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The Hollow

The Hollow
By: Christopher Zaleski
Narrated by: Anna Grace Conover
Length: 7 hrs and 38 mins
Release date: 12-06-17
Language: English
Publisher: Christopher Zaleski

I thought this was a very interesting thriller built around paranormal or supernatural based on psychic, crime and murder of one man and his need for power. At first I though Mr. Fredericks was after knowledge but it soon become clear he is a mad man who wants to control people. The Hollow is a pretty fast pace with some action, danger that the victims fine they can’t fight and are willing to do a mad mans bidding. There are so many twists and turns you don’t know what to believe or who to trust.

The narrator does a pretty good job of narration there are a few places where there is a small volume change it isn’t when a break was taken it is more of emotion that is a little out of place. There are a few places where a pause was taken a little too soon but not enough to take away from the audio. Her character voices are pleasant as well as her normal voice. A few of her voices are a little too close to her natural voice but you know which character is talking. For the most part the character voices flow easy and evenly throughout the audio. There was no background noise and I could not tell if any breaks were taken. The music that was used fit the story very well not to over powering, not to loud or to soft, it blended well with the story. I thought the voices for the most part fit the characters. I always knew who was talking and what they were feeling. Her emotions for the most part were good I could feel how scared Carol was. I did enjoy her narration and feel with a little time as she grows so will become more powerful and will exceed in her deliverance.

First let’s go over what I didn’t care for. I didn’t care for the way the story started out, sexual present right from the start I thought took away from the beginning of the story. I feel it would have been more powerful a little later on. I just didn’t care how some of the first part was presented.  The author does a great job in showing what the hollow is but I would have liked a little more information at the ending of it.

With that said shall we move on? The author as a very unique writing style that really pulls the listener in taking them on a journey of the unknown with new technology and the powers they may bring. I really liked how things played out with Carol from her unknowing to her feeling of being watch, her reaction is so natural. I had no trouble feeling the fear she hold deep inside not only from the hollow but from those that were suppose to love her and the people watching her. As her powers come to light and start taking over the fear is real the control over her is frightening as well as her need to learn how to control whatever it is. Her relationship with Matthew is so free and easy, no lines but they grew up together so it is natural they are very easy with each other. Even though the sexual tension was too soon it slows easy. The unknown, the difference between bodies and the control it has is natural as it would be with most teens trying things for the first time. It is a pretty clean read the author bases the story over the hollow, what it is and the control of not only it but of the people around her trying to bring her in and take control. I loved watching her learn what the hollow is and what all she could do with it. The murders, the how things unfolded effected her very much. I had no trouble feeling the pain of what she was going through, what she had done or those she loved when she found out they may have played a big part in the things that are happening to her. Even I had my doubts to the people around her. Oh there is no doubt from the start no one will like Mr. Fredericks and as I learned more I wished I could do a few things to him he did to others. The author does an outstanding job pulling the reader in giving you a page turner. I just had to know what happen next that I had trouble turning the audio off.  The mystery and a few surprise along with some action, the unknown, hurt, pain and sorrow awaits you but also some smiles, pleasures and kindness. Nothing is as it seem, trust no one but yourself. If it isn’t been twisted it will be and you will be saying what the heck just happened. I totally enjoyed this and can’t wait to listen to more work from this author.

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Teen prodigy Carol has always known she was different from the other kids, but when her talents turn supernatural; her life takes a disastrous turn.
Despite her over achievements, Carol struggles with a neurosis she calls "The Hollow". Though she believes the hollow is her private cross to bear, there is a sneaking suspicion that she is being watched, studied from the shadows.
Fear sends her fleeing from her childhood home, leaving behind her one true love, Matthew. Running is only a distraction. The hollow continues to grow, and with it comes supernatural abilities, and dangerous, uncontrollable impulses to use them. The ensuing bloodshed sends her running back to Matthew.
There is someone watching Carol, having her followed, recording all her actions, her words, her abilities. Mr. Fredericks hungers for Carol's powers and will stop at nothing to get them.
Unbearable truth emerges; Carol discovers she has been an experiment from birth. She must gain control of the hollow before the doorways to darker paths open. It's time for Carol to rise above her fears and reclaim her life once and for all.
©2017 Christopher Zaleski (P)2017 Anna Grace Conover and Christopher Zaleski

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