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Stolen by My Knave

Stolen by My Knave
Linked Across Time, Book 6
By: Dawn Brower
Narrated by: Duchess DeFoix
Series: Linked Across Time, Book 6
Length: 3 hrs and 57 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 11-10-17

What it would have been like to hear a beloved story of a tale from your mother only to find out it isn’t a tale but a true story. To one day look in the mirror and see that handsome devil the story is based on, even better to find time tavel has you meet and fall in love with the handsome devil. This is a wonderful story that just reaches in to your soul grabbing your attention and making you fall in love with a pirate out of his own time twisted into another time making a wonderful life for his self and finding the one person who turns his world upside down. It is so very easy to picture this as a delightful movie that would become a classic in no time.

I have mixed feelings about the narration, oh I feel she did a great job but her normal voice is just to cheery for me. I can hear the sun shine when I think it might have been a little better if it wasn’t shinning so loud. Her character voices are wonderful both male and female are great, you always know who is talking and what they are feeling. She can really pull out the emotions of each character as she brings the story to life. There are no repeating of words, no volume change and no background noise. She does have a pleasant normal voice it just isn’t one that sounds natural to me, I can’t imagine talking to someone who is so cheery, and it just seem forced. Besides that I think it was a great audio, it is very clear and clean.

The one thing I really like about this author is she gives such wonderful delightful characters you can relate to. Even though Jack was in an earlier book you don’t feel lost if you haven’t read it. Yes you have a few questions but the author fills that in well that you can read this as a standalone. I do have to say it does make you want to read the other book to find out a little more about him but it is not needed. There is no doubt I love Jack and all he stands for but Elizabeth and her mother stole myh heart as well. I loved how time travel has show this family the newer ways of life that women don’t need a man and should not be forced into marriage. I loved how her parents made plans for her that should she choose not to marry she will be able to take care of herself. It is great how she stands up and tells it like it is, she is very intelligent just a lovely all around person.

I loved this plot as well as the characters, I find time travel so amazing and have to wonder if it is really out there. I know this is one author that makes me believe it is. The author gives you a tale of one man traveling more to the future which adds a little mystery to it. I really loved how Elizabeth was telling the tale and saw the handsome man in the mirror when she was young, then years later she meets him. There is mystery around him and the story of his tale. I thought the author really put some time and thought into the writing of this book writing in a way that pulls the reader in giving a story that touches your soul making you just feel at peace watching these two with their cat and mouse game. The buildup of the romance was delightful as well as the few twists and turns the author gives. We first meet Captain Jack in a past book he really took my breath a way then but not as much as he does now. The reader had mixed feeling in the past book wanting him to come out the winner of the ladies hand. I felt sorry for him and was so glad he got his own story that is more touching than the last book he was in. They say everything happens for a reason which this author has shown. It wasn’t his time for love there was a strong love waiting for him and so worth the wait.

For me this was a great read with a touching romance that I totally enjoyed and got lost in. I loved the mystery and the twists and turns which I found to be exciting.

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