Saturday, May 26, 2018

Blind Secrets Reveal Murder

Blind Secrets Reveal Murder (Madison Hart Mysteries Book 8)
by DB Jones

If you want a story full of mystery from a mind that knows how to twists a story until your head is spinning with wonderful clues that hold your attention giving you a page turner this is the book for you. Ms. Jones knows how to build up her plots with such interesting twists that keep you guessing until the end. I must say I did not see the killer even though I had questions and doubts about the person as well as a few others. This is a well blend of romance from characters we have come to love and new characters that really gets your heart pumping while spinning a tale that holds you spellbound.

The author gives you two characters that from the outside are so much in love they go around the town holding hands. You might think this isn’t anything new but as you read it really is. How many older couples that are over 70 do you see still holding hands acting like they just met so much in love but have been married for over 30 plus years? Not many, yes I know a few but there aren’t many out there. You come to ask yourself is this all a rouge and act or can these people really love each other that much. It is so cute, so darling until the day they both end up dead which looks like it is a murder suicide or even a double suicide? The plot thickens as more characters come into play with family members missing, some of questionable character, let’s not forget those family members that seem so caring and loving. You ask yourself can a man that old carry a woman and do what they say he did to her and then take his own life or did the women take her own life. So many questions with few answers, there is still the autopsy what will is show or will it leave more questions unanswered?

The author wraps all this mystery around two loving couples that have had some trying time, over the years there has been some life or death times. As the story opens Josh and Danny have been shot leaving one close to deaths door. When Josh finally gets out of the hospital he has a hard time taking the rest period the doc orders. What follows is some interesting reading as Josh tries to investigate why keeping Madison his very pregnant wife who is an investigator safe and sound. Both end up in this murder mystery up to their eyeballs as they work out the plot coming to close to the answers that could leave them dead.

I loved the plot, the mystery and the touching romance between the characters. The pregnancy issue I pretty much worked out but the who did it kept me on the edge until the end. There are many twists and turns, a little romance and a delightful old couple I came to love even though I never met them. It is a story of intrigue that keeps you guessing, wondering as your heart breaks for a couple that seem to have loved each other like no other. This is a mystery around a mystery with lots of excitement with a shocking end that I didn't see coming and you do not want to miss.

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During a stand-off with a killer who almost ended Detective Josh Logan’s life with a gunshot wound to the chest, Agent Madison Hart rushes into the room as Josh slumps to the floor. The murderer turns and draws his weapon on Madison but she doesn’t hesitate, she fires the kill-shot.
When Josh gets discharged from the hospital, Madison brings him home to recover but becomes worried when a double suicide crosses the desk of Josh’s partner, Detective Danny Crews. She knows that like herself, Josh was meant to uncover the truth of any crime.
Madison receives a call from her friend, Anne Gunter, a psychic who lives in Cassadaga, Florida that the case might not be what it appears. Madison knows if Josh gets wind of this, he might try to interject himself into the case before the doctor clears him to return to work.
Once the coroner, Doctor Webb presents his report on the cause of deaths to the Police Department; there will be no way Josh is going to sit behind a desk while his partner, Detective Crews, and the Hart Agency pursue the leads.
In spite of what the Police Department believes happened to the couple, Madison is haunted by where the evidence is leading. Were these deaths the results of a double suicide… or was it murder?

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