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Santa's Mail-Order Bride

Santa's Mail-Order Bride
by E.E. Burk
My Review
Ms. Burke is one of my go to authors when I want a smile, excitement and a clean read with wonderful humor, filled with lighthearted passion. She gives an amazing read filled with wonderful characters about years ago as she brings wonderful true history to her readers. This story has more than one competitor. You have Gordon is trying to stay in business and Maggie's brother both trying to out do the other. Gordon is competing for Maggie's heart and Maggie is competing to find him a new wife before she falls for him herself. This was a delightful humorous read that kept me smiling throughout the whole read.

Gordon is a charmer in more than one way. He is trying his best to charm his way into Maggie's heart which she isn't having nothing to do with it. He needs to stay on his toes to keep one step ahead of her and her brother. I found him to be a delightful charming character who is s true gentleman. He is willing to push the lines to get what he wants and do his best to stay out of hot water.

Maggie is a delightful loving, caring women who is worried about the orphan children. She puts a plan in to action to give them all gifts this Christmas. Gordon has ideas of his own as he worms his way into the action and hopefully into Maggie's heart and if this helps his cause so much the better. Maggie has decided since he wants a wife she will help him find one only it will not be her. She has her family to think about and it just wouldn't be right to go against her brother when he is fighting so hard to keep his business afloat.

There is no doubt these two have chemistry as one pulls and the other tugs to get their way. The author gives you a few surprises and a little mystery as she takes you back in time giving you a highly entertaining read. I loved the humor and the baiting between the two. The messes they get into one trying to trap and the other running for the hills. Gordon isn't giving up as he sets his sites and Maggie isn't giving in. They work wonderfully together as a team and if they get their act together they will make the best team to bring happiness to a group of children who has none.

I love the way this author always brings true history to the read. I adore these characters and love how Gordon pushes the line but stays a gentleman, he becomes a caring loving man. Maggie is shy but bold which makes her endearing, she is kind and puts others first. These are two wonderful characters that will pull you in and take your heart as they dance the dance of love.

Ms. Burke gives a wonderful plot with wonderful characters blending in history with outstanding characters. She gives a wonderful clean read just pushing the lines a little. It was a treat to watch these two fall in love and overcome all the things that gets in their way. This is one author who knows her history. She has done her research and puts together a page turning read. One that will keep you smiling and guessing to what she has planned for you. As I put one of her books down I can't wait for the next one to come out to find out what she has planned for me. I hope you pick up Santa's Mail-Order Bride and enjoy it as much as I have. This is one author that always has a wonderful tale waiting for you.

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Book Description

 From an award-winning author, the delightful sequel to Victoria, Bride of Kansas:
Maggie has an unexpected suitor—in a red suit.
Schoolteacher Maggie O’Brien comes home for Christmas on a mission--to gather toys for orphans living on poor farms in Kansas. She's made her list, but there's no Santa in sight. Not until a local shopkeeper volunteers his services.
Gordon Sumner sets his mind on winning the black-haired Irish beauty, but Maggie’s brother is his fiercest competitor, and O’Brien’s loyal sister gives him the cold shoulder. Undaunted, he comes up with a clever plan.
Maggie sees through the fake Santa’s ploy, but with Christmas just around the corner, she’s running out of time to make the holiday happy for needy children. She accepts his help—with a plan of her own. She’ll play matchmaker and find her persistent suitor the perfect bride.

If you haven't read VICTORIA, BRIDE OF KANSAS, why not read both? Available for purchase now.

About the Author
Weave together rich historical detail, passionate romance, add a dash of suspense and you have books by E.E. Burke. Her chosen settings are the American West, and her current series takes place during the tumultuous era of America's steam railroads.

Her writing has earned accolades in regional and national contests, including the prestigious Golden Heart®. Over the years, she's been a disc jockey, a journalist and an advertising executive, before finally getting around to living the dream...writing stories readers can get lost in.

Over the years, she's been a disc jockey, a journalist and an advertising executive, before finally getting around to pursuing her dream of writing novels. Her stories are as deeply rooted in American soil as her family, which she can trace back to the earliest colonists and through both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and three daughters, the greatest inspiration of all.

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