Saturday, May 5, 2018

Missing Destiny

Missing Destiny (Chandler County)
by Traci Wooden-Carlisle

A very spiritual romance that is sweet and clean that really touches your heart. It is emotional read about discovery of one's self that is complex with a stalker. One just wants to disappear from the world and his problems, the other just wants peace and a place to belong. She needs a place to hide and finds that place on a ranch. Zach had it all and then lost it, he needs a place to hide and work out his loses. The two meet and love begins.

The story is filled with drama, danger as these two works out their issues danger comes close leaving it a touch and go if they will live to see another day and find love. I thought it was a nice sweet read but needed a little more information and chemistry. The author gives a great plot with a believable story line that does hold your attention. It was a very enjoyable read with really characters and real emotions.

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She spends Friday nights with charts and graphs. His best friend is a dog named Sebastian.
All she’s ever wanted was peace and to feel she belonged. All he ever wanted was to disappear.
She’s a city girl hiding in a small town. He’s back home hiding from his past.
If life were perfect, they could be each other’s missing destiny.

When a mysterious man becomes a threat to her health Dr. Shauna Nathan, a workaholic scientist, is about to lose control over her emotions and her life. Her family steps in to protect her even if it means disrupting her otherwise predictable and orderly existence by bribing her with a chance to spend time with her old college roommate and surround herself with her one true passion — horses.

She heads to a ranch in Chandler County to hide from her stalker. Instead, she might find there healing she looks for -- and love she doesn't.

Horse therapist Zach moved to New York, had a successful career in finance, a beautiful wife, and daughter one day and the next it was all gone. He came back to Chandler County to come to terms with his loss and find a modicum of peace as a ranch hand- turned therapist at Murphy’s Equestrian Therapy Center. He has lost everyone he loved. Would he risk his heart again for Shauna?

Though the ruthless killer on Shauna's trail will stop at nothing to destroy her, will Zach and Shauna escape danger and find happiness in each other's arms and their missing destiny?

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