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Cowboy Take Me Away (Texas Kings #2)

Cowboy Take Me Away (Texas Kings #2)
by Soraya Lane

My Review
This is one author that can hold your attention as she takes you away by building an outstanding plot that will almost bring you to tears. Hope and Chase have some major history that goes back to their college days. These two were the best of buds until graduation. On this one night where things got out of hand with one fun filled night where they burned the sheets up. When Chase wake up in the morning she was gone never to be seen or heard from again until Chase sees a woman get out of the vets it couldn't be....lord have mercy she hasn't changed a bit. She is still as beautiful and hot as ever. She may have got away once but he is hot on her trail now.

I loved these characters! Hope don't take any crap she believes in standing on her own two feet. She has had a wonderful life with wonderful parents, she comes from money but she is down to earth. She is a woman you can relate to and some will have been in her shoes in some way or other. Chase might come from money and have all the nice things but he is just a good old cowboy chasing anything in a skirt. Some things never change as Hope finds out. You can really feel the passion between these two there is no doubt they are tip toeing around how they truly feel. Things are about to get hot as one chases and the other runs.

The author spins a tale of passion, lost, need and wonder as she takes you through why Chase is the way he is. He has a hard time trusting it seems women are only after his money that is all but Hope she never was. He never understood why she walked away he misses his best bud. Hope refused to be another notch on his belt. Friends was good enough for her but she does hide a few secrets which just might surprise one cowboy.  These two must learn to deal with the here and now as well as their past before they can come together and work out a future when they have a HEA.

I enjoyed the first book in this series but not as much as I have this one. The author kept me laughing and smiling as well as had me almost in tears a time or two. This is one book where you will feel the characters pain as you relate to them all. The author brings back characters from the last book so you can see how things have changed. She gives you wonderful supporting characters that are just full of themselves. There wasn't anything I didn't like about this book. If you want a good old fashion cowboy story that you will have trouble putting down this is one you should give a read.

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About the Author
As a child, Soraya dreamed of becoming an author. Fast forward more than a few years, and Soraya is now living her dream! Soraya describes being an author as "the best career in the world", and she hopes to be writing romance for many years to come.

Soraya loves spending her days thinking up characters for books, and her home is a constant source of inspiration. She lives with her own real life hero and two sons on a small farm in New Zealand, surrounded by animals and with an office overlooking a field where their horses graze.

For more information about Soraya, her books and her writing life, visit or, or follow her on twitter @Soraya_Lane. She would love to hear from you.

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