Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Dark & Stormy Knight

A Dark & Stormy Knight (A McKnight Romance, #3)
by Suzie Quint

I thought this was a great read but I had a hard time with Georgia being so self centered even as she has aged. I did understand where she was coming from it would be the same way if you were dating a police officer. The fear of not knowing and always the fear of death. I really thought she should have talked things out with Sol but then you wouldn’t have a story. I loved their daughter but can never really understand parents that hold on to tight not letting them grow up. She has fears which made her leave years ago, but she still has those same fears. She really does love Sol, but she isn’t willing to admit that even to herself. Her mother is something else and I felt for her and her whole family having to deal with her. With her mother being so angry all the time it was easy to understand why she felt the way she did. I really liked her sister who helped her see how things really are and why she did the things she did

Sol is just about what every woman dreams, someone who is kind, loving a wonderful family man that shows through with how he deals with his family. His daughter is a delight he just adores her and makes a wonderful father. He is hardworking, gives so much of his self to every aspect of his life. I understand they were too young to marry as so many people are and I do understand her fears which Sol is still left in the dark he is clueless to why she left in the first place. He really loves her and wants her back but doesn’t have a clue how to do that. I understand why she finds it so hard to talk about even after all this time what I do not understand is why Sol isn’t demanding an explanation or at least doing some pushing to make her talk. There is no way any man can have that much patience after so many years I would be demanding answers to look for away to work it through my mind at least. I liked how he finally took control of his daughter and help to make the decisions. They did backfire on him but it sure was fun watching the fight it out.

The plot is wonderful the writing style is great the characters are good, the family is wonderful and the little girl is just a dear. I thought the detail scenes were outstanding I had no trouble picturing the ranch it was just beautiful and really added to the story. The supporting characters added so much. I have to give it to Georgia even after leaving finding she was pregnant she did tell Sol who took the responsibility as much as he could from afar with a smile on his face. You can really tell both of them love this little girl. I did find this story to be humorous at times, I had a few chuckles and a few laughs. I loved how Sol worked from afar to keep Georgia single, I even laughed over it. The story has a lot of wonderful points, the author kept it interesting and it moved at a great pace. There are a few twists and turns that are cute and funny as well as a few that are heartbreaking. I thought this was a wonderful read and totally enjoyed it.
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Young and stupid go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Sol McKnight, rancher and rodeo bull rider, married Georgia Carston, the love of his life, at eighteen. So maybe they were too young and maybe he was stupid to believe it would last forever because six weeks later, she left him. Now she’s back in Hero Creek for the summer. This is his chance to win her back. Little does he know, this may be his last chance because Georgia has her eye on the divorced father of their daughter’s best friend. If Sol ever wants to feel whole again, he’s going to have to figure out what went wrong so many years ago and fix it. If he doesn’t he’ll lose her forever

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