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Gloria's Song (Grandma's Wedding Quilts Book 11)

Gloria's Song (Grandma's Wedding Quilts Book 11)
by Kathryn Albright

This is a story about music and the passion for it that two people have. Both being from different side of the tracks one poor the other well to do come together to make the best music that will pull people together giving them something to dream about why two people  fall in love for all the right reasons. Will love and music win out or will they be left not only broken hearted but alone? It was a story that started out a little slow for me but it wasn’t long before I was pulled in not being able to put it down reading it all in one setting.  It has the best ending leaving you with a smile and feeling of peace.

Gloria is driven by her passion for music wanting the impossible why her controlling mother expects her to give it all up for a man who can place the world at her feet with money and power. She has always done what is expected of her until the day she meets Colin. Gloria is a very sweet lady inside and out trying her best to make everyone happy. What she will learn is she can’t do this she must decide what is right for her letting the chips fall where they may or letting other run her life making her life miserable.

Colin has always had a dream to have his music published but hasn’t been able to make this happen. He spends his time helping his father in the family pub and keeping it out of others hands. He does a friend a favor and meets Gloria. He is taken back by her beauty and would love to get to know her better. She is way out of his league he knows he doesn’t have a chance that is until her father steps in asking for his help. Colin’s is very rich in every way but money. His passion for music, his love of life, he is smart, handsome and a true gentlemen. It was very easy to fall in love with this character with his strong gentle ways everyone who reads this book will fall for him.

When Gloria and Colin start spending time together they are pulled to each other. The love grows slow and steady leaving you guessing how this will turn out hoping for the best but not giving much hope for it. Mothers always think they know the best and their hearts really are in the right place but few ever give their children the space to really grow as is the case with Gloria mother. I really didn’t care for her even though I knew she really loved her daughter and wanted what she thought was best for her.  Her father I dearly loved he never forgot what it was like to be young and having the freedom of choice. He did push a little but only to give Gloria a little freedom to make up her own mine. His demands were reasonable and he truly had her best interest at heart. George I disliked from the start he was too pushy and I feel sure he was after more than a wife. He wanted to keep Gloria in a box to his making.

The author really pulled me in giving me a story I could relate to with wonderful characters. I had no trouble picturing the scenes and the faces of each character along with their expressions at any given time. I loved the plot with its twists that really made it entertaining. The only question that wasn’t answer for me that I wish was what happened with the pub and George threat to it? I thought this was very well written the author giving you a little bit of everything that makes a wonderful romance. The beloved wedding quilt plays a big role in this story its meaning of true love laying on a bed of a man and women giving them many nights of warmth why they take their love to the highest pleasure. Once Gloria holds this quilt I believe she really knows George would never be the man for her with his snobbiest ways which she is starting to see more of each day.  The quilt and its meaning stays in her mind for many days to come and I feel it really help her make her choice in the end along with some outstanding new music from the only man that really loves her. This is the first I have read of this authors work and I can’t wait to read more. She puts so much emotion into this wonderful clean read that is so full of passion you won’t be able to put it down.

This is one series that gets better and better with each new read. Each story ties a family and a quilt together to make it a wonderful outstanding clean series you do not want to miss. I  can’t wait for the next one.

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Gloria Palmer has always done the proper thing expected of her as the daughter of a shipping tycoon. The approval of her family and friends mean everything. And yet, when the perfect suitor offers for her… she hesitates.
Colin McDougal has little use for those living on the fancy side of the trolley tracks. He is too busy managing the family pub and, in his spare time, writing down the lively tunes in his head. So, when Miss Palmer asks for his help to prepare for a music audition, he is flummoxed. What does he know of highbrow music?
But with each practice session, their feelings for each other grow. When it comes time for Gloria to make a choice between what is proper and what she desires, will she realize that if music can cross class lines, it might also be able to harmonize two hearts.
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#11: Gloria's Song by Kathryn Albright
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