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Bride for Colton

RNWMP: Bride for Colton (Mail Order Mounties #15)
by Cassie Hayes

This is a story about finding your balance between good and bad, truth and lies where do you draw the line. Should some things be over look or should you stick to a very fine line? What if you had no choice but to do the deed or have someone killed those you love, hurt  them or they would kill you would that change how you think? What if things were out of your control and you were unable to work due to being sick, maybe a broken back or you are unable to get around due to illness would that make it ok to steal a little food for your family to eat? These are some of the issue Colton might have to face.  For him there is no fine line, no give or take you are either good or evil, it is either right or wrong.  His new wife and her friend are hiding a very big secret that he is going to have to face. He is going to have to face facts that sometimes there might be a little gray in the middle but will it be too late to save his marriage?

Gemma was raised by her grandmother but when she died her real mother stepped up to the plate and finished raising her. She had a wonderful life until then that is the day she learned what it meant to stay alive, to have food to eat and what people were willing to do to get it.  Turning over a new leaf running away from her mother, refusing to steal, lie or cheat and start over has been a trying time. Becoming a mail order bride is the only answer that is until she finds the sweatiest, trusting and the kindest man alive. Only he has rules and she has broken just about every one of them.

The plot is wonderful, I loved when Gemma said she can cook a little but lord what Colton has to eat. I love the humor, the suspense and her little Indian friend. I enjoyed watching Colton find out that sometimes you have to over look things that not everything is as you first think. There is a lesson here that we all need to remember to look deeper before judging and trusting.  I really liked the characters they are down to earth, very likable people who steal your heart. Gemma has a few lessons to learn as well and lord knows Colton needs some help knowing good people from bad people. These two well balance either other out.  This is a wonderful addition to a great series that shows how tough it was and how people come together to start over with fun, love, danger and laughter.

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What happens when a lie turns into love?

Honor was never a high priority for the thieves and charlatans Gemma Spurling was raised with. When she’s finally old enough to break free of her mother’s control, dear ol’ Mum has other ideas. Just one more swindle, she says, but Gemma knows it will never stop. The only way to live the honorable life she truly wants is to escape Ottawa forever. The only trouble is she has no friends, no prospects and no money, so she turns to Mountie matchmaker extraordinaire Miss Hazel Hughes for help.

Some might say Colton Leeds is naive. He prefers to think he’s trusting. Having grown up in a small town where nobody lies — and don’t try to tell him otherwise — Colton believes in absolutes. Right and wrong, good and evil, and nothing in between. As a newly minted Mountie, he can’t wait to arrive at his first posting and bring all wrongdoers to justice. But first he and his fellow Mounties must stop at the home of Miss Hazel to find wives to take with them into the great white Ontario wilderness.

The moment Gemma meets Colton in Miss Hazel’s parlor, she knows she’s found the perfect pigeon. She just needs to fool him into thinking she’s the perfect wife until she can figure out a way to strike out on her own. But it doesn’t take long for Gemma to realize life with Colton was the life she’d dreamed of all along. When an evil man from her past threatens to tear down everything she’s built, Gemma must choose between her life with Colton and her honor.

Mail Order Mounties is a multi-author series set in Canada during the early 1900s. Join authors Kirsten Osbourne, Kay P. Dawson, Cassie Hayes and Amelia Adams as they bring you stories of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the mail-order brides who love them.

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