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Tourists of the Apocalypse

Tourists of the Apocalypse

Written by: C. F. Waller
Narrated by: J. Scott Bennett
Length: 12 hrs and 28 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:01-13-17
Publisher: C. F. WALLER

I really liked this audio at first it is a little confusing but the author ties it all in at the end. What a great story about dooms day. The author goes into how the world changes, how long it takes people to turn against each other when they find they have lost everything. The author take today’s world and shifts it back to the 1800 before electricity, before cars. You have a cell phone, a car, heat, air, you have all the things we have today but with one flip of a switch you lose it all. What would you do if you couldn’t get home, maybe you are on a trip but now you find cars, trains, and planes no longer run? This book is about a small town in Texas and the families there taking you through the hardships of today going through the years as one small 13 year old grows up. A kind man comes to town buys up houses throws money around as he helps this family. They talk about strange things, seem to be doing strange things. What could all this be about?

Mr. Bennett’s narration is outstanding as he brings to life the story with strong emotions, confusion, power, control, anger, loss, heartache. You can hear all these in his voice as he builds each character giving us their strengths and weakness. His female and male voices are wonderful you always know who is talking and just what they are feeling. There are no background noises, no volume changes just a very clean clear audio that really pulls you in. If any breaks were taken you cannot tell. What really makes this an outstanding audio is how the narrator really brings it to life, you have no trouble getting lost in his pleasant voice which makes it very easy to picture the scenes in your mind. He really gives character to the characters as he puts his self in their place. Dickie is so sweet and kind with a mental issue after an accident but he is very strong and determined. Mr. Bennett gives the full impact through his voice as your heart goes out to him and later cheer him on. Each character goes through a trying time, the narrator has no trouble showing you exactly what they are feeling. It is a great narration that really pulls you in leaving you laughing and sad at other times.

The author as well as the narrator has put a lot of time and thought into this book/audio. We may set and think about what the future will be like when the end is near. I can promise most of us have not really come close to what the book brings to the table. Who will you save, who will you walk away from and why? How will you keep your home and family safe? How will you get home to your family and what will you have to go through before you get there? What about food, water and so much more. I was very surprised at the detail that was given this story sometimes ia shocking but very believable. But at the same time the author gives you humor that makes you smile or downright laugh which is very well balanced with the sadness, horror, and fear. It is an exciting read with thrills and adventure but can be downright chilling.  He gives you very detailed scenes that you picture in your mind as he takes you to a place that we all fear and hope we never see. The characters are very vivid and real as they deal with day to day issues, their fear, needs and issues of the unknown. I really enjoyed getting to know each one and all that they bring to this story. What you are given is a story about time travel as a group comes back to the past, how they change things and the power they have. It is a compelling read that pulls you in from the first page to the last. It was a story I could not put down. I had to know what these people were going through and what would happen next. The ending is wonderful and could be setup for a series. There are places you think oh no this isn’t the way I wanted it to go, but the author twists it around to make it a better ending giving hope for the future. There is romance but it isn’t over bearing it blends well with the story. I totally enjoyed it and this book as one of my favorite reads/listens of the year. If you like time travel, adventure along with a few chills, fears and thrills you do not want to miss this exciting story with a twists that holds your attention leaving you spellbound

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Dylan Townsend stands on the beach watching commercial jets fall out of the sky like oak leaves twirling in the wind. A wing shears off the one closest to the shore just before it splashes down in the sea. Why was she telling him this outlandish story? What sort of Tourist Agency would offer people a front row seat to the end of the world? More importantly, why would anyone book such a vacation if there wasn’t any way home afterward?

“Why would anyone buy a ticket on the Titanic if they knew it was doomed?”

“Relax Dylan,” she assures him. “If you know it’s going to sink, you could bring a raft.”

As she paces in the sand watching the sky, he realizes that however wild her story may be, he loves her. Maybe Izzy is a time travel tour guide after all. In truth, he is more likely to be harmed by her boyfriend than the imminent apocalypse. What’s he going to about that sticky situation?

“Come on,” she orders, pulling on his arm. “We need to see a man about a raft.”

DISCLAIMER: This novel contains no profanity, some violence, an office princess in bondage, cowboy coffee, classic cars, love triangles, domestic violence, birthday cake, Lion Country Safari mishaps, beach volleyball, road rage, a prosthetic shotgun, text messages on gum wrappers and the strong belief that people are a product of their experiences and not just genetically predisposed to mayhem.

Any resemblance to actual historical events or persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

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