Thursday, March 22, 2018

Package Deal

Package Deal (Ruled Out Romances 2)
by Charissa Stastny

I really enjoyed this fun funny read. Man meet girl, thinks she might be the one only to find she has a little girl of her own. Raising someone else child is a big turn off not in his plans, and he exits left only to find everywhere he turns the lady of his dreams and her little nightmare of a daughter is right before his eyes, now isn’t that just his luck. There are many misunderstandings as well as lots of fun twists and turns that kept me very well entertained. A little drama as well as pain and sorrow. The show stopper and stealer is one little girl who is just adorable with her charming ways of getting into trouble and her hero which is the white horse she rides on. All that is needed is one princess and one knight to get on the same page. If one sweet angel has her way they will be married before you can say sweet!

It isn’t your normal boy meets girl, and they live happy ever after. From Spring’s name to her darling little girl and the man everyone hates to her delightful friend who Spring promises to help keep the big bad brother away from stirring trouble at the wedding it was a delightful charming clean read that holds your attention and keeps you invest. I loved the plot, as well as how the author twists it from misunderstandings to deeds as well as sticking one big foot in your mouth time after time. There are some big surprises for our characters that kept me smiling and laughing my way through. I loved the chemistry between Spring and Hudson you could feel the sparks, they did their best to put distance between them but it just wasn’t in the cards. There really were wonderful characters that really got off on the wrong foot and kind of stay on that foot for a while. The supporting characters are wonderful Brandee just steals my heart and then breaks it, but she comes right back and really makes me love her. She and Hudson has one heart melting scene that just about had me in tears as well as some very touching scenes between Emma and Hudson that just totally melts my heart.

The author knows how to pull her reader in she had me laughing, smiling, yelling, saying a few bad words as well as just about in tears at one time. Romance that makes you swoon, mouth dropping moments, a few shockers, sexy men and sassy women that know how to stand their ground, the author gives you a little of everything. I really didn’t want the story to end. I thought it was worth my time and a book I will read again and again.

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Angels come in different packages.

Single mom Spring is doing her best to raise her two-year-old daughter alone. She has no desire to date again, so is pleasantly surprised at her best friend’s wedding when a handsome man’s flirtations charm, instead of annoy her. But when her toddler runs up and calls her Mommy, she can tell by his reaction that her daughter is a deal-breaker. He can’t escape fast enough.

Hudson Sandel is proud of his bachelor status even as he attends his little brother’s wedding as best man. Too bad the only woman who tempts him has a daughter that rules her out. Instant fatherhood isn’t on his agenda. But when the kid throws a tantrum, he swoops in to help keep her from ruining his brother’s wedding. When the night ends, he can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous blonde’s expression when he played hero to her child. It made him feel uncomfortably good, and it doesn’t help that he keeps running into the angelic duo around town. Hudson knows Spring and her daughter are a package deal. The question is: Does he want to take on that responsibility, or will he stick to the road leading to professional success and glory?


In this new series of stand-alone romances, star-crossed lovers meet, but rule each other out for various reasons. But life, with its quirky twists and tangled turns, keep bringing each of the unlikely duos together until they discover their unique happily-ever-afters.

Ruled Out Romances (Do not have to read in order)
1 - Game Changer
2 - Package Deal
3 - Collateral Hearts (Coming later this year)
4 - Corporate Crush (Coming later this year)


Praise for Package Deal:

“The littlest member of the package deal steals the show in this charming romance about finding out that three is not always a crowd—and that our hearts can always make room for one more person to love.” –Taylor Dean, author of the Sound of Silence series

“Stastny has become one of my new favorites with her Ruled Out Romances series...Once again I went without sleep and got lost in the pages of a fantastic read. The romance was divine, the characters perfect. I can’t wait for the next book in this AMAZING series!! – Mylissa Demeyere, blogger/reviewer

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