Saturday, May 5, 2018

Blood Distraction

Blood Distraction (Blood Reaction Saga #2)
by D.L. Atha

In book one we found out just what happened to Annalice and what all she had to do just to survive. It was a very hard time for you and she has lost so much. With those days behind her she finds she is living in hell and takes the life of her maker who has a brother who now is her judge. I really like the twists and turns and how different it is from other stories of this kind. I have to say I really like Levi a WHOLE lot more than his brother. He always wanted a better relationship with his brother now that Annalice killed him that would never be. He now puts his sights on her and what he will do with her. He wants her dead until he finds out the truth now he just wants her gone.

Annalice is having a hard time over what she has become, she is having trouble overcoming it and learning to be what she is. Levi once he gets over the issues becomes a kinder man who helps her learn and find her way. My heart really went out to both of them but more so to Annalice she has dreams and sees them as truth when she will never have the relationship she had before with her daughter. She can’t go out in the day. She really must get over it and deal with what she has. It is hard not to sympathize with her but there were times I just wanted to shaker her. At times, she is just too much me, me, me. It is an intense but a good one, well written but a cliffhanger. It is interesting and holds your attention and well worth your time.

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There’s only one sin in the vampire world. You don’t kill your blood maker. But Annalice wasn’t thinking about the long term consequences when she ran her maker, Asa, through with a stake. She was just trying to survive and get back to her family. And who could blame her? A week before she had been a level headed working mom trying to survive the busy hours of a medial practice.
Now she was battling for survival in a world that she knew nothing about. Distracted by an unending hunger that she can’t control and struggling to outwit a renegade detective bent on exposing her darkest secret, Annalice loses the one person that matters, her daughter. When she’s found by her maker’s estranged brother, Levi, her situation goes from bad to worse. She’s got to stand trial for Asa’s final death and Levi’s the only judge. Can she convince him to let her live? And even if Levi doesn’t kill her, there’s always the Detective

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