Monday, February 12, 2018

Modern Persuasion

Modern Persuasion
By: Sara Marks
Narrated by: Diane Lehman
Length: 4 hrs and 6 mins
Release date: 11-20-17

This is such a sad story of lost love to a second chance.  Years ago Emma chose her career and family over love for many different reasons. Now she comes face to face with her past love that has a book and movie out. This book she did the editing years ago she knows this story by heart and the changes she knows are about her. Spending time with him she isn’t sure she made the right choice. As they get to know each other again, working through their past dealing with the anger and the people today it is a long road that they might not ever over come.

I loved this narrator she brings so much to the audio you can hear the laughter and sadness in her voice. Giving pause where it is needed to let it all sink in. Her emotions are outstanding as well as her character voices. Her male voices sound so manly, strong and real. They really fit the character so well even the one with the gay man it was just wonderful. Her female voices are just as good soft sweet to the older women and the one that acts so much younger than she is. There are no background noises, no repeating of words and no volume changes. If any breaks were taken I could not tell. Her normal voice was just as great as her character voices. She really adds so much to this audio. She has a way of changing her tones to really pull the reader in giving you a wonderful listen. There were times I felt like crying and others where I couldn’t help but chuckle.This is the first time I have listen to this narrator and it sure will not be the last.

What a touching and emotional read that really grabs you from the characters to their emotions. You never really know if things will work out until the end.  You are held spellbound until the end as you watch people’s hearts break others trying to control people and how it all affects them.  I loved the humor and emotions that went with this story. Yes it was sad and emotional but it also makes you chuckle. I have not read the Austen classic but this book was just a wonderful listen that really held my interest. I had trouble putting it down.

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Which would you pick: the person you love or your own dreams? What would you do if given a second chance at that decision?
Eight years ago, Emma Shaw picked her career and family over the man she loved, Fredrick Wentworth. Since then, she has built a career in publishing and spends her free time making sure her father and sisters are taken care of. Fredrick has spent the same years building his career as a screenwriter under increasing public scrutiny as a celebrity.
When the editor of Fredrick's first book is injured, Emma is forced to travel with Fredrick on his book tour. Tension builds for the two former lovers over the course of the tour. Emma and Fredrick must face their emotional baggage and their misunderstanding about how their break-up impacted the other. Will they be able to find their way back together for a second chance at love?

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