Sunday, May 6, 2018

Faith, Hope & Love

Faith, Hope & Love (January Cove Book 9)
by Rachel Hanna

For me this was a very emotional and touching read just as it was for the character Faith. To lose everything from a parent to your home and everything in between is a lot to take at one time, but then to learn your father is not your father, and he tells you to go find your real mother is just mind-blowing. Only having one place to turn once your father turns his back on you, Faith goes back to where it all started looking for a mother she never knew. What she finds is a small town that is willing to give shelter to a woman in need and a family that isn’t blood who stands behind her taking up where her father left off. All the way she finds a man, she is afraid to put her trust in, a man who can’t get her out of his mind (anymore) than she can get him out of hers.

Faith is a wonderful character growing up with wealth didn’t make her snotty or think she is better. What you find is a caring woman who gives all she has. It is a story of power of the mind and body, overcoming your past and starting over. Brandon is such a caring person, he gives and gives and does get burned a time or two. His story is very interesting even after all he has had to deal with he never gives up and is looking for a life where he can have a family. This is a story of emotions, giving, finding a place to call home with people who never let you down. But first you must overcome your own issues.

Some of the plot you will work out for yourself other things come as a surprise but a good one. I haven’t read the other books in this series but I can tell you this if it is anything like this one they are well worth your time. This is a series but it can be read as a standalone even though you will see people from the past books you never feel like you have missed something or that you are lost. The author gives a wonderful read that pulls you in with sorrow, sadness, needs and wants but what you end up with is love, romance, giving, finding and a place to call home. There are tear, a little girl who wants a family but there are way more smiles and laughs with a big dog who has a heart of gold. I loved the humor that brought me a few hours of enjoyment. I totally loved this story and can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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She's lost everything a person can lose. Her home, her possessions, her family. Can she find a new life and a new love in January Cove?

Former wealthy socialite, Faith McLemore, has had a rough few months. With her beloved father out of her life and a box of secrets that has shattered her world, she travels to January Cove in search of answers. But within the first minute of her visit, she's knocked off her feet - quite literally - by Brandon James.

As the tries to shelter her heart and hide her reasons for being in January Cove, her entire life starts to transform into something she never expected. Will she have the guts to take a big leap of faith?

This is the 9th installment of the January Cove contemporary beach romance series. All books in this series are stand alone and without cliffhangers!

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