Saturday, January 13, 2018

Texas Marine Mayhemn

Brotherhood Protectors: Texas Marine Mayhemn (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Big Branch, Texas Book 3)
by Cynthia D'Alba

WOW just wow talk about a book that keeps you guessing holding you spellbound until the end. What a fast pace, thrilling exciting read that you will have no trouble reading at one setting. Vanessa is my hero the way she handles herself is amazing. I know I could not have taken a job as a bodyguard keeping my ex safe, I would be the one who would want to do him in. I most likely would have found the killer and say hey let me help you…just teasing but no way would I have done what she did.

The author throws some shocking things into the mix as dead bodies start turning up leaving us guessing who the stalker may be. One thing for sure there is some very hot action going on behind the scenes when Vanessa and Craig turns the heat up on more ways than one. I totally loved this book from the plot to the wonderful characters. I really liked that the past characters even came for a short visit it was really nice to see them again.

Vanessa has grown in so many ways from the innocent she was when Craig married her. She has grown into a wonderful sassy lady that doesn’t have any problem kicking a few tails all the way. Craig has loved her for so many years but he loves the new her even more. He just has to work out how to get her back. Vanessa loves him but he did a number on her that goes way beyond pain. No way No how is she going to let him back in. To top that all off there is a killer out there wanting one or both of them dead.

The author brings a wonderful story that blends so well with the last book she wrote in this series. Giving you a delightful and at times funny read that keeps you on your toes. I loved how the story builds, the twists and turns, the excitement and the ending. I had a wonderful sad smile on my face as I got to the last page. I was glad it ended the way it did but was so sad to let them go. I really wanted this story to go on. There are some major shocks that left my mouth hung open and my eyes big. I even got a chill a time or two as these to hunt down the stalker and taken them on. If you are looking for a thrilling exciting read that you won’t be able to put down you really should pick this up and give it a try you won’t be sorry.

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The Marines. The Few. The Proud. The toughest of badasses. And a Marine never, ever cries, even if she wants to.

Vanessa Britt loves her job with Brotherhood Protectors until she gets her next assignment…guarding her ex-husband, or as she thinks of him, that dirty, rat-bastard who broke her spirit and her heart. She has never turned down an assignment, not in the Marines nor Brotherhood Protectors, but protecting her ex might be harder than being a Marine.

Bestselling author Craig Devlin has money, prestige and a seriously deranged stalker who wants him dead. When the love of his live shows up as his personal bodyguard, he decides to seduce her back into his life and his bed.

Once dead bodies start turning up, Craig and Vanessa must join forces to keep him from being dead body number three.

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