life with one who is obsessed, always watching, never too far away, following, waiting watching and making plans. On graduation night that all changes when she is kidnapped taken from all she has known and loved. Her strength will be tested as well as her basic skills to stay alive, it is touch and go with an outcome that leave you holding your breath as the author takes you through the paces of evil within one person, so much evil it will make your skin crawl as your mouth drops.

For a debut story this was great, it has suspense, danger with one very sick person that will surprise you when you see the outcome. My heart really went out to Dani, I doubt you could read this and not have it touching you in some way. The plot and story line is wonderful, has some great characters. As the plot twists it becomes a very emotional read that had me looking over my shoulder. You are left guess just where the author is going with it as the end draws near you close your eyes and pray for a good ending. I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series.

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One night a life changed. My life.

I used to write about chaos – about lives turning on a dime. Never once did I think it would ever happen to me. I went from a blossoming career to a prisoner in the span of a single evening. A living nightmare I was determined to escape.

The price of evil was high, but I wasn’t backing down. I knew in my heart the men in my life would be looking. I just had to survive. One day at a time. Minutes turned to hours. Hours turned into days. Then, it was time to make a choice.

Live or Die?

I chose to live.

Hell hath no fury and I had no more time...

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