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You're Not Alone

You're Not Alone
By: Stacy Eaton

Narrated by: Maria Marquis

Length: 7 hrs and 5 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release date: 04-03-17

Language: English

Publisher: Stacy Eaton

What a very touching story that really grabs you making you want to go into the story and pull her out. Domestic abuse is never easy but when one's husband is a cop it makes it even worse. With nowhere to turn Trinity took what she got until the day he went too far and his brothers in the department took him down when they walked in and just about found her dead with him over her. One young cop took it all in helped her until they took her way, he never forgot her and always wondered about her. Years pass she is doing a seminar, that young cop isn’t young anymore, he is watching as she does an unbelievable amazing demonstration that is mind-blowing. He is as blown away by her strength as he was years ago. This is a story about strength, overcoming your pass, moving on, starting over and helping others like you. It is such a touching romance that you feel all the way to your toes. I promise when the end comes you will feel each emotion that Trinity does along with the power of healing and love like you have never seen it. Oh things aren’t all cheery a lot goes on here in a little time that pulls you in as you become part of the book.

I have not had the pleasure of listening to anything this narrator has done before. She really pulled me in from the first page taking me away leaving me in awe at what the author had written. There is so much emotion in her voice it is hard not to feel everything that the character is feeling. Both her male and female character voices are outstanding as well as her very pleasant normal voice. I could hear the pain, sorrow, laughter and happiness as well as the uneasiness and how unsure the character was in her voice. She gives just the right about of pause and goes that extra mile that really makes you feel and believe what she is saying. I just could not put it down, I am not one to just set and listen to an audio I do things around the house, shop, listen in the car but I found myself setting in the car once I got home for a few extra minutes, even in the house I just set and listen. The author gives a powerful story and the narrator had no trouble delivering it. There are no background noise, no repeating of words, no volume changes, I could not tell when breaks were taken. It is just a wonderful audio that is clean, clear and takes you away you forget you are listening. I am very much looking forward to listening to more of this narrators work. There is no doubt she will become one of my favorite.

All I can say is wow just wow this is a powerful story. I was blown away by the seminar that was so powerful the way the author wrote it making you feel the emotions as a victim would. She is one very talented author that knows how to pull you in taking you away and making you become part of the story. This would make a great movie I really can’t tell you how much this audio touched me. It will make anyone who has never been abused understand why the victim can’t walk away how painful it is and the way some people enjoy power and take it too far. For anyone who has been a victim this is one author that is telling your story in a way that I do not think it would trigger anything. For me it was very easy to relate to and understand, I cannot tell you the emotions I felt why listening to this. Oh it isn’t all dome and gloom, there is a very touching romance that just makes you feel at peace when the end come. It is about learning, growing and not taking what one dishes out but also about what love truly is, the give and take, support that only true love brings. It is a delightful older woman younger man romance that is touching. There is a little mystery, a few twists and turns that gets the heart pumping and leaves you on the edge. The suspense was outstanding as the author had me talking to the characters which I totally loved. I loved the characters, there wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this audio was hooked from the start to finish. I understood where each character was coming from and felt every emotion they felt. It was truly an amazing listen that pulls you in from start to finish. There was nothing I didn’t like and really wanted the story to go on. To the author you have out done yourself giving an amazing story that really touched me. It will be an audio that I will listen to again, my hats off to you for giving such a powerful story.

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Trinity Morris, cofounder of You're Not Alone, has a domestic violence past that still haunts her 10 years later. She is devoted to helping victims find freedom and to sharing information on how to help them through their emotional and violent trials.
While Trinity is presenting at a seminar, she comes across Gavin, a police officer who knows her past all too well. It's been 10 years since he last saw her, but the moment Gavin's eyes land on her, he's intent on getting to know the woman who has haunted his dreams all these years.
Can Gavin break through the wall that Trinity has built around herself, or will the present and the past collide and take her away from him again?

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