Thursday, June 28, 2018

Girl at the back

Girl at the back
by Kat Green 

What it must be like to be in love with a person bigger than life in a world that is bigger than life its self only to be thrown into the back hidden from view why you watch the love of your life hang out with beautiful sexy woman as they try to take you place. The kicker being that no one knows about you only a few along with the rock star you call a boy friend. Setting alone only being his when the lime light isn’t shinning. I have very mixed feelings on this book, it has a great plot, an ok read, even a few likable characters. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around anyone agreeing to a life like this. This being the reason I had trouble relating to Leah, she seems so naive and child like at times. What I saw was a lovely girl who let people walk over her and take advantage of her good nature. To me Robbie got famous and let it go to his head, he puts his feelings before others and is very pushy. I just could not connect, I really felt sorry for Leah but as the old saying goes you made you bed….
The plot was good, the danger great, it is a story that does pull you in even if you can’t relate to the characters. I liked how it all came together and how Robbie grow up a little when it came to the danger Leah was in. The twists and turns were good and loved the ending. I thought the author did a good job but has a little more filler than I like. The plot is great but the author just couldn’t keep me hooked, I have a hard time buying that any woman who is going out with a star would put up with the way she was treated. It isn’t a story I would read again but I enjoyed it enough the first time and am glad I read it.

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Dating a famous rock star should be fun and non-stop parties. Leah Marley doesn’t go to those parties because to the world she doesn’t exist. Someone else walks beside him, holds his hand and smiles for the camera.
She went into it knowing she had to stay at the back, in the shadows. At the start he had never lied about how things would be, but with the help of friends they fool everyone. Unfortunately for Leah someone doesn’t want her to ever come out of the shadows.
Leah soon realises she isn’t just fighting for love, she’s fighting for much more than that – her life.

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