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Remorseless: Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate #1

Remorseless: Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate #1
 My Review
This was a really good listen with a wonderful plot. I have never read/listen to anything by this author. He gives a wonderful tale of mystery, suspense with crime and getting inside the head of a criminal.  This is a dark book of crimes that will have you with your mouth open. Peter said he is innocence and claims that his brother did the killing and framed him. After serving 18 years of his life sentence he is up for parole putting everyone in a tailspin. The author takes you through his parole hearing, how it affects him and all those around him even his brother and a few doctors.  It takes you through him getting out and all he does. There is no doubt this will shock you and surprises you as the author throws in some major twists. I thought I knew where this was going but I was so wrong. The author keeps you guessing at first you feel sorry for one and than the other. Never will you guess the ending and all that comes to pass.

I thought for the first time of narration the author didn’t do a bad job. His different character voices are outstanding. He could use a little work on his female voices but they are pleasant. His accent pulls you in and adds to the story. However he needs to work on how to the basics of narrating. He needs to slow down and take a moment between sentences or characters it is not a race to get done. I found it all blended too much together and I had a hard time keeping up. There are some changes in volume and quality of the voice that is very noticeable. With a little work Will could be an outstanding narrator. He did make this a believable story with having the emotions down for each character.

As for the rest of the book there were things I wasn’t sure why they were there. I didn’t feel that her ex needed to be gone into as much detail as the author gave. There is one or two other places I thought to much detail were given. However this was a very highly entertaining read/listen that I did really enjoy. True Crime has always been my favorite read. I have always found the mind a mystery of how it works and why some turn out so bad. I never could understand how someone could kill in cold blood or what makes a psychopath. I thought the author did an outstanding job of giving us some thought on this bring in characters that you could relate to and others that will truly shock you. This will leave you questioning our legal system in more than one way. I have to agree life should mean life there should be no parole. This is an action pack read with just the right amount of action give at the correct time. It is a very believable read/listen that is compelling and pulls you in.  I would really love to read more from this author and if he takes his time and works on his narration along with a few other issues I would love to listen to more of his audios. If you are into Mystery, Thriller & Suspens, Crime Fiction or Serial Killers this is a book you do not want to miss.

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Book Description

Obsession, lust and revenge... Part murder mystery, part crime investigation, this unique noir killer thriller is a real page turner.

'A tale of twisted minds, psychopathic planning and dark moods... A really enjoyable read.'

'I always felt like I was reading with my hands over my eyes, sort of peeking through my fingers, cringing at what I knew what was coming next...’

‘If you like your books gritty, dark with complex characters and a plot that takes you with it to the grand finale then you will enjoy this...’

‘Hooked me right from the start, a build up in tension as the book rolls along and some twists that will put a big smile on your face...'

'Not for the lily livered...'

All quotes are from Amazon reviews.

A devious serial killer, brutalized by years in prison is up for parole and, one way or another, he wants out.

Criminal profiler Doc Powers is assisted by Detective Inspector Jack Carver of London's Metropolitan Police as he tries to unravel the truth about this violent psychopath while battling demons of his own.

First in the series introducing Doc Powers, Forensic Psychologist, partnering DI Carver. Their second investigation is well underway and will be ready to read in 2016, with the third and final installment of their adventures together expected during 2017.

From the back cover of the paperback version of Remorseless:

Peter Leech is a cunning, devious killer, brutalized by half a lifetime in prison for the vicious murder of his parents. Now he’s up for parole and, one way or another, he wants out.

He's driven by obsessive lust for Judy Finch, a beautiful parole officer who spurned his advances, and his thirst for revenge on those he blames for his conviction.

His nemesis, Doc Powers, the forensic psychiatrist who assessed his mental health for trial, is now on the panel reviewing Leech’s parole application. But Doc fears for his own sanity. His feelings of guilt over his wife’s death and his terrible experiences as a criminal profiler threaten to overwhelm him. Hallucinations haunt Doc as he struggles to convince his colleagues that Leech is a dangerous unreformed psychopath.

A blossoming relationship with Judy helps Doc heal – emotionally and professionally – but he soon discovers he’s ill-prepared for Leech’s re-entry into his life...

A tense British Crime Thriller full of suspense, intriguing twists and a double figure bodycount... The first of a trilogy featuring the main characters.

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Check out the website to hear the author narrating the first 40 pages of the new Audiobook version of Remorseless. Please note, this is not a standard narration - Will has created character voices to reflect how they sound inside his head...

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